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MyPoints Review: Scam or Legit? Let’s Take a Look…

mypoints review scam legit
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Don’t you hate it when someone disregards your opinion on things. It can be very frustrating because you feel like you’re opinion is worth something.  Well, there’s good news!  Companies like Ipsos I Say and Mypoints agree that your opinion IS valuable, which is why they pay people (like you) to take surveys where you share your opinion on specific topics.

But, how much do you think your opinion is worth? How much is your time worth? Can you make a full time income sharing your opinion on sites like Mypoints? All of these questions will be answered in this Mypoints Review.

What is MyPoints? Product Overview

mypoints review scam legit

MyPoints is an online site where people can earn money from surveys in addition to performing other activities while surfing the web.

Why I Wrote This MyPoints Review

I’ve been in the position where I’m looking for extra ways to make money.  There’s many inflated claims and scams that lead to wasting time and money on unnecessary experimentation.  I wrote this Mypoints review to give you a realistic perspective, so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

How Does MyPoints Work?

MyPoints works because companies want market research to determine the direction they should go with their businesses.  As a result, sites like MyPoints will use the data from their users to answer questions that help the companies to understand the market.

In exchange for your time completing surveys, watching videos, downloading scores, clipping coupons, or playing games, Mypoints offers you rewards or cash.

mypoints review

How Do You Make Money with MyPoints?

MyPoints users earn points for activities that can be exchanged for rewards or cash.  Each reward cost points, and cash can be earned by using points to purchase Paypal cards.


mypoints review scam legit

How Much Can you Make with MyPoints?

While Mypoints sounds simple, it’s very time consuming to achieve the payout thresholds, therefore, if you’re considering this as a supplemental income, part-time income, or even a full-time income, I would not recommend it.  Instead, Mypoints should only be considered as a way to discount activities you were already going to do.


mypoints review

According to the Mypoints site, you can earn 10 points in 3 minutes.  In keeping with that conversion rate, if you can earn 10 points in 3 minutes, then you can earn 200 points in 60 minutes.

At the time of this writing, you need 3970 points for $25, 7940 for $50, and 15870 for $100.  If you do the math and you make 200 points per hour, it would take you 19.85 or 20 hours to make $25!

Mypoints isn’t something you’d want to do to earn a real income. If you’re doing Mypoints, you want to consder this more like a philanthropic effort or volunteering, and you’re exchanging your personal data (your browsing info, survey answers, etc.) to help businesses make decisions.

How Do I Get Started with MyPoints?

To get started with Mypoints, you go to the website and begin completing the signup.  During the signup process, you’ll be asked several questions like:

  • Income level
  • Race
  • Preferences
  • Marriage Status
  • and many more questions

When and How Does MyPoints Pay?

Once you’ve accumulated enough points to cash in for a reward, you manually process the transaction by choosing what you want and requesting the payment. Here’s an example of what the payout process looks like…

mypoints review

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: A legitimate way to make money

PRO #2: The time it takes to complete a survey is readily available on the site

PRO #3: The site is easy to use

The Bad:

CON #1: Less than Minimum Wage Payment!

CON #2: The conversion from points to dollars isn’t easily available on the site

CON#3: People who don’t do the math may mistake this as a good full or part time opportunity

Who is MyPoints For?

Someone who wants to practically volunteer or donate their time to help companies have data to improve.

mypoints review scam legitWhat Are Common Complaints About MyPoints?

Of the 203 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the common ones were…

MyPoints were Taken Away

Some customers said their Mypoints were taken away because of falsely being accused of violating the terms of service or for other reasons.  After all of that hard work to accumulate points, it can be disheartening for them to disappear (especially if you needed them).

MyPoints Was Not Responsive to My Complaint

Some customers said they were not getting points they should have, their points were taken, their accounts were banned, and Mypoints wasn’t responsive. If you reach out because of a concern, the last thing you want is to be ignored.

What Are Common Positive Feedback About MyPoints?

Some people genuinely enjoy spending their time giving the data requested by Mypoints.  They used surveys and things to help them become familiar with English or some other reason. As long as they weren’t expecting to make alot of money with Mypoints, customers may enjoy it.

MyPoints Price

Mypoints is completely free to signup.

My Final Opinion of MyPoints

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Mypoints as a good option for making money, however, if you’re looking to learn English or you want an alternative to being an internet consumer, Mypoints can work well.

VERDICT: Not Recommended if You’re Looking for Income

There are better ways to use your time than to spend time on sites like Mypoints.  Alteratively, you can make money online by starting an enjoyable home business and helping others.

Want a More Sustainable Income Than MyPoints?

If you’re looking for a more sustainable income than Mypoints, start a business using my FREE 10-Step Guide!



Honest Advertising


Ease of Use


Good Pay


Good Support


Overall Opportunity to Make Money



  • You're able to make money
  • Easy to Use
  • The time to take the surveys is forecasted on the site


  • Very little money for the time
  • Lots of customer complaints
  • The points are not converted to a familiar currency on the site

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