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Lisa Nichols Quotes and What She Learned that took her from Broke to Multi-Millionaire

lisa nichols know your worth quotes
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lisa nichols know your worth quotesSometimes, you may get into a slump. You may not even know or understand where the slump came from, but it could shake you to the core of your being.

Some triggers might be easy to spot; others are subliminal like:

  • Someone’s negative body language
  • A past experience
  • Something someone said about you
  • A toxic relationship
  • or dissatisfaction with where you are…

Before you know it, you could be questioning yourself, wondering, “Am I good enough?”, “Can I be successful?”, or “Am I worthy of the life of my dreams?”.  You may have seen yourself in the likes of very inspirational people at one point, but something happened, and it hit you deeply, even shattering your esteem.

Rather than moping and sliding deeper and deeper into depression or a sense of unworthiness, sometimes, it’s helpful to hear the stories of other overcomers, or quotes from people who have been thru a low like you’re in.  You don’t want to spend too much time around people who aren’t out or can’t help you get out.  Instead, it’s good to find an overcomer like Lisa Nichols.

To see this content in video, check it out here:

The Lisa Nichols Story | How She Found Her Worth

As a single mom, with $12 in her bank account, and a baby wrapped in a towel (instead of a diaper), Lisa had hit rock bottom.  She struggled on public assistance trying to care for herself and her son.

Then, she had a shift.  She learned:

  • How to set boundaries in relationships
  • How to treat herself and how her confidence effected the way others treated her
  • How to prioritize her time
  • How to build a business around her passion
  • How to collaborate with others and leverage relationships in a positive way
  • How to save money as a discipline
  • How to remove bad habits
  • How to commit and forgive herself for her mistakes
  • How to invest in her dream (she mailed a check to herself everyday that said “Investing in my dream” for 3 1/2 years!)
  • How to live below her means, sacrifice, and scale her lifestyle
  • and she leveraged the power of a strong work ethic along with a positive mindset to inch her way out of her situation into a very different life.

Now, Lisa is a multimillionaire, one of the most sought after speakers, a bestselling author, and philanthropist.  She travels all over the world thru her business “Motivating the Masses”, and she helps people to transform hardship and blocks into empowerment.

As with any success story, there are mental, spiritual, and physical shifts that take place.  The mental and spiritual shifts directly influence the physical ones.  It’s the things you begin saying when no one is listening, the mental chatter, and the mantras that help you to turn negative thought cycles, change habits, and begin taking action and compounding in a positive direction.

Here are some of the quotes from Lisa Nichols that have helped her to become a success and that have served many others along the way…

Lisa Nichols Self-Worth Quotes | Quotes on Love & Relationships

“You are enough. You were enough then, and you are your biggest cheerleader. It’s your job, Lisa, to show the world how to treat you, and the better you treat you, the better the world will treat you. I would tell the 20 year old Lisa…You don’t have to prove anything. You wake up perfect in your imperfection.”

“You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be joyful, you deserve to be celebrated, but in order to do that, you must fall madly in love with yourself.”

“While you’re walking on your journey, some days you’re going to have to take that walk alone.”

“Being unapologetic means that I will be all of me. I will no longer shrink or compromise myself by playing small so others will not feel insecure in my presence.”

“People are more comfortable with a familiar discomfort than they are with an unfamiliar new possibility.”

Lisa Nichols Quotes on Business

“The truth is that no matter where you started out in life, you have a choice between scarcity and abundance.”

“Be the one who decided to go for it.”

“All of your success is on the other side of service.”

“Intent reveals desire; action reveals commitment.”

“I went to the same training 42 times. Some folks would say, ‘I’ve already learned that’, but I wanted to be able to finish their sentences. I wanted to walk like you, talk like you, and then I want to embed me in it.”

“Success leaves clues.”

“I was willing to be a student first”.

I wrote a check to myself every paycheck, and I made a challenge to myself to add 5% more on each check.”

“I learned to live on $31,000”

“I went from a 3 bedroom 2 bedroom house to a one bedroom. I skinnied down. We gotta be inconvenienced sometimes.”

Lisa Nichols Quotes on Mindset & Self Worth

“Are you willing to do the things you don’t want to do and say the things you don’t want to say so that you can become the man or woman you’ve always known yourself to be.”

“Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go in your head”

“There’s freedom in being called crazy. There’s freedom in not fitting in. There’s freedom in that because that means I can be me”.

“I’m not afraid of my story. My story is my fuel, not my fortress.”

“Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.”

“I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to protect. I have nothing to prove. I have nothing to defend.  Now, who do I choose to be”

“I found 7 different things to celebrate myself for. I said everyday, ‘Lisa, I’m proud that you…Lisa, I forgive you for…Lisa, I commit to you that…”

“I am a work in progress. I am reinventing myself.”

“Comparison is and will always be the thief of all joy.”

“Wherever your mind is, your lifestyle has to follow.”

“I looked at every toxic behavior in my life. Every one. You see me go behind my own black curtain.”

Lisa Nichols Quotes on Success

“In order to live the life you love and love the life you live, you have to step on the other side of normal.”

“You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author of your story.”

“Your greatest fear is not that you will fall. Your greatest fear is that you will live a full life and never fly.”

“Balance is a myth. Harmony is a must”.

“Your past doesn’t belong in your future”.

“Fear is not meant to stop you. It’s meant to wake you up at night preparing and prepping for your goals.”

“Stop asking for permission.

Success to me is really living out my days, my months, my years and having no regrets in any area of my life, particularly in my relationships:

I said I what I needed to say when I should have said it. I apologized sooner, quicker, faster. I said I love you more than enough. I forgave myself and others effortlessly. My relationships were bountiful.

Success to me is not shrinking when I had an opportunity to play big even if I was scared, that I took a leap off the ledge, not even knowing if my parachute would open.

Success to me is living out my purpose—that, ultimately, when my time is done, I will have lived every day writing the most amazing story. When I sit down to rest, I will be plum tuckered out because I played full out. I won’t take any extra energy with me. I will leave all my wisdom, all my nuggets… I will leave everything here to live and grow.

That’s success to me. (Source: Success Magazine)

“I still sit at the feet of Seniors.”

“Don’t count the number of times you’ve been knocked down. Count the number of times you’ve come back up.”

Lisa Nichols | A Video Playlist

Lisa has so many great speeches!  Here’s a compilation of some of her best videos:

Final Words on Lisa Nichols

The goal of this article was to show some empowering quotes by Lisa Nichols on Knowing Your Worth.  There’s few people who have dedicated their entire lives on speaking the message of empowerment, but Lisa Nichols is one of those people.  If you need a pick-me-up, stop back by this article or check out some of our other success tips from successful entrepreneurs.

If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

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Now, it’s Your Turn…

Do you have any favorite Lisa Nichols Know Your Worth quotes?  What are they? What quotes empower you when you need to be picked up?  Leave your comments below.

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