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Steve Harrison Publicity Courses: Customer Reviews, Pricing & Alternatives

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for a thorough Steve Harrison Publicity Courses review, you’re in the right place.

A few years ago, in 2015, I was on the verge of making some major life-altering decisions. I had been in the military for 8 years. I knew I wanted to separate, and I was a newlywed with a 4 year old son. Up to that point, I was the primary income earner in my family of 3, my husband had recently immigrated from Ghana, and he was building a second income for us thru his construction startup.

I had a lifelong dream of becoming a full-time author, so I spent quite a bit of time and effort (on the side of my military career) to write 15 books and learn how to market them. After doing lots of research, I came across a publicist by the name of Steve Harrison.

He was quite pricey, but he made several steep claims and promises and had very reputable people like Jack Canfield and Robert Kiyosaki that credited him as the reason for their success with their New York Times Bestselling Books. As a result, I decided to join the year-long Quantum Leap program, and I wanted to write this review for those who may be considering the program for themselves.

It might help to note that I am not an affiliate or advertiser of Steve Harrison or the Quantum Leap program (like many others who write about the program online), so I recieve $0 in commission from them for writing this review. This is purely my honest review as an alumni from the class of 2015.

In this Steve Harrison Publicity Courses review, I will tell you:

  • What the Steve Harrison Publicity courses are
  • How they work
  • Pros and Cons
  • What they do well and what they don’t
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My experience – Did his claims come true for me?
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

If all of this sounds good to you, let’s get started…

What are Steve Harrison Publicity Courses? An Overview

If you’re a nonfiction self-help reader, then you’ve probably come across books like:

  • the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

And, you know those books are very popular. If you’re looking to start a business as a full-time author or a publishing company, you definitely want compelling books like that. Not only are they popular, but Jack Canfield (the author of the Chicken Soup series) holds the Guiness World Record for most book sales!

With compelling results like that, you’d undoubtedly want to know what his marketing strategy looked like, who helped him, and how they could help you, right? Well, the ones he credits for helping him publicize his books is Steve Harrison.

Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Ferriss, and other notables also have very good things to say about Steve Harrison. If you look up to those guys, it’s likely, you’d trust that Steve Harrison could give you results to, right?

Steve Harrison offers several publicity courses like:

  • Quantum Leap – a year long coaching program
  • Bestseller Blueprint – an online training course
  • and, the National Publicity Summit

In his programs he claims to help authors who want to become more successful to land publicity that can drive their sales and incomes.

How Do Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Work?

When you go to Steve Harrison’s website, you’ll see three primary offers: Quantum Leap, Bestseller Blueprint, the National publicity Summit, and his RTIR newsletter. As of this writing, the website looks something like this…

steve harrison publicity coursesWhen you select any of the programs and click “Visit Site”, it takes you to a separate site where you’ll learn more about each program. Each has very long, well copywritten sales letters and a button where you’re asked to give more information about yourself. After you give information like your name, email address, mailing address, and more, then you’re taken to a countdown timer that tells you about upcoming enrollment dates or a “buy now” button. The pricing is not up front.

Once you pay for the program, you get access to online course materials, you’ll recieve welcome letters in the mail, and you’ll get information to instruct you on how to visit (if you’re event is a live one), and how to attend virtual events.

Who is Steve Harrison Publicity Courses For?

  • For authors who are already in the business of being an author and who want to use publicity as an additional channel for sales
  • Those with books that have mainstream appeal and want insider connections to those Steve knows
  • Those who have an expansive training budget and are okay with getting no return on investment for more than 6 months

Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Tools & Training

Each course is probably 10 hours or more in length. There’s video, written, audio content, interviews, and some have a live component (like 1-on-1 coaching, group Q&A’s, and live events). For the course I bought (Quantum Leap), there were several live components throughout the year where students would come to a hotel in Pennsylvania for a live event, and we had the option to pay more to stay overnight in the same hotel.

Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Support

Steve Harrison’s team offered support by email and by phone for customers, and prior to joining, they offered email support.

