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The Ultimate List of Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs in 2020

The Ultimate List of Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs Thumbnail
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If you’re here, it’s likely, you’ve seen someone make money from recurring commission affiliate programs. They might’ve called it “residual income”, “recurring referral programs”, or “recurring passive income”, but basically what they’re saying is they get paid over and over for something they did in the past. Maybe they showed you their income reports, and you could see the power of a commission-based income that compounds and grows month over month.

You’re probably also looking for passive income opportunities. You want to find ways to make money without exchanging your time for it. I get it.

When I found my first recurring commission affiliate program, it was an eye-opener for sure! I liked how you can:

  • Expect a consistent income
  • Earn with no glass ceiling
  • and experience very passive components when you sell once and get paid for life!

In previous times, real estate, investing in the stock market, or saving money until the interests paid good dividends would be the most prominent things you’d hear about, but nowadays, affiliate marketing is growing interest as a passive income opportunity. More companies are seeing how affiliate marketing is the evolution of the traditional sales model, and they’re incentivizing their virtual salesforce (affiliates) much better as a result.

What is affiliate marketing?

recurring commission affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is where three parties collaborate: a merchant (who has products or services to sell), a tracking software or affiliate network, and an affiliate or influencer. In previous times, it would be the salesperson and the employer, and they’d typically work under one roof, but nowadays, with new technology, sales is evolving drastically.

Instead of making cold calls, going door to door, or setting up tents in high traffic areas, affiliates use the internet to drive attention to products and services of their affiliate partners. The affiliate will create content that influences the buying decision of potential customers to purchase the product or sign up for a trial, the tracking software will track the transaction, and the merchant will deliver the product or service. They each get paid for the transaction when the end user makes a decision.

Affiliate marketing is an alternative form of marketing to cold calling, cold emailing, live networking, and other things. It can also serve as a great compliment to other types of marketing, and you see very large companies like Amazon who use affiliate marketing to rallya tribe of people who sell their products and services alongside other marketing methods like paid ads, search engine optimization, custom promo products, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about how to master affiliate marketing, check out my #1 recommended training here.

What are Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs?

Recurring commission affiliate programs are designed where the affiliate influences the buying decision once, and when the person takes action, the affiliate will get paid over and over as a result. This means the affiliate can influence the buyer to purchase a product or service today, and as a result of the buyer being retained as a customer, they will continue to recieve a paycheck while they travel, while they shop, and while they’re with their family.

When you find a product or service with high customer satisfaction and retention, recurring commission affiliate programs truly offer passive income. Yes, other programs can have a high level of interest ongoing and consistent sales as a result, but when you can get paid month over month for an action you did, that’s passive income.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs and Passive Income

I’ve seen some affiliate marketers whose businesses would have completely collapsed if they hadn’t promoted recurring commission affiliate programs. Sometimes, life happens. They would:

  • Experiment with something new in their business that decreases their revenue
  • Lose traffic
  • Have sales slow in something that was “booming”
  • Get slapped with an algorithm update on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or elsewhere
  • Have to take time away from the business to handle personal issues (sickness in the family, death of a loved one, a health emergency themselves, etc.)

All of these events could cause revenue to completely flat line if there is no recurring income.

Why You Should Consider Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs?

If you don’t currently participate in any recurring commission affiliate programs, you should consider because:

  • “It’s cheaper to keep her” Hahaha. In other words, it’s easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer than to get new ones–many business consultants will tell you this.
  • They help bring a predictable flow of revenue month after month
  • You can achieve high lifetime customer value comparable with high ticket products
  • and, They can help to build positive long term relationships

How To Make Money with Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

To make money with recurring affiliate programs, I’d recommend you:

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Drive Traffic to the website
  4. And convert the traffic into paying customers of your affiliate partner

Volume vs. Product Price vs. Retention

In contrast with one-off products and services where you sell once, recurring affiliate programs make money over and over from the same people. As a result, often times, you need less traffic to achieve the same result. Instead of needing 10 new customers who pay $10 to earn $100 in revenue, with a recurring commission, you’d need 1 customer who pays $10 and stays on board 10 months to get $100 in revenue.

