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Greg Jeffries – SEO Affiliate Domination Review and Alternatives

SEO Affiliate Domination Review
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If you’re looking for a thorough SEO Affiliate Domination review, you’re in the right place.

Odds are, if you’re looking to buy SEO Affiliate Domination, you want to:

  • Master search engine optimization
  • Become an affiliate marketer
  • and, Learn from someone who can take you from where you are to making good money online

You have goals you want to achieve like having more lifestyle freedom, more time flexibility, more professional fulfillment, and possibly even leaving a job or growing an existing business. I want you to build an awesome business that achieves your goals, so my goal here is to help you decide on the course that can help you.

In this SEO Affiliate Domination review, I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

Who is Greg Jeffries?

Greg Jeffries is an affiliate marketing and digital marketing trainer. He says he’s been in the industry for over one decade now. Jeffries is very transparent with the results he’s had in affiliate marketing and even publishes his income reports.  He created SEO Affiliate Domination to share the strategies he’s used for making money with affiliate marketing.

What is SEO Affiliate Domination? An Overview

SEO Affiliate Domination is a training course that takes you from being a complete beginner in affiliate marketing to generating an income using search engine optimization to drive traffic to affiliate offers.

How Does SEO Affiliate Domination Work?

In SEO Affiliate domination, Jeffries goes over topics such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Grey hat search engine optimization (including PBN’s and buying expired domains)
  • Setting up domains and hosting
  • Choosing a niche
  • Picking a theme
  • Picking plugins
  • and more

How Do I Get Started with SEO Affiliate Domination?

To get started with SEO Affiliate Domination, you would stop by Greg’s site, go thru the checkout process, and you’d have access to the course.

Who is SEO Affiliate Domination For?

SEO Affiliate Domination is best for new to intermediate level affiliate marketers who want to learn white hat and grey hat methods for getting traffic using search engine optimization.

SEO Affiliate Domination Tools & Training

Aside from the core training, SEO Affiliate Domination also offers a community component, so you can network with others going thru the program.

SEO Affiliate Domination Support

Based on customer reviews, it seems that Jeffries is very engaged within the SEO Affiliate Domination community and tweaks his program based on feedback, which is great for customers.

What Does SEO Affiliate Domination Do Well

  • It’s taught by a credible instructor
  • He’s been endorsed by major influencers like Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank
  • Customer and third-party reviews seem to sway in favor of the program

What Doesn’t SEO Affiliate Domination Do Well

  • It only teaches one traffic generation method
  • It only teaches one monetization method
  • You learn grey hat SEO which are methods of manipulating the search results and will eventually be banned by Google. These methods can get you de-indexed when Google changes their algorithms.

SEO Affiliate Domination Review Roundup

Here are reviews I’ve compiled about SEO Affiliate Domination, so you can see what reviewers had to say: both good and bad.

Common Positive Feedback

I have taken A LOT of affiliate marketing courses.

Some good, some bad and most TERRIBLE. 

The problem is that they all teach the same thing, but with a different pitch.

SEO Affiliate Domination is different. Greg Jeffries has put together a course that if you follow correctly, you could be making money almost immediately. Not 6 months, not a year but right away.

I know that is a big statement, and I was skeptical about it – but it’s true!

Jeremy Harrison, Hustlelife.net

Common Negative Feedback

After you’ve gone through the core of the course, Greg reveals further strategies you can use to promote affiliate offers. 

These other strategies are useful and work, but I believe it can give beginners and intermediate online marketers alike shiny object syndrome.

I had to fight the urge of pursuing some of these strategies myself.

I’ve heard (or read) Greg say that these additional strategies are for after having success with an affiliate offer.

That’s when the “domination” part of the course kicks into gear.

John, Freedomboundbusiness.com

SEO Affiliate Domination Price

The SEO Affiliate Domination course is normally $997, but I’ve seen it sold for $497 on sale.

My Final Opinion of SEO Affiliate Domination

Aside from the “grey hat” methods, I didn’t see any unique selling points in this course when comparing with other SEO courses I’ve reviewed. In my opinion, it’s not the highest value for the price, however, it sounds like the SEO Affiliate Domination is a good course for someone looking to supplement their knowledge and network in a community of digital marketers. It provides good details to help you start or improve your knowledge of search engine optimization.

Top Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to SEO Domination for comparison shopping, I’d recommend these:

All About Affiliate Marketing

I created All About Affiliate marketing as a free course to teach you how affiliate marketing works and how it can benefit your business. It’s probably 20+ hours of free content all about affiliate marketing. You can check out the course for free without any billing info required here.

Wealthy Affiliate [Highest Value for Price]

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform, web hosting solution, creator of market research tools, and host of a proprietary and highly engaged social networking community.

Their community has 1.9 million+ entrepreneurs and it works like social media, but it’s specific for affiliate marketers. They have thousands of success stories ranging from people who learned affiliate marketing for the first time up to those who make well over a full-time income doing it.

It’s my top recommended affiliate marketing community and highest value for the price because of the success it’s given others and their highest tiered membership is $19 for the first month. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for free and I’ll coach you thru their Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Dare to Conquer

Paul Scrivs has created more than a dozen websites and gotten them to generate full-time incomes or more. He has a method that works time and time again, and that’s why he created Dare to Conquer to share the methods with others. Now, he has a community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs who are growing their online businesses with Paul’s mentorship. Learn more about Dare to Conquer here or visit their website here.

If  you’re still interested in looking for more affiliate marketing courses, check out my Top Recommended Affiliate Marketing courses.

SEO Affiliate Domination






User Friendly







  • Credible instructor
  • Monopoly of good reviews from customers and 3rd parties
  • He teaches methods that work


  • There's no unique selling advantages to this course over other SEO courses
  • Not the highest value for the price
  • It teaches grey hat SEO methods that can get you de-indexed from search engines when Google updates algorithms

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