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Organic Social Media Growth Hacking: 7 Simple Ways to Win with it

organic social media growth hacking
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If you’re here, it’s likely you’re an aggressive entrepreneur–one who wants to find every possible avenue to increase your traffic and sales volumes online.  Social media is a great way to do that.  My 7 simple ways to win with organic social media growth hacking will help you win with social media, and help you do it for free.  Sound interesting?

organic social media growth hacking

Social Media is one of the main ways that networking takes place nowadays.  With social media, you have the privilege of starting relationships with people across the globe.

Despite the ease and the access to social media, people like you and I may still wonder, how do I find more people who have common interests?  How do I find people that I can offer information to?

How do I find people that would be interested in my talents or my service thru the internet?  Here are 6 key things that you can do for organic social media growth hacking.

1. Find High Authority Social Media Gatherings in Your Niche/Industry for Organic Social Media Growth Hacking

Social Media groups and forums are a great find and an asset to growing your social media following. On Facebook, there are several groups that gather for common niche causes.

For example, I’ve joined several groups for authors and entrepreneurs.  You can sign up for groups that are congruent with your niche, and this will be a steep leap up for your organic social media growth hacking.

On Linkedin, you can add a profile, and once you look up what your industry is, you’ll get a whole bunch of other Linkin’ers that are in a similar field.

On Twitter, use the power of hashtags to find people with common likes.  In response to Neil Patel’s article The Day After: 11 Things To Do After You Publish A Post, I signed up with a site called Warble that will send you daily alerts for keywords that are input on Twitter.

This software enables you to join social media conversations where keywords in your niche are mentioned.  Warble is a dynamic tool for organic social media growth hacking!

Other software with similar capabilities is available that you can look into, but Warble is a great, no-cost option for tracking hashtags and keywords, so that you can join in on niche conversations.

Go on youtube and Google and look up niche specific topics. Make real comments and engage with channel owners.

2. Find High Engagers

organic social media growth hacking

Look on the social media pages of others in your niche.  Find people who are commonly liking and commenting on their social media pages, reply to their comments, like their pages, and engage with them.

Engaging with others on social media is MANDATORY for organic social media growth hacking!  The chances are high that if they like the content of the other social media page and yours is similar, they may like yours as well.

3. Like, Follow Them

If you enjoy the regular comments you are seeing from a fellow youtuber or instagrammer who is into a similar niche, follow/friend them. Google is becoming a bit of a networking site.

People are creating and adding circles everywhere. Don’t like people just to get something in return, but like people because they’re doing something similar that you can learn from each other.  Faking whether you like people will not help with your organic social media growth hacking or anything else.  Be true to you!

4. Engage with Their Content

Engage with their content means don’t just follow to follow. A lot of people do this. Eventually, those who do this will unsubscribe or unfriend due to lack of interest. Engaging is a critical part of organic social media growth hacking.  You want to follow and get followers who genuinely like what you have to say. This is the audience who will stick with you—they already like what you’re about. Enjoy what they have as well.

5. Join Groups!

organic social media growth hacking

Most social media platforms have groups where you can link up with people of common interests who share the content at increased rates.  When you choose groups to join, you should join groups who are careful to share and accept people with a common interest/focus.

The groups that accept “every niche” tend to be time-consuming when you’re trying to reciprocate the favor of sharing one another’s content.  You’ll find yourself spending lots of time scrolling and passing by content because it wouldn’t be valuable to your audience and those you’re connected to.

You never want to be the “accept all” kind of person because then you confuse everyone who follows you.  I’ve personally used groups on Facebook and Pinterest to do organic social media growth hacking.

Pinterest groups were a key factor that contributed to this blog reaching 504 pageviews on day 2 of it’s inception!  Here’s a quick free training on how to use Pinterest if you need help with it.  Check it out!

When you post on your wall, in your feed, or on your board (whichever jargon fits the platform), you have a limited reach and a small percentage of your followers may actually have common interests.  When you join groups, these are people with pronounced interests in similar topics.

Don’t overlook this tip if you want organic social media growth hacking!

6. Deliver Good Content

Don’t hand out dribble. Be proud of what you have created. Put the time and energy into making it worth someone else looking at or taking time to acknowledge. It’ll help someone or entertain someone.

You may need to use automation tools to enhance this process and make it feasible for you.  Managing social media can be very time consuming.  This very comprehensive free training called Social Media Advertising 5 Free Tools To Increase Your Engagement talks about various different automation software along with the pros and cons.  Check it out!

Another free training called 12 Steps to Social Media Success outlines 12 tips and shares a content idea curator you may find useful.  You simply plug in a keyword and it spews a social media post idea.  I haven’t personally used the tool, but the training was useful, and if you get in a bind with social media ideas, you may find it useful.

People are more likely to appreciate good content that looks like someone has taken the time to add a bit of polish to it. Making it look more put together even if it is short will go a long way with your organic social media growth hacking.

7. Follow-up with Messages

Blogging is another huge form of networking. There are tons of blogging sites with all different kinds of niches. When you land on one that is specifically about your niche, leave a comment.

Blogging and blog commenting will help with your organic social media growth hacking.  Let them know you appreciate their site. Leave a link to yours. You don’t even need to leave a link to yours.

Just mention that you have a similar blog. Some people will just go to your blog to get more information about what they’re getting from this blog. Blogs are neat that way. Near automatic networking. You could share the bloggers info and ask them to do the same, but be careful with this. Some people can find it annoying.

Let me warn you that organic social media growth hacking with no money will take time and persistence.  These tips are not overnight success tips, but with consistency, they will definitely gain you massive traction.

Using paid advertisement alongside the enclosed these tips will gain you the most traction, however, these tips are vitally important for increasing engagement, finding more like-minded people, and organic business networking.

If you want someone to walk alongside you as you expand your business online, let’s begin your internet marketing training with Wealthy Affiliate today.  We’ll go more in depth on social media and growth hacking to show you how to get Google rankings, how to do advertising, and so much more.  If you’re interested let’s get started now by setting up your free account by clicking HERE

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