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SendinBlue Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

SendinBlue Review Summary

SendinBlue is an email marketing service that operates on the freemium model. You can have an unlimited # of subscribers and send up to 300 emails per day for free.

Overall Rating
Best Used For: Those who are looking for a free email service, transactional emails, or a service with automation workflows.

What SendinBlue Does Well

  • They’ve created a software that’s easy to use
  • They have a monopoly of positive reviews from 3rd party reviewers and customers
  • They offer a wide feature set including SMS messages, transactional messages, automations and more.

Recommend Improvements

Better customer support response times




Aside from those who complained of their accounts being shut down due to spam rules, most users are happy with the reliability of the software.

Ease of Use


Users seem to be happy with how easy the software is to use. They also have tutorials to help you along the way.



It’s very cool how they price based off of # of emails sent rather than list size. This can reduce costs and makes their pricing very appealing.



They offer email support and a help center, but no real-time customer support like live chat or a phone line. Quite a few customers complained about slow response times.

Price: From $0 (free accounts with unlimited contacts)

If you’re looking for a SendinBlue review that helps you decide whether this is the best email marketing software for you, you’re in the right place.

Most people won’t buy from you when they meet you for the first time–this is why sales trainers tell students, “a huge key is in the follow-up”. The most successful salespeople are great at following up: whether they sell online or offline. Email marketing is a tool that helps business owners to be more successful with their follow up because you can automate parts of the process, but which email service do you use? In this SendinBlue review, we’ll be looking at a fairly new trailblazer in the email marketing software industry,

We’ll be analyzing:

  • The Background on SendinBlue
  • Pros and cons
  • Features of the software
  • What others are Saying
  • and my Opinion

The goal is to help you decide whether SendinBlue is a good email marketing service for you.

SendinBlue Review – A Little Background

SendinBlue started as a digital agency in 2012. Since, they’ve transitioned to becoming a communication SaaS company that builds software to help with business to consumer communication. The founders are Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma, and since startup, they’ve had notable accomplishments including:

  • Growth to 250 employees
  • 50,000+ customers
  • 30 Million emails and SMS sent daily
  • Offices in the US, France, and India
  • and Customer support in 6 languages

It’s unclear how large they want to grow, but they’ve made major moves over the last 7 years.

SendinBlue Review – User Experience

SendinBlue Review - Dashboard and User Experience

User experience is a major component when deciding which email marketing service to use. The last thing you want is a software that has all the “bells and whistles”, but makes you feel intimidated, low confidence, and overall dread using it. It’s important that even if the email service isn’t the most “savvy” and full of features that it “makes sense” to you and makes you excited to send out emails to prospective customers.

The SendinBlue user dashboard is fairly simple. It doesn’t have a lot of prompts, so the simplicity may be helpful for you. There are tutorial videos in many places to help you with setting up automation or other components of your marketing campaigns.

SendinBlue Review – Optins and Landing Pages

SendinBlue Review - Landing PagesLanding pages are a key component to converting prospects: from interested onlooker to paying customer. They help to build trust, to demonstrate the value of your product or service, and to give enough details to help them make the buying decision.

Some email services include landing page builders in their plans and others don’t. If they don’t, landing page software can cost upwards of $30/mo by itself (unless you use an amazing WordPress pagebuilder like Elementor). Luckily, landing pages are included in the SendinBlue premium plans.

They have a few landing page templates and a landing page builder, so you can build your own from scratch.

SendinBlue Review – Sales Funnels and Automation

One of the main reason for paying for email software is to help strengthen your sales funnel. It can help you to take potential customers from the awareness phase of the buyers’ funnel to the advocacy phase when your campaigns go well, and with good software, you can automate the process!

Email Sequences and Automation

With email sequences, you can write a series of emails that can be sent out sequentially when a subscriber takes an action. For example, when they sign up for your email list, you can automate a series of emails that will go out–this function is fairly mainstream. Most email marketing services will provide the ability to automate email sequences.

Trigger Workflows

SendinBlue Review - AutomationA more advanced feature SendinBlue offers is the trigger workflows. With trigger workflows, you can send out tailored emails based on actions like:

  • A visit to a specific page on your website
  • A click on a link in your email
  • An anniversary or birthdate
  • Abandoning a shopping cart
  • or other…

This means, you can send out follow-up emails that can help prompt the potential customer to buy or buy again–this can be very powerful. For example, let’s say a person clicks from your email to a sales page, but they don’t buy. You can use SendinBlue to send a follow-up sequence that helps you understand their objective, and addresses that objective. You can greatly improve your sales conversion rates with the trigger workflows.

Workflow Templates

Rather than creating all of the workflow ideas yourself, SendinBlue has templates to help you set up automations that can improve the conversions in your sales processes.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

If you have a premium plan, you can also sync your list or create look-alike audiences for Facebook ad campaigns from within SendinBlue. I haven’t personally used this feature, but it’s very cool.

SendinBlue Review – Integrations

SendinBlue Review - IntegrationsIt helps to choose an email service that will integrate with the other software tools you use–this way, you can have the most efficient backend setup. Unfortunately, SendinBlue doesn’t have a lot of integrations at this time, but they say they’ll be working on this more going forward.

SendinBlue Review – Do They Have a Mobile App?

If you’re looking to manage your email marketing campaigns on-the-go, it might help to have a mobile app. Unfortunately, SendinBlue doesn’t offer a mobile app at this time, however, their website is responsive, so you can do some activities from their website.