What Does Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Do Well

  • The courses bring together a wide array of different backgrounds – We had people from several different professions, locations, and experience levels
  • They were punctual on the coaching and events
  • The team was knowledgeable in the industry
  • They were well-connected with industry leaders and experts
  • They have strong reputations with very influential people

What Doesn’t Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Do Well

  • They don’t show you step-by-step how to start or run an author business
  • They didn’t have many participants who had already published one book or more, but were looking for stable marketing plans to get sales
  • They didn’t have the course segmented evenly, so you could get returns on your investment early in the year

Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Review Roundup

Steve Harrison doesn’t have many third party reviews on sites like G2Crowd, Yelp, ShopperApproved, or other places (like Google) where customers can share their feedback. Inside of the private Facebook group (I was invited to when I became a student), there is some activity (even though our year was in 2015!).

Some of my classmates have upgraded from the baseline program and become students of the National Publicity Summit, enrolled for additional years, and have joined other VIP offers Steve pitched at the live event I attended in Pennsylvania. Here’s a summary of the good and bad things I’ve found customers have said about Steve Harrison’s products and courses.

Common Positive Feedback

  • He taught me things I didn’t know
  • I published my first book
  • There were some good people I was able to meet in the courses I may not have met otherwise
  • He’s got highly reputable people who are affiliates of his program

Common Negative Feedback

  • The courses are very high priced
  • The information was very philosophical rather than practical
  • The teleseminars and marketing pitches were a complete waste of time
  • He sells thru storytelling and emotional persuasion rather than money-in-the-bank results

Most Helpful Positive Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Review

There are some success stories that are shared inside of the Facebook group from my Quantum Leap class. This is one that really sticks out! This post from February 19, 2019 (a few days prior to this writing):

steve harrison publicity courses

Most Helpful Negative Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Review

Review 1:

“As I expected, it was your typical business for dummies nonsense: buy low, sell high; increase your volume; network. But if you really want to make a lot of money in the “writing” business, I suggest you do what Steve Harrison does: convince writers to give you tons of money for banal and questionable advice.”
Frank Moraes, Frankly Curious

Review 2:

“I am not tempted to purchase anything by Mr. Harrison after attending a recent teleseminar he presented this past Monday 2/24/2014. I so realize these events are primarily an opportunity for a coach to convince you to purchase their wares. As a busy entrepreneur I attend many of these. For my hour or so time investment I always receive at least 15-20 minutes of high quality information, and get an introduction to some excellent speakers, instructors, and coaches, some of which I go on to purchase some of their information products (such as Nancy Juetten, and Bill Barren, both whom I highly recommend). The hour and a half I virtually spent with Mr. Harrison this past Monday was a complete, frustrating waste of my time, as it was 90 minutes of just trying to sell me his program. Time is precious, and I don’t want others to have their time wasted. Mr. Harrison, I hope this serves as constructive criticism for improvement for future webinars. Thank you for reading.”

Amazon verified reviewer

Steve Harrison Publicity Courses Price

Steve Harrison’s prices are hidden until you go thru the sale funnel, give lots of your personal information: name, email, address, mailing address, etc. However, once you go thru the sales funnel, you’ll find that the prices are all upwards of $500 and some courses go up past $20,000! He has lots of upsells where he gives you access to people he knows, industry experts, he bundles courses to change your perspective on the inherrent value, and does lots of other persuasion techniques that are very effective. Here’s what one of his sales pages looks like once you get there…

steve harrison publicity courses

My Final Opinion of Steve Harrison Publicity Courses

Overall, I ended up leaving the Quantum Leap program after about 3 months of participating. At that point, I had flown from Texas to Pennsylvania to attend one live event, had several 1-on-1 coaching sessions, implemented everything they’d recommended (even rebranding), written press releases, had my book in a publication they recommended, and had my book in the RTIR newsletter.

I had published 15 books in the Christian Lifestyle niche, but in keeping with the advice from the coaches, I was focusing on getting publicity for my book 12 Undeniable Laws for Sex. Their editor had edited the book for me and found the manuscript was very clean. Unfortunately, after investing all of the time and money in the program, I hadn’t seen the results I was expecting: increased sales or publicity bookings. As a result, I decided to forfeit my stay.

