Will Legendary Marketer be Another Empower Network? Let’s See…

legendary marketer vs. empower network

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A few years back, I was Active Duty in the military. I wrote 15 books and I wanted to learn how to sell them and be more effective online. I remember a lady from the church I attended as a kid introduced me to Empower Network.

My Experience with Empower Network

david sharpe

I signed up for the viral blogging platform and I was taught to blog there in order to make money. For nearly $150/mo, I was paying for the viral blogging platform and some audios that supposedly would reprogram your mind so you’d begin to think like the wealthy.

These theories sounded unbelievable, but I tried them, and many other people did also. There were several other products that were high ticket and could amount to nearly $20,000 if you collectively bought them all. I tried Empower Network for a short time, but it didn’t take long before my inner skeptic took over and said, “How are you really going to make sales on your books by doing this Empower Network method?”, so I decided to quit. Many people told me (especially my upline) that if you just stick with it, it will eventually work out. I didn’t believe it and I went my own way to find an alternative to learn internet marketing.

Empower Network Went Bankrupt

To see my full review and opinions in video:


A few years after I quit Empower Network, I saw headlines that they’d went bankrupt. The people who were earning 6 or 7 figures instantly lost their income and credibility. How can you believe people that tell you something will work for you but it’s clearly not working for them?

Look at all of these comments of people who trusted Empower Network! Some people sold their cars and houses because the trusted Dave Wood and David Sharpe to teach them skills that would change their lives, and many people have been disappointed as a result.

Take a look for yourself:

Or, read the BBB complaints here.

David Sharpe Rises Again

Now, I’m watching Dave Sharpe stand up a second venture with an affiliate marketing model (rather than network marketing), but with very similar products and “high ticket” offers, and it makes me wonder:

  • Did he ever reconcile with all of the people who followed him before?
  • Should we follow someone who told us his strategy would work before, but it failed so many people (even himself)?
  • Has he ever formally addressed the public with an apology or explanation about Empower Network before reconfiguring this new venture?
  • How do we know Legendary Marketer will have good money management this time, or even honesty about their strategies?

Will Legendary Marketer Be Different?

Here is his explanation of Legendary Marketer:

Legendary Marketer looks like a legitimate program, but I’m very hesitant to try the program as a result of what happened with Empower Network. Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood were very persuasive, taught courses that people raved about, and made money from selling strategies that people are now saying didn’t work.

The viral blogging platform vanished and was found to be sub par. How do we know Legendary Marketer will work this time?

I’ll be doing more investigation on Legendary Marketer and whether or not it works, whether the courses are valuable, and whether the training warrants the high ticket pricing, and I’ll pass that information onto you here. If you’re looking for something that has been proven to work, that doesn’t have the same risk of reputation or ethics, then I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m not 100% confident of Legendary Marketer because the past hasn’t been addressed, and I can’t be sure it won’t repeat itself. I will check out the training and evaluate it aside from David Sharpe’s reputation, but I’d recommend you take a training that has a lower risk first. Try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think Dave Sharpe is a good person to follow now even after what happened with Empower Network? Does it seem suspicious to you that he’d create a similar business with a different name and not address those that trusted him before? Leave your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Will Legendary Marketer be Another Empower Network? Let’s See…”

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    Must admit, that is exactly my feeling about Legendary Marketer! I know at least 2 people within Wealthy Affiliate that are making good money with it, but I am still not convinced.

    I was in MOBE when that went down last year so I am very wary about getting caught again!

    Nice website you have here by the way

    All the best

    Jon Lake

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Jon! I’m hoping Legendary Marketer does better than Empower Network or MOBE, but they have to operate differently, and so far there are alot of similarities.

  2. It seems to me Sharpe is copying the ClickFunnels plan. Of course he isn’t using their info, but it parallels in many ways. 15 day Challenge vs the 30 at CF, etc. I spent the $7 just to see what it is all about.

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