SendinBlue Review – RSS-to-Email

Another feature I love about email marketing services is the ability to send the most recent content published on my blog to my email subscribers. It helps to send ongoing value to your email list and it helps to update them about what’s new on the blog. RSS-to-Email isn’t a built-in feature in SendinBlue, however, you can set up a Zapier integration that will update your list when there’s something new on your RSS feed.

SendinBlue Review – What Others are Saying – Good and Bad

For SendinBlue to be 7 years old, there are quite a few people talking about it all over the world, and you probably should know the good and bad things they’re saying before you buy.

Common Positive SendinBlue Reviews

I read from 3rd party review sites like EmailToolTester, PCMag, and VentureHarbour. I also read thru reviews at sites like G2Crowd, Capterra, and Trustpilot, so I could compile for you a general consensus of what others were saying. The positive reviews I saw most commonly were:

  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • It’s nice how you can send SMS messages–that’s rare for email services
  • It’s nice if you need to send one-to-one emails list password resets, sign-ups, and purchase confirmations
  • They have high deliverability ratings
  • They have a great free plan
  • Better and cheaper than Mailchimp

Common Negative SendinBlue Reviews

I also read reviews of people who had bad experiences or a low rating of SendinBlue to see what the limitations are. Out of 513 reviews on Trustpilot, 18% were between average to poor ratings, and 14% were poor–this isn’t a great result. Here are some things that were repeatedly stated by people who had bad reviews.

  • My account was closed
  • No spam testing feature
  • The customer service has a slow response time
  • Campaigns interrupted abruptly without warnings
  • Lots of rules about spam

Most Helpful Positive SendinBlue Review

There are two key things that have kept us using SendinBlue for the past three years: transactional emails and deliverability. Of all the email marketing platforms we’ve used, SendinBlue is noticeably ahead of the competition with these two feature sets and you definitely want these in your email marketing strategy.

So why don’t we use SendinBlue as our only email platform?

Well, a key reason is that SendinBlue didn’t have the automation features we needed when we first looked at it. We also wanted more on the CRM side of things and this is where ActiveCampaign really proves its worth as an enterprise email, CRM and marketing automation suite.

Aaron Brooks, VentureHarbour.com

Most Helpful Negative SendinBlue Review

A G2Crowd reviewer named Will E. summarized a complaint I’d seen quite a few times when reading users’ feedback. When asked, “What do you dislike?”, he said:

Constantly having campaigns interrupted because of obscure rules, then having to grovel to get sending “privileges” reinstated.

This makes me dread using the software.

I am in the market for something better.

It is difficult to be impressed when nearly every campaign is interrupted by some error message or nag message that has nothing to do with improving my productivity or ease of use.

The very worst is when I send a campaign then learn that it didn’t send because

When asked for “Recommendations to others considering the product”, he said:

Be prepared to have your campaigns interrupted because someone unsubscribed. For example, I sent an email to a tiny segment of my of my list, maybe 8 recipients. One person unsubscribed via the unsub link in that email. (Hey, that’s more than 2%!!!) They suspended my entire account, right in the middle of a campaign. I then had to grovel to get it re-instated. This is the sort of aggravation no one needs, but you can expect it with Sendinblue.

SendinBlue Pricing

SendinBlue is most loved for their pricing model. Rather than pricing based on list size, they charge based on the amount of emails you send–this can lead to significantly lower prices for some people.

SendinBlue Review - Pricing

Side note: Landing pages, live chat, and Facebook ads are included in the $25/mo or higher plans

Does SendinBlue Double Count Subscribers?

Since they don’t charge based on subscribers, you can have an unlimited amount of subscribers and still pay fairly low prices for the service. With other services, you pay more as your list grows, and some services will count one subscriber numerous times because they are on several of your lists. You don’t have to worry about that with SendinBlue.

SendinBlue Review Chart

SendinBlue Review at-a-Glance

Basic Plan Pricing/SubscribersFree for up to 300/emails/day
Visual email and page editoro
Contact scoringo (automation for up to a list size of 2000 included in free plan)
Tagging and Segmentationo (automation for up to a list size of 2000 included in free plan)
Sales funnelso
Integrated with Payment processor to sell products within the softwarex
CRM to manage sales pipelinex
Autofunnel or visual Sales funnel with email templatesx
RSS-to-emailx – Zapier integration required
Split testso
Pop-ups and Listbuilder appsx
Abandoned order recoveryo
Site and event trackingo
E-product deliveryx
Custom order formsx
Social ads creatorx
Templates and imageso
Detailed analyticso
Integrations8 integrations so far
Customer supportEmail Support and Help Articles
Email marketing trainingx

SendinBlue Closing Comments

Overall, SendinBlue is an awesome tool for those who need:

  • Support from one of their 6 customer support languages
  • transactional emails
  • SMS messages
  • Trigger-based automation
  • and, who can navigate their spam rules

It’s still a fairly new company, so you can get on board to hopefully see lots of ongoing growth and new features when you check out SendinBlue.

Get Started with a Free Account

Get Started with SendinBlue

You can set up a free account and begin trying the software out for yourself.

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SendinBlue Email Marketing Software






User Friendly







  • A free plan that includes automation
  • SMS messaging
  • Transactional messaging
  • A monopoly of customer satisfaction
  • Lots of features for the price


  • Customers complained of slow customer support
  • No live customer support - Only email and Help center
  • Strict spam rules that can get you banned without notice

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