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Primerica Review (2022): Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Primerica Review
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Looking for a thorough and in-depth Primerica Review? If so, you’re in the right place.

If you’re here, it’s likely you’re trying to decide if Primerica Financial Services offers solutions that can be a benefit to you. You’re either:

  • Considering setting up insurance or investments with Primerica
  • Wondering whether or not to begin working as a Primerica rep
  • Considering whether or not to open a Primerica office location
  • Or, you know someone who is associated with Primerica (either as a client or agent), and you’re doing research to see if they’re doing something legit.

In this Primerica Review, I’ll be discussing the pros, cons, and alternatives of Primerica, so you’ll know whether it’s a good fit for you; regardless of whether you’re looking from a client perspective or agent.

Primerica Review | What is Primerica?

Originally known as A.L. Williams, Primerica is a financial services company focused on helping main street America to have financial independence.

Who Founded Primerica?

Primerica was founded by Art Williams, a football coach from Georgia. He had not originally intended to go to into the financial services industry, but after an injustice in his family, he wanted to make things right for other main street Americans.

Why Was Primerica Founded?

In , Art Williams’ father passed away unexpectedly, and his mother was left to find an income to care for his brothers. Before death, his father was sold a cash value life insurance policy, and they received $10,000 as the death benefit. Even at that time, $10,000 wasn’t enough income replacement for his mother to support his brothers, so they were left struggling financially.

Later in life, Art learned about term life insurance. He discovered how much more of a death benefit his father could have recieved if they had taken the amount they were paying for their cash value premium, and applied that to a term policy.

He also discovered that his mother and father would’ve been better off if they had put the money in a high yielding savings account versus storing it inside of a cash value life insurance policy. As a result, he sought out to educate more people about term versus cash value and added fuel to the crusade “Buy term and invest the difference”.

Primerica Reviews – From Partners and Major Media Outlets

Jennifer Johnson, CEO, Franklin Templeton

Kunal Kapoor, CEO, Morningstar

What does Primerica Offer?

As a Client

Primerica Review - What does Primerica Offer?

Primerica is a one-stop shop financial services company that delivers products and services to their clients’ homes. Representatives are able to help with the setup of insurance, investments (emergency funds, short term savings accounts, long term savings accounts, retirement accounts, college savings accounts, annuities, etc.), mortgages, smart home security systems, legal and ID theft protection, and more.

The companies Primerica works with represent many of the most reputable companies in the finance industry.

As a Representative

If you’re considering a career in the finance industry, Primerica could be a great place to go. They offer the independence many people desire (working from home, flexible schedules, and massive income potential). The services are in high demand, and therefore, there’s lots of room for you to grow a client base, and build a steady stream of income.

Our Verdict: Is Primerica the Right Fit for you?

If you’re considering whether to become a Primerica client, we highly recommend them. They’ve changed the lives of millions of people in a positive way; guiding families closer to financial freedom. We’d recommend you find an office, like Team Building Wealthy Families that offers the full depth of Primerica services: insurance, investments, mortgages, etc.

If you’re considering whether to become a Primerica representative, we recommend it but not to everyone. The representative position suits those who are entrepreneurial in nature; those who want an additional income outside of work, or those who want to run a business full-time.

If you’re accustom to being given instruction or quotas, or if you’re not an ambitious person, becoming a Primerica representative may not be a good fit. For more information or to interview as a Primerica representative, set up your appointment over at team Building Wealthy Families here.

Primerica Financial Services




Products and Services






Customer Satisfaction



  • Great Work-From-Home Business Opportunity for People looking for Supplemental or Full-time Income
  • Clients can have Convenient Access to Fully Licensed Financial Advisors
  • 7 million+ Clients
  • Longstanding Reputation--in business since 1977
  • Lots of investment and insurance options


  • Many people may not know about Primerica because it's a referral-only company
  • Not all interested reps are accepted
  • Limited Insurance options for Clients above age 70
  • Offices can create their own local policies that make things un-uniform

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