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Patricia Bright – The Break Platform Course Review: Pros and Cons

The Break Platform Course Review
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If you’re looking for a thorough review of the Break Platform course by Patricia Bright, then this article is for you. Last week, a video came up in my feed showing that Patricia Bright made over $1 million on Youtube ads and it caught my attention right away!

I’ve been doing Youtube videos for a little under one year, and I’ve been watching Patricia Bright to improve my skills. She’s been very successful in more than one niche: personal development, fashion, business, and personal finance. She’s able to speak on topics that are very personal and she also speaks on mainstream topics from her own angle and she’s very influential–that’s why I enjoy watching her. Iove her personality and flare, and how she picks very timely topics. She’s definitely someone to watch.

When her video came up and she showed her Youtube Analytics and how she earned $1 million in ads alone, I was extremely impressed, so when she said she has a course, my ears were open. She said her course would share her experiences, the step-by-step of how to apply this myself, and the multiple streams of income that enable her to run a 7-figure digital media company, I had to jump on it.

She’s accomplished goals I want to, so I wanted to hear her experiences and learn how it could apply to my journey. As a result, I bought the course.

If you’re here, it’s likely, you’ve also been impressed by Patricia, and you want to know if the course will be a good investment for your business. In this, The Break Platform course review, I’ll be sharing:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying
  • and, My Recommendation

Who is Patricia Bright?

If you haven’t met her before, Patricia Bright is a Youtuber a social media influencer. Collectively, her platform reaches over 3 million subscribers. She has several videos that each have millions of views, and she knows how to create viral content that’s binge-worthy. As a result, she’s earned over $1 million in Youtube ads alone. The majority of the $1 million was earned over the last two years: $300,000+ in 2017 and $200,000+ in 2018 (the year she was pregnant and had a baby).

At this point, she’s been in the business for 10 years and has a wealth of knowledge about how it works.

What is The Break Platform Course? An Overview

The Break Platform course is Patricia’s new course where she helps people who want to become social media influencers to “get their break”. She teaches things like:

  • Personal branding and how to set yourself up as a business
  • What makes exceptional content
  • Business acumen
  • Financial habits you should have
  • Legal habits you should have
  • How much to charge
  • Sponsorship and negotiating
  • How to navigate tough situations
  • Monetization options for social media influencers
  • and More

How Does The Break Platform Course Work? 

To access the Break Platform course, you’d have to visit website and check out. Once you check out, you’ll get your confirmation in your email and you’ll have instant access to all of the course and the modules.

Each module is about 20-25 minutes of content with a workbook for each. Once you’ve completed the module, the Break platform will She also has downloadable add-ons like invoice templates, contract templates, and other things that she says are important for social media influencer-style businesses.

How Do I Get Started with The Break Platform Course?

To get started, you’d simply visit The Break Platform website and check out.

Who is The Break Platform Course For?

The Break Platform course is targeted mostly at women who want to be social media influencers, however, the course would be applicable to men as well. The course is best for:

  • Those who are looking to learn from Patricia’s experience
  • Those who are just starting out with an interest in becoming a social media influencer and are looking for direction
  • Those who have been at it for awhile and are looking for some fresh ideas
  • Those who don’t need over-the-shoulder technical knowledge, but who are looking for more principles to apply to their businesses
  • Those who want to learn monetization options for social media influencers

The Break Platform Course Tools & Training

The course comes with 10 training modules each 20-25 minutes long, very high quality video footage, printable exercises for taking action, audio edition, and templates.

The Break Platform Course Support

I did not personally use the Break Platform support, but a ticketing support system is used. If you have trouble with the course including technical or billing, you can submit a support ticket.

What Does The Break Platform Course Do Well

  • Patricia is well known for being authentic and for talking about her real story: good, bad, and in-betweens
  • She doesn’t sugarcoat her highs or lows (like many people in the industry)
  • She doesn’t give the illusion that online business is the road to overnight success
  • She enforces working hard
  • and, she demonstrates what it takes
  • She talks about pretty foundational and evergreen topics
  • It says it’s a 9-week course, but you can actually get thru the content and exercises in one weekend if you’re focused

What Doesn’t The Break Platform Course Do Well

  • It doesn’t give you over-the-shoulder technical advice
  • If you’re looking to know what software she uses for social media or what it looks like when she’s brainstorming or automating content, you won’t get that

The Break Platform Course Review Roundup

This course is still very new so I wasn’t able to find 3rd party reviews on the course. When you enter “the break platform review” or “the break platform scam” or anything of the like, there weren’t reviews on it yet on Bing, Yahoo, Google, or Youtube–this may be the first one.

The Break Platform Course Price

Originally, the course was 100 pounds because Patricia is British. She has since dropped the price, and switched her pricing strategy to make it the most reachable. Now, her course is 50% off which breaks down to $59 USD.

My Final Opinion of The Break Platform Course

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. It was a very reasonable price for the quality and amount of content she gave. It felt like a 3 hr+ sessions where she’s sharing everything she feels I would need to know to be successful as a social media influencer, and I appreciate that.

I think if I was looking for technical knowledge or an over-the-shoulder of her shooting video, editting video, or scheduling social media content, then I’d be disappointed because that’s not what’s offered inside of the course. Either way, if you want to learn more about how you could monetize a social media influencer business to build a 7-figure platform, Patricia’s course could be very valuable for you.

VERDICT: Recommended


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Patricia Bright's - The Break Platform Course

$59 USD



Customer Support


User Friendly







  • Patricia Bright is a highly credible instructor
  • She shares her experience in a no-nonsense way
  • She tells you the highs and lows of her growth journey
  • She talks about things that often get overlooked (like finance and legal) when teaching online business


  • It isn't over-the-shoulder
  • You don't learn social media technical skills

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