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The Best Blog Hosting Service if You Want To Make Money Online

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you’re looking for the best hosting service, it’s likely that you’ve already decided you want to start a blog.  You may have started a blog already, and you simply want to take it to a place where you can store all of your online content safely, securely, and attract loads of visitors to it.  Am I right?


best blog hosting serviceFinding hosting can be very confusing.  There are several websites out there promoting their services: from Bluehost to Siteground, from Big GoDaddy to Hostgator, from Bigskoots to Inmotion.  I mean there is a gigantic list of different hosting companies!




-A2 Hosting






-and others!


I understand why it can be such a challenge to choose a hosting company.  There’s so many frickin’ options!  Just like water, electric, cable or internet, hosting is another industry where you can find yourself dealing with a behemoth size business monopoly, and not getting good service because you’re “just a number”.  Sorry to say it that way, but if you try calling a few of them, you’ll understand what I mean (especially if you get past the sales department and you become a real “customer”).


The good news is that my #1 best blog hosting service DOES NOT treat you like a number.  In fact, you may find they treat you comparatively with your closest friends or your family (not the dysfunctional ones LOL!).


My Story


In 2015, when I was almost finished with my military enlistment, I decided I wanted to start an online business.  I was so stoked about it.  I knew what products and services I wanted to deliver.  I had this big vision and dream.  The problem…


I didn’t realize all of what it took to make the dream a reality, and I knew no one else who was an online entrepreneur, and could teach me.  I found myself scouring the internet as you’re doing right now, and trying to understand which blogs are credible versus which are not.


There’s a lot of trash out there! 


Luckily, after THREE WHOLE YEARS, I’ve found a network of credible people, blogs, products, and services, and I’m seeing drastic changes in my business as a result.  You can see more of my recommendations HERE.


My Hostgator Experience


best blog hosting service


One of the first decisions I had to make was to choose a hosting company.  My husband and I chose Hostgator.  They served our needs reasonably because we were very ignorant of what internet business success called for.  We also had no comparisons of hosting companies so we didn’t demand much.  As with many big companies, sitting on the phone, waiting on tech support is a norm, so we didn’t think anything of it.


With time, I was frustrated with the Hostgator interface.  I thought navigating and understanding what to do when logged on was difficult.  When they would give directions for how to fix things.  They’d say things like “Go to your file manager”, and give directions from there that were complex for my understanding, so I decided to switch to Bluehost.


My Bluehost Experience


best blog hosting service


I signed up for the annual subscription to Bluehost because they have raving reviews and it was a more aesthetically pleasing interface when logged on.  I thought I could understand how to make modifications when I needed to because I knew how to get around.  Boy, was I wrong!


When I made the switch from Hostgator to Bluehost, no files were migrated for me.  I had to pay for the URL transfer, then I spent months calling back and forth to Bluehost (something like 3 to 4 times per month), getting PDF tutorials for instruction before I got extremely desperate.  I made the hosting switch in November 2017.  In January 2017, I still had not had all of my content!  I had so many Google crawl errors and I lost most of my traffic.


I cannot solely blaim Bluehost for my content not being migrated because they gave me instructions.  Sometimes, the instructions were “hire a developer” which I did, but that didn’t work well.  Other times the instructions were email PDFs which I found very confusing, time intensive and technical, so I didn’t feel comfortable implementing them.  


In January, I called Bluehost and asked, “Do you have a way for me to pay to get help migrating my site from Hostgator to here?”.  The attendant had to “look into it”, then he came back and told me the service was an $150 service.  I paid the $150, and my website migration took one week.


Many of the technical requirements of maintaining a website were still over my head, and Bluehost had very long phone hold times, their tech support would send me a PDF tutorial with directions, but I simply felt uncomfortable doing back-end customizations.


How Web Hosting Plays into Money Making Online Business


best blog hosting serviceWebsite Hosting is a Required Service for Online Business.  This free Introduction to Web Hosting training explains how hosting plays into the scope of online business.  The basic summary is hosting is like a storage.  Your domain (XXX.com, etc.) is your piece of digital land.  You have to have a house or storage (web hosting) to put your digital files inside of, and to have them displayed to users when they visit your digital property.


