Public Relations Strategies and Tactics To Get Booked and Fill Your Sales Funnel!

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public relations strategies and tactics

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a message or know someone else that has a message you want to get out.  The challenge is….how do you get the message out?  This article will give you public relations tactics and strategies for getting your message, product, or service out.


public relations strategies and tacticsThere is so much information about Public Relations, and I’ve read many books and taken coaching programs (upwards of $15,000!) on public relations to filter thru things.  You don’t have to spend the time or money I spent to learn these things because I want to pass onto you key public relations tactics and strategies for getting your message out to the media.


Why Bother With Public Relations Strategies and Tacticss?


Public relations (otherwise called “PR”) is the industry that studies how to get your message out using television, radio, newspaper, and media marketing.  Nowadays, public relations has broadened and merges into internet marketing by using blog audiences, podcasts, and Youtube channels in addition to traditional public relations mediums.


Adding a public relations strategy can add droves of traffic to any offer, but you have to persist and make it work. There are people who instantly see sales spikes by the millions with one simple appearance on a television network like Oprah, but everybody doesn’t get those opportunities.  You can be sure to get media exposure (maybe not landing an interview on Oprah but some media exposure) if you persist in following the public relations strategies and tactics I disclose to you.  Here are some tips for beginning to pitch your message to the press:

Make Clear Goals


Public relations tactics and strategiesSome people spend all of their time pitching networks because their only goal is to land an interview, but when they get an interview, then they become disappointed that other goals aren’t achieved.  Plan beforehand what your goals are, then use public relations strategies and tactics to achieve those.


Goals like:


  • I want to increase my website traffic by X
  • I want to increase my Facebook following by X
  • I want to increase my brand exposure by X


Make sure you have measurable key performance indicators to track your public relations campaigns, and choose public relations strategies and tactics from there.  Do research to see whether the channels your choosing have helped others attain the goal your seeking to achieve.


In many instances, it’s appropriate to ask for results like what is the average conversion into (whatever your goal may be) rates.  You can ask others who landed PR before you about their results, and some people will be open enough to tell you.  Some won’t.


It is what it is.


Public relations strategies and tactics such as these could help you achieve your goals:


  • Sending press kits or free samples to bloggers
  • Building a relationship with podcasters
  • or, some other way of delivering value first before asking for anything could go a long way with opening doors to public relations and media exposure.


There are so many possiblities within PR, but those are just a few.


Have Your Press Kit Ready

public relations tactics and strategiesDon’t wait until you get your chance for a touch of recognition from a TV appearance, radio interview or other media outlet to create a media kit. You will ruin your reputation before you ever get started. Get that press kit going. Have your reel already set up and ready for their people to show to the public. When you’re new to the business you have to sell yourself before anyone is going to take you in. Have the words you’re going to say prepared in the off chance for some public speaking.


If you aren’t sure how to create a press kit or how it should look, Pinterest has some great ideas here.


Create a Website and Begin Branding Yourself


Nowadays many media networks are looking for someone who will increase their viewers and help them achieve their goals.  If you have a website with a sizeable audience and regular traffic, they assume, you will be able to drive your loyal following to view, listen, or participate in the PR campaign some way.  If you don’t have a website already, I’d suggest you creating a website.  You can begin with a free version, and migrate it over to a paid hosting plan using this simple tool here:



If you’re not familiar with strategies for generating internet traffic or selling online, for free, you can begin learning thru Wealthy Affiliate, and their proven internet marketing training and tools.  I’m very involved there, and I’d be happy to help you dive into the world of traffic generation and getting your message out.


Study the Platforms that You Plan to Pitch to Find Their Typical Message


public relations tactics and strategiesSince many companies—entertainment and likewise are online, you can look up what they have produced and been a part of. Get a feel for what they tend to produce and make sure they’re in your line of production and what you film. You have a much better chance of them wanting to work with you if you’re already creating what their company is interested in.


Most media companies are primarily focused on satisfying their readers, viewers, and listeners.  You have to make their audiences wellbeing your primary focus.  You’ll gain major kudos if you can take their readers, viewers, or listeners up or improve key performance indicators they may be looking to improve.


Find How You Can deliver more Compelling Content or More Unique than What Has Previously Been Produced


public relations tactics and strategiesThis sort of falls within the lines of doing your research on the company to find out what kind of content they produce. Similar to the Skyscraper Method that Brian Dean of has coined, you take an idea and make it better–this has been known to work on various platforms and in various industries.  Dean says using the skyscraper method caused him to increase his website traffic by 110% in 14 days.  The same concept (take an idea, make it your own, and make it more compelling than previous versions) applies to public relations strategies and tactics.


It works for product creators, entrepreneurs, course developers, and so many more industries.  If they’ve broadcasted “15 Ways to Clean Your House in 2 Hours”, you want to pitch them ones they may have missed, or ways they can add more value from their previous production.  For example, you could pitch, “20 Ways to Clean your House in 1 Hour”, or something more compelling.


You also want to be mindful about who their target audience is.  You don’t want to go on a kids network talking about healing marriages, or go on a men’s network talking about feminine hygiene.  Their network could be family-oriented, or more geared toward the younger crowd but with a twist. Your goal is to find out where they go, and see if you can’t produce something that is a little bit different that they will like, and have not created before.


Concise Magnetizing Storytelling


Be as creative as you want to be, and don’t be afraid to be different. Add your spin on your story through video work. TED talks are masterful at showcasing concise and compelling short stories.  You can get quite a few ideas just by listening to some TED talk speakers or videos like these who engage their audiences so well:



Depending on the company and your audience you could be the next Harry Potter movie maker (or author) or who knows.


Most Important of the Public Relations Strategies and Tactics: Persistence


public relations strategies and tacticsThis is something most actors and actresses, script writers and book authors deal with on a daily basis. Rejection. If there was ever a group of folks who had to have persistence these are it. Persistence pays off. Rejection is part of the game. You have to keep going if you are passionate.


Your press kit may end up in the trash many times, but if you keep going, you’ll find out how to make it more and more compelling.  You’ll find someone who thinks its amazing, and you’ll find an exciting opportunity.  This tip may be the most important of all of the public relations strategies and tactics…Keep going!




Along with being persistent, you need to follow-up. Check in with the production companies if you have not heard anything after a few months or so. It doesn’t hurt. Send a polite follow-up email or call after a few months to see if anyone has seen your work.


Split Test with New Hooks


Have a list of production companies to submit your work to. Send a copy to each of them. You are likely to get rejected, but the more you send off the more possible it is that you’ll eventually get a yes. Maybe first you may send “5 Ways to Clean for Valentines” (I’m on the cleaning topic today), but then, you can try “5 Ways you can Organize for Christmas”.  Keep trying different angles.  See what they may be looking for and how you can plug your expertise into that.


This playlist may give you a glimpse of other people’s journeys:

Final Statements on Public Relations Strategies and Tactics


Hopefully this article was helpful to propel you in your journey to pursue public relations strategies and tactics.  If you’d like to begin getting your message, product, or services out using internet marketing, I’d love to help.  You can set up your free Wealthy Affiliate account here, and we can begin working to get your business moving online.  If you have any other questions I can answer about public relations strategies and tactics, please leave them below and I’ll do my best to help you out.  Thanks!



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  1. TDomena,

    This content is EXCLUSIVELY for people that want to succeed in the world of PR. I learned so much valuable information on the article, such as having clear goals and a story that everyone can understand. PR is something that we all need as entrepreneurs and you hit the hammer on the head with this one. Excellent work.

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