My list of the Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs in 2020

Now, let’s move on and discuss the best recurring commission affiliate programs…

Best Affiliate Programs for Search Engine Optimization

These products and services either teach you search engine optimization, offer tools that help, offer supportive communities to exchange ideas, or have a combination.

Wealthy Affiliate (The Full Combo)

40% recurring lifetime commissions

SEMRush (a Market Research Tool)

40% lifetime recurring commissions

Spyfu (a Competitive Analysis Tool)

40% lifetime recurring commission

Jaaxy (a Market Research Tool)

$20/mo or $200/yr for Pro membership

$40/mo or $400/yr for Enterprise membership

Dare to Conquer (Training and Community)

30% recurring commission

TubeBuddy (Youtube SEO Software)

50% recurring lifetime commissions

SE Ranking (Market Research Tool)

30% recurring lifetime commissions

LongTail Pro (Keyword Research Tool)

30% Recurring commission


30% Recurring Commission

Best Affiliate Programs for Productivity Apps

Briefcase by Appsumo ( A Full Suite of Business Apps)

20% recurring commission for up to 6 months

20% one-time commission on annual plans

RescueTime (Time Tracking Solution)

15% recurring lifetime commission

Time Doctor (Time Tracking Solution)

Up to 30% recurring lifetime commissions

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Email Marketing


30% lifetime recurring commissions


Either a $100 up front bounty commission or 33% lifetime recurring commissions


30% recurring commissions


30% recurring lifetime commissions

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Legal Assistance


30% monthly recurring commissions

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, and Lead Conversion Tools


40% recurring lifetime commission

Dream car contest

Sticky cookies

High ticket products

Thrive Themes

35% commission per purchase

25% recurring commission


30% recurring lifetime commission


35% recurring commissions


30% Recurring commission


Best Affiliate Programs for Learning Management Systems


30% lifetime recurring commission


20% recurring commission for the first year

20% commission on all new annual plans

Best Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Networks


Earn up to 50% of Flexoffers profit when you refer a friend every time they make sales

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

50% recurring commission


40% recurring commissions

Thrive Themes

35% commission per purchase

25% recurring commission

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate

40% recurring lifetime commissions


Up to $500 for each referral

Plus 10% lifetime recurring commissions

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Marketing Training

Wealthy Affiliate

40% Recurring Lifetime commission

Thrive University

35% commission per purchase

25% recurring commission


40% recurring lifetime commissions plus sticky cookies on all customers, so you get paid on any upgrades or upsell purchases as well

Legendary Marketer

Basic: Free to join and 5-30% commissions

Pro: 29.95/mo to join and 20-60% in commissions

The Blog Village

40% recurring commission

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketing Software

Post Affiliate Pro

20% of all sales

20% trial upgrades

20% recurring lifetime commission

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for Meal Planning and Cooking Efficiency

MyFreezeasy (Freezer Meal Plans)

20% recurring commission

Best Affiliate Programs for Graphic Design Software


50% commission on initial purchase and 25% on renewals


30% recurring commission

Best Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management Software


35% of new customer billings and up to $420 per customer

Social Pilot

30% recurring commission


40% recurring commission


Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs for E-Commerce


20% Recurring Commissions


Up to 40% recurring commissions


Up to 20% recurring commissions

The Bottom Line

There are lots of companies who will pay you every month when you send a customer their way. You influence the buying decision once and you get recurring commissions month after month as a result. I’d recommend you look over these recurring programs and see if there are any companies you’d be interested in partnering with.

As an affiliate, I like to work with companies who take care of the customers well and who take care of me well, and unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Hopefully, this list helps you to find some opportunities to grow your business income.

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