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Social CPA Formula: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with Video)

social cpa formula review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

social cpa formula reviewIf you’re looking for a thorough Social CPA Formula Review, you’re in the right place. Here, I’ll be sharing with you some pros, cons, and alternatives of this program, so you can decide on the best fit for you.

Nobody wants to spend the rest of their lives getting a little bit of money for alot of time, which is why people who say they know a way to get alot of money with a little time can almost always get someone to listen.  When they go further to say:

  • They can get you time freedom
  • They earn primarily from passive income
  • or, they can teach you to work from anywhere
  • It’s an ideal catchphrase that attracts most people

A course creator by the name of David Johnson has just released a course called Social CPA Formula where he’s claiming  he can show you how to make all of those catchphrases come true. He says he makes $100,000+ every month, and he can teach you how to do the same.

He claims he has location freedom, time freedom, earns passive income, and can teach you how to do it using CPA Marketing.  Can this be true?  Could he have a course that spills the beans on how you and I can make hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in passive income?  Let’s see…

In this review, I’ll be analyzing the course, the claims, and the curriculum to help you decide whether this course is a good use of your time and money.  Let’s get started…If you’d like to see this review in video, check it out here:

What is Social CPA Formula? Product Overview

social cpa formula reviewIn summary, the Social CPA Formula is a course on cost-per-action Affiliate Marketing created by David Johnson.  Johnson says he went from having $0.87 in his bank account to having hundreds of thousands coming in monthly within three years due to CPA Marketing.  According to David Johnson, he was able to spend $30 on Facebook ads and recieved a return of $15,000 in his first month.

The Social CPA Formula is supposed to show you his methods for acquiring CPA leads and over-the-shoulder case studies to help you emulate his success.

How Does Social CPA Formula Work?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the presentation given by David Johnson may be even more intriguing.  I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for nearly two years now, and I’ve seen there are many ways to make good money with it.  It’s definitely a legit business model that is basically comprised of three parts: the merchant, the affiliate, and the affiliate network.

The merchant is the person who creates a product or service and decides to share a percentage of their revenue in exchange for referrals.  The affiliate network will help the merchant to find people who would be willing to sell the product or service, and they make sure the affiliate gets paid.  The affiliate generates the leads and sales for the merchant and gets paid a commission for doing so.

Johnson is an affiliate marketer whose chosen a niche within the space called CPA Marketing.  CPA stands for “cost-per-action”.  With CPA marketing, you generate revenue each time a customer takes the action sought out by the merchant.  The actions may include:

  • Leaving an email
  • Leaving contact info
  • Completing a quote inquiry
  • Buying a product or service
  • Or, some other action

Like Johnson, many affiliates like CPA Marketing because you don’t only get paid for sales.  You get paid for other actions in addition to sales.

In the course, you learn:

  • What is CPA Marketing
  • How to pick good offers
  • How to set up hosting and domains
  • How to set up and use landing pages
  • How to spy on your competitors so you can create better ads, and a better overall experience for the end user
  • How to Create ads
  • How to track and use metrics
  • How to set up a Facebook Fan Page
  • And, more…

How Do You Make Money with Social CPA Formula?

There are two ways to make money with Social CPA Formula: by implementing the affiliate marketing processes being taught, and by becoming an affiliate of Social CPA Formula.

1. Implementing the Teachings

To implement the teachings, you’d need to find good CPA offers, set up a domain and hosting account, create a Facebook Fan page, create Facebook ads, test the ads, and scale the ads (once you know which ones work).

2. Become an Affiliate

To make money as an affiliate of Social CPA Formula, you’d have to go to JVZOO, create an account, and get approved by David Johnson to sell his course. Some product creators have stringent criteria to become an affiliate.

How Much Can you Make with Social CPA Formula?

While David Johnson claims to have made a $15,000 return in his first month while only investing $30 in paid ads, his story is definitely an anomaly in the internet marketing space (or in business as a whole).  Affiliate marketing is a viable business model, but it requires the same systems any other business does in order to be long term and sustainable.  It requires:

A way to get leads profitably

With Facebook ads, you’re paying for each click onto your ads.  Most people pay an average of $0.50 per click on ads, and it’s likely, you might need more than one click in order to get sales.  Added to the ads, you have to pay for hosting ($200-$400/year) and domain registration ($13.99-$15.99/year).  The costs to build the system can range drastically depending on how well you do with running your ads.  While ads can be a very quick way to drive lots of traffic to an offer, it’s also high risk especially for someone whose unfamiliar.  If the cost of the ads is less than the revenue you bring in from sales, you could be losing money. The course is supposed to prevent you from having a bad experience from ads, but it’s still an inherent risk of building a business with Facebook as the primary (or only) traffic generation method.

Added to the normal risk that some ads work well and some don’t, you also have to keep in mind that Facebook has been drastically changing their algorithms, their rules, and their ad costs.  As a result, your business costs can fluctuate quite a bit using this method as the primary way to acquire customers. Even if you decide to use this method in the beginning, I’d highly recommend building other traffic sources for your business.

A lead conversion system to convert the traffic into buyers

After the traffic clicks on your ads, they’re taken to a website.  Johnson is teaching students to create landing pages. Landing pages are a traditional and effective way to build a lead conversion funnels. There are free and paid options for building landing pages, but in order to make the social CPA Formula work, you may be asked to purchase premium landing page software. Be mindful of that.

