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Pickfu.com Review: A Good Way to do Market Research?

pickfu.com review
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Entrepreneurs are known to come up with lots of ideas. Unfortunately, not all of them are good ideas, and we may not always sort the difference. Regardless of how established or how many successful businesses you’ve had, the market can decide the next idea isn’t as useful, and the business or idea could become a flop.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get instant market feedback on one of your “bright ideas”? Well, the good news is… you can! In fact, that’s what services like Pickfu.com offer.

In this review, I’ll be explaining more about:

  • What Pickfu is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • Pricing
  • What they do well and what they don’t
  • and, alternative service providers (in case you want to shop comparisons)

If you ever get antsy and want to get started with Pickfu as you’re reading this review, you can GET STARTED BY CLICKING HERE.

What is Pickfu.com? An Overview

pickfu.com review

Pickfu is an online market research company that helps entrepreneurs get split test answers fast. Whether you have a book cover design in question, or you want to know about the user experience on a mobile app, Pickfu offers general feedback quickly.  Rather than testing options by buying ads, asking family and friends, or “trusting your gut”, you can create a poll at Pickfu.com and get instant answers from the market.  Some common scenarios they host polls for include:

  • Book titles and book covers
  • Business names, ideas, and logos
  • General design
  • General best option questions
  • Mobile app icons and screenshots
  • E-commerce listings and products

How Does Pickfu.com Work?

When you’re in the situation where you’re uncertain which decision would thrive best in the market, you’d go to Pickfu and “Create a poll”.  Each poll will enable you to upload pictures and video, target respondent demographics, download results, and see the demographics of respondents. There are two poll options: basic and upgraded.  The differences between basic and upgraded break down like this…

pickfu.com reviewBasic Polls

Basic polls are where you have an open-ended or two option question that you need responses to. If you need to test one thing without the additional iterations, you’d want a basic poll.

Upgraded Polls: Head-to-Head and Ranked

With a head to head poll, you’d have between 2 and 8 concepts, and you want the respondents to help you pick a winner.  Alternatively, if you want a ranked poll, you’d have 3 to 8 concepts, and you want the respondents to rank them by preference.


How Do I Get Started with Pickfu.com?

Here’s a video that explains how to get started with Pickfu:

Getting started with Pickfu works in 3 basic steps:

1. You Ask a Question

You “create a poll” that asks the question you need to know.

2. Pickfu finds Responders

Pickfu will use the targeting you’ve set, and find responders that fit the criteria to answer your question.

3. You get qualitative and quantitative feedback

You get definitely qualitative feedback from an unbiased audience with constructive tips to make your idea successful.

Who is Pickfu.com For?

Pickfu works perfectly for:

  • People who don’t have a large audience to hypothesize and test ideas
  • Those who don’t want to use their audiences to test ideas
  • Those who want unbiased constructive feedback on an idea they’ve been pondering
  • Those who value market research and split testing

Pickfu.com Tools & Training

Pickfu doesn’t offer much tools and training aside from their primary service offer, however, they do have a small knowledge base and a blog.

Pickfu.com Support

Pickfu offers email, live chat, and phone support. Their basic plans only allow email and live chat support, but for the upgraded business plan, you’ll also have phone consultations.

What Does Pickfu.com Do Well

  • They get responses from the market about your poll fast
  • They give helpful written feedback
  • They enable you to specify target demographics
  • The site is simple to use
  • Their process is concise
  • They have established credibility because they’ve been used by large companies like Intuit, Penguin Random House, The Creative Penn, and others

What Doesn’t Pickfu.com Do Well

  • They don’t provide feedback on physical products or in-person services

Pickfu.com Review Roundup

Common Positive Feedback

  • Great way to do split testing
  • Good feedback on book covers
  • Good design feedback

Common Negative Feedback

  • Image quality could be better

Most Helpful Positive Pickfu.com Review

Sam Morris, “Amazing! Save time and money from split testing on social media and get everything dialed in prior to launching.”

Tekari Herath says, “Fantastic team and super helpful! Super glad I found this service and my book covers are so much better now!”

Most Helpful Negative Pickfu.com Review

Kevin Lanceplaine, “Great website to quickly A/B test some design.
I wish the quality of the images were a little bit better: The uploaded images are a little bit pixelated and the color are lightly different.”

Pickfu.com Price

Pickfu offers two payment options: pricing plans or pay-as-you-go.  Here’s a breakdown of the pricing…

Pricing Plans

pickfu.com review


pickfu.com review

My Final Opinion of Pickfu.com

Overall, Pickfu offers an amazing service! Rather than trying to figure out how to run ads, and deciding whether you did or did not get sales as a result of your expertise with the ads, you can have clear data to construct ideas and hypothesis.  If you’re pondering an idea about something that can be tested digitally, I highly recommend giving Pickfu a try!  You can CREATE YOUR FIRST POLL BY CLICKING HERE.

Top Alternatives

  • Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate offers a Sitecomments and Sitefeedback feature that enables users to get on-demand comments or feedback on their website. If you’re looking for feedback beyond website user experience, functionality, or design, Pickfu would probably be the best market research alternative. YOU CAN TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE FREE HERE.
  • Usertesting – Usertesting enables website owners to get a video review on the user experience of their websites.
  • Jaaxy – You can scrape data from the search engines to find what’s in demand online with Jaaxy.
  • Spyfu – You can evaluate which keywords are bringing the most traffic for competitors with Spyfu.

VERDICT: Recommend








User Friendly







  • Valuable service
  • Quick turnaround
  • qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Can target demographics
  • Detailed results


  • May have pixelated images

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