Hosting is the storage and the communication channel that enables users to enter your domain name and see all the content you’ve posted.  Web hosting is required: whether you choose whichever provider, you have to choose one OR purchase the equipment and skills to host your website yourself (which is serious technical business).


Why You Shouldn’t Waste Time on Low Quality


I wrote this article on best blog hosting services because time is key in business, and it’s important not to waste it.  If you waste your time, you lose out on potential contracts, customers, and money.


If customer service is poor and you have to call aggressively time and time again, you’re wasting valuable time.  If the interface is not easy for you to navigate and understand, you waste time doing research, clicking around, and bumping your head.  Trust me, you don’t want to waste your time in business, so I want to save you by telling you my #1 recommended best blog hosting service: Wealthy Affiliate.


To avoid wasting time, it’s best to build your business with sound products and services, so you don’t have to keep switching and swapping.  Choosing the best blog hosting service is an investment in your business. Too much switching around means you’re having to do more shopping around to find ideal products, and in turn, your not able to focus on your primary endeavor in your business.


best blog hosting serviceIt saves massive time if you have quick answers to your questions, if you have good, reliable products and services that you use for your business, and if you have supportive people around you to share ideas with.  Your business can grow massively successful if you’re able to manage your time well, invest in sound products and services, ping ideas off of others, and focus on your goals and growth.


This blog was created merely to help you do all of those things: help provide the best business tips to propel you into massive business success.


How To Choose the Best Hosting Service Provider for you


Based on my experience, I’d say the fundamental things you need to do before choosing a hosting provider are these 7 things:


1. Check out their customer service and make sure the experience is timely and enjoyable

2. See how easily and how quickly you can build and make changes to your website

3. Find out how difficult it would be to migrate your website if you decide to

4. See if there are extra benefits included (training, discounts to other retailers, 1 on 1 coaching, etc.)

5. Make sure you will have fast website load times because slow websites don’t keep customers

6. Ask how many websites you can store with your hosting plan

7. Find out what assistance you get with generating traffic and ranking in search engines



My #1 Recommended Best Hosting Service–Hands Down!


You want to make sure the hosting service you choose provides services compatible to your needs.  For some, they will require storage only while others may need the whole gamut of services.


If you’ve stopped by my site before and seen my Wealthy Affiliate Review, you would know that I believe strongly in the phenomenal products and people there.  When I decided to switch my hosting to Wealthy Affiliate, I put in a support ticket, and my site was transferred and live within hours!


Rather than paying $150 for the site migration, I had to pay $0.  That’s right!  I paid to switch my domain registrar, but I did not have to pay for the transfer of my site content.


You won’t have to worry about wasting your time with technical issues, long phone hold times, or dwelling for long periods on an interface that is difficult to understand.  There is phenomenal hosting, reliable products and services (with a track record of 12+ years in business), and a tight-knit community of business owners who are open-handed with advice on how to make your online business thrive.


Wealthy Affiliate does far more than simply host websites, however, that is a bonus to their internet marketing suite of products.  They offer an internet marketing training certification where they teach business owners who are looking to take their business or concept online about how to start from scratch and start generating a cashflow.  Their system works!


Added onto their internet marketing certification and their web hosting, they offer above average support–meaning no long hold times, no PDF tutorials via email, and no downright “hire a developer” comments for most things.  For most things I’ve needed help with, they have logged onto my site remotely and fixed them, which is unprecedented customer support in comparison to many other hosting companies.


In comparison to my experiences with Hostgator and Bluehost, the technical support at Wealthy Affiliate is like comparing fast food to first class dining.  Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best blog hosting service!  I get responses from them almost instantly.  If I put in a support ticket, I typically hear a response back within less than 5 minutes.


Here’s how Wealthy Affiliate typically stacks up to majority of their competition:



While there’s no one size fits all…


best blog hosting serviceThere’s no one hosting company that suits 100%, and I can safely admit that Wealthy Affiliate will be no different.  I’ve heard great reviews of many other hosting companies, however, when I pair the included services and price point, I’m always more confident that Wealthy Affiliate is the