15 Modern Home Office Ideas for Those Looking to 10X Their Productivity

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15 Modern Home Office Design Ideas - Featured Image

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Are you looking for modern home office ideas? If so, you’re in the right place because in this article, I’ll be showing you 15 modern home office ideas.

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re:

  • Unhappy with your current workspace
  • Experiencing some disorganization
  • Not as productive as you’d like to be
  • Looking for inspirational home office ideas
  • and overall, ready to remodel your home office

In this article, I plan to show you some inspirational modern home office ideas to help you begin to think about the future home office you’d like to have.

The Importance of Having an Ideal Office Space to Work In

You may underestimate the importance of working in a home office space that inspires you, but it’s quite important. The things that surround us and the environment we work in can either distract us or propel you to get your work done.

If you’re surrounded by lots of clutter, paperwork that’s disorganized, or a space that frustrates you, you may be taking up mental space on thoughts like:

  • ” I wish this was different”
  • “Why can’t I keep this under control?”
  • Or other self-limiting thoughts

You might not realize it, but each room has an energy to it, so creating a space that sparks joy and makes you feel pleasant will encourage you to work there and be more productive–that’s why I’ve compiled this list of home office ideas, so you can begin to think about how to arrange your space in a way that might spark joy for you.

Recommended Reading:

1. A Modern Home Office Idea for an Extra Room

If you have an extra room that can be used for an office space, there are so many possibilities. There are various color variations, desk styles, rugs, promo products, and other things that you can use to make a space that inspires you to work.

Do you have a spare room you’ll be making into your home office?

2. A Hanging Desk for a Foldaway Workspace

Even if you don’t have a designated room that can be used as an office, there are creative ways you can use to make a living space you have more versatile. This hanging desk is one way you can use an existing space for work, and fold it away when you want to use the space in a different way.

Would you like a work station that can foldaway when you’re not using it?

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen

Behance Team

3. A Modern but Rustic Home Office Idea

If you’re attracted to rustic style rooms or furniture, you might work best in a rustic home office like this one…

You can add more decorative pieces and even some SWAG to make this home office look like something that motivates you to crush your business goals.

Do you want rustic style decor to spark joy in your home office?

4. Chic and Girly Home Office Ideas

For those of us girly girls, there’s chic and girly home offices that can make us feel like the “girl bosses” we are. You can hang motivational wall art, use a feminine wall paint color, and add in a chic desk and shelving to make your work day refreshing and productive.

Do you want a girly and chic vibe in your home office?

5. Farmhouse Home Office Idea

Do you love the farmhouse look? If so, why not incorporate that into your home office. The farmhouse look is simple and classic, but it might be just the environment that inspires you.

Does the Farmhouse home office decor make you feel good about getting your work done?

6. Masculine Home Office

If you want a “man cave” feel while you’re working, there are several desks, chairs, paint colors, and layouts that can give you the “masculine” vibe while making things conveniently located so you’re productive.

Are you creating a masculine home office vibe for yourself or someone you know?

7. Creative Use of Small Space

If you don’t have a room you can designate as an office, you might need to come us with more creative uses of space. There are options to hang a desk from the wall, to use a table that is versatile, or to buy furniture and storage systems that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Do you have a small space that you’d like to transform into an office?

8. A Corner Home Office Idea

Did you realize all you need is a small corner, and you could fit a nice-looking office into your space? You might have a corner that could serve as an office space. There are corner desks and shelving systems that can help you to store your office supplies for maximum productivity.

Does a Corner Home Office Seem like a Good idea for you?

9. A Living Room Home Office Idea

If you don’t have the space to make your office its own room, then maybe you can set it up in your living room. It doesn’t have to be clunky or take up majority of the space. Instead, it could be a simple setup where you add in a convenient work space that keeps all of the traits you’re looking for in an office.

Will you be using a space in your living room for an office?

10. Standing Desk Work Station

Are you concerned about having back problems or other health ailments from sitting too long? Doctors say sitting at a desk can be just as damaging (if not more) as smoking.

If you take those stats seriously, you may want to consider a standing desk work station. Standing desks are being endorsed by physicians as a better ergonomic option for working. They say it can help to eliminate many of the common health ailments that are triggered from sitting for long periods, not enough exercise, or bad posture.

Would you like to have a standing desk work station and eliminate the byproducts of sitting too long?

11. A Bicycle Work space – A Work Station built for Exercise and Work Simultaneously

If you don’t think a standing desk would be enough, you may want to consider an option where you can exercise while working like a bicycle desk or a treadmill that can be used while you’re working at your standing desk. Exercising while working is known to help blood flow, oxygen flow, energy levels, and productivity.

Would bicycling while working work for you? Are you thinking about trying it?

12. Portable Sit and Stand Work space

If you think the standing idea might be nice to try, but you’re not ready to buy a full standing work station, a portable sit and stand work space may be the perfect middle ground. You can choose to stand and work when you want, and you can put it away for those times when you prefer to sit and work.

Do you want a portable desk option where you can sit or stand while working?

13. Ergonomic Home Office Ideas

Standing desks aren’t the only options for a more “ergonomic” work space. There are so many types of chairs to check out that help with posture, energy management, blood flow, and more. You should check out some home office chairs if you’re noticing discomfort, back pain, or if you want to make a healthier alternative to what you have.

Do you want to make sure you’re home office has ergonomic features that will protect your body in the long run?

14. Luxury Home Office

Are you looking for a more luxury home office space? The luxury spaces are distinguished by their beautiful lighting, modern designed desks, and sleek shelving designs.

Are you looking for a home office that’s a luxury oasis?

15. Lots of Storage Space

If you know you’ll have lots of office supplies, paperwork, and other things to organize, you might want to invest in organization systems, and make sure your home office design will pair nicely with the organization systems you put in place.

Do you need some organization systems to improve the “clutter management” in your home office?


A beautiful home office design isn’t just for looks. It helps to ensure you’re productive, inspired, and you’re able to stay productive in the long run. If you plan to work from home for a long period of time, and you haven’t planned to make a work space that works for you, you’re more likely to experience the byproducts later on, so why wait for that?

If you have tips, questions, or advice you’d like to share about home office design and inspiration, leave your comments below.

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