And, a Client Fulfillment System

As a CPA Marketer, your clients are your merchants and the people who are going to your offers.  You want to make sure the merchants are getting high quality traffic from you, therefore, you want to target well, and you want to make sure you send them to good offers. Delivering good leads and sending them to quality offers will help you to build a good reputation.

Best Case vs. Worse Case Scenarios

Johnson claims he was able to make money very quickly with CPA marketing, but this doesn’t mean this is average or normal for the industry.  Typically, in business, it takes at least one year to begin seeing profit.  You may need to try different audiences to target. You may need to try different affiliate offers. Your ads may not work the first or second time, and you may need to continue trying and testing to get them to be profitable. For some people, like Johnson, they nail the ads quickly, but for the majority, they experiment a little more, test, and become profitable over time.

If you don’t have the money to take the risk on ads, I’d suggest you try a different traffic generation method rather than paid advertising.  Social CPA Formula teaches one way people are making money with affiliate marketing, but there are other tested methods you can learn as well.

You don’t want to put yourself in a financial constraint because you’re attempting to experiment with paid advertising.  This method is best for people who have a stable primary income source and extra money to experiment.

Alternatively, you may want to consider learning traffic generation techniques using search engine optimization in addition to paid methods.  For me personally, I think it’s best to add paid ads in the mix once you know your landing pages convert.  SEO is a much slower option to acquire traffic, but you don’t bear the financial risk as you do with paid ads.  My #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing training teaches several traffic generation techniques: ads and organic.

How Do I Get Started with Social CPA Formula?

To get started with Social CPA Formula, you’d visit the sales page and checkout.  The course costs $350.  Once you’ve paid, you’ll be redirected to where you can acquire your purchase.  From there, you begin the training and apply it.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • PRO #1: David Johnson seems to have a relevant background and experience
  • PRO #2: Case studies are included so you can see how he got his results

The Bad:

  • CON #1: In addition to the course, there’s several tools you’ll need to buy (paid ads, possibly landing page software, hosting and domains).  The course doesn’t clearly state the prerequisites or added course requirements prior to making the purchase.
  • CON #2: You’re only taught one traffic generation method: Facebook Ads
  • CON#3: The sales page makes it seem that Johnson is the only successful CPA Marketer that shares his methods which isn’t true. There are several successful CPA Marketers that share advice in my #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing community.
  • CON#4: The course claims it teaches you passive income, but there’s lots of work to create ads, test them, manage them, and make sure your offers are converting.  While this isn’t a 9 to 5 job, there’s still lots of work ethic required. Passive income isn’t the right terminology for a system like Social CPA Formula.
  • CON#5: Customers are complaining about bad customer support and inability to get questions answered.

Who is Social CPA Formula For?

I wouldn’t recommend Social CPA Formula to anyone because it’s very unclear what exactly he’ll be teaching and because complaints are coming thru already (and the product just came out maybe one month ago).

What Are Common Positive Feedback and Complaints About Social CPA Formula?

  • David is nonresponsive
  • Customers feel like they wasted their money

What’s Better Than Social CPA Formula

Instead of risking $350 and potentially having a bad experience like other customers, I recommend signing up with a reputable company who is well-known for successfully training millions of people on affiliate marketing. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

And, instead of paying $350 for one course with an instructor who isn’t well-known and very little customer support, you could pay one year of a membership where you’d get more support than you could possibly use, website hosting for 50 sites, a keyword research tool, and access to a community of 1.4+ million! Here’s a breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate plans:

Social CPA Formula Price

The course costs $350.00 and has no upsells.

My Final Opinion of Social CPA Formula

I’m a big proponent of education and mentorship. Each person is different, so ultimately, you’ll have to decide whether you think David Johnson is the best teacher of these skills for you, however, in my opinion, I think there are other courses that offer more value.

My #1 recommended affiliate marketing course offers lots of information on various traffic generation sources, they include two free domains and hosting with their training program, and the community of affiliate marketers has more than 1 million people!  While I believe Johnson’s program is legit, I think the methods can be learned elsewhere, and my #1 recommended training program will teach you many more methods than what’s taught in Social CPA Formula.

VERDICT: The Course is Legit (But, Not Recommended)


Want My #1 Recommendation to Learn Affiliate Marketing? You Can Try it Free…

In comparison with this course with nearly 20 modules on affiliate marketing, my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training has hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours of training on every different type of lead generation and affiliate marketing.  Added to the pre-recorded training, there’s weekly live training to help you become more successful online. The community includes more than 1 million members and if you have questions, there are many successful people there you can ask.  There’s really no risk to try the training because you can CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT to see how you like it, and you don’t even have to give a credit card.  CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW and check it out.

Social CPA Formula Review


Honest Advertising


Ease of Use


Opportunity for Good Pay


Good Training


Good Support



  • Relevant background from product creator
  • Includes Case Studies


  • You're only taught one traffic generation method
  • You'll need more tools in addition to the course, and no list of prerequisites is readily available before making the purchase
  • The course makes it seem that David Johnson is the only successful CPA Marketer that shares his techniques
  • The course claims to teach passive income, but creating ads, managing ads, and making sure you're consistently delivering value isn't passive
  • Customers are complaining about bad customer support

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