Don’t get me wrong, they had nice giveaways, the people were nice, they rendered services, and I did learn things I didn’t know before, but sales was my primary reason for being there, and I didn’t achieve that.  I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM TO ENTREPRENEURS as a result of my experience, however, others seem to be having different results: getting books on bookshelves, having interviews, and meeting publicity experts. I haven’t seen or heard how their results have translated for them into sales.

Steve was very kind and personable and I admire the results he’s gotten for others, however, I didn’t see any hint that I would be getting results (anywhere comparable) prior to me quitting.

I’m not usually a quitter, but I felt like I was being Punk’d or something because I was not seeing results.

I did not request a refund because I did utilize their services and at the time, I thought maybe it was my fault, but after four years of looking back at that experience with disappointment, I think I did everything I could’ve and the program just didn’t live up to its promises.  For the type of money he asks customers to pay and the promises he makes, I was expecting sales, but maybe 3 months is too early for the program I’d purchased?

I know now if I had taken that same money and applied towards ads (I’ve learned how to use in my #1 recommended marketing course), I could’ve had a return–that’s what’s disappointing to me. I could have had that money back several times over.

I remember claims he made about earning lots of money during his program and claims that sounded matter of fact that made me believe this program would achieve massive results for me, but my results were nothing short of disappointing. It’s not because I didn’t put forth a sincere work ethic to achieve because you can take a look at the amount of work I put into publishing all of that content on Amazon.

Also, I didn’t see people there who were in my situation: previously self-published and looking to grow sales. Instead, the majority of the people were looking to publish their first book and were excited about learning the entire process, which I still think can be done somewhere else for a higher value for the dollar (in my opinion).

As a result of my experience, I don’t recommend Quantum Leap or the Steve Harrison Publicity courses. Instead, I recommend those who are looking to improve their marketing plans to consider other alternatives I’ve listed below.

For me, I learned a big and hard lesson, and I wanted to help you avoid doing the same, or being disappointed by having expectations that may not be realistic of the program. I’m still unsure which expectations are realistic consistently.

Top Alternatives

After leaving Quantum Leap, I vowed to never try another program based on the pretenses I had with that one. I wouldn’t join a program because of:

  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Emotional sales pitches
  • Professionally copywritten sales letters
  • or, other Sales Tactics

Instead, I would only join programs with:

  • Success stories from people like me
  • Good third-party reviews
  • Strong ethics
  • Great customer service
  • Those that are affordable
  • That show me the skills I’ll be able to acquire
  • Those that let you try before you buy

Almost two years after leaving Quantum Leap, I joined Wealthy Affiliate where I learned internet marketing. I’ve had lots of great results since applying what’s taught at Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ve become an affiliate and advocate as a result. The links I share here are my affiliate links. If you decide to try any of my recommendations, I can be compensated for that at no additional cost to you.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Top Rated Marketing Course

It checks all of the boxes.

Wealthy Affiliate (Top Recommendation) – The internet has become a powerful tool for marketing a business. After quitting Quantum Leap, I stopped working on my business for a while because I was discouraged, however, after I dusted myself off, I did more research. I learned some digital marketing skills from Udemy and I learned about SEO and driving internet traffic from Wealthy Affiliate. As a result of the training I’ve received from them, I started this blog, and you’re able to read this review here.

  • They are ethical
  • There’s no hidden pricing
  • There’s not any hidden upsells
  • The prices are much more affordable (for most)
  • They have many normal people who learned how to make a full-time income doing what they’re passionate about
  • They can teach you how to sell your book online
  • and, you can try them out for FREE!

Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

VERDICT: Not Recommended


Steve Harrison Publicity Courses






User Friendly







  • Credible instructors
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Very nice people
  • They deliver their services


  • Promises of sales may not be delivered (like was in my case)
  • The price is high and you can get more results for a lower price with other programs
  • You have to pay separately for travel and hotel stays
  • There are lots of upsells that can cost you $20,000+ if you choose to buy
  • The results may take upwards of 6 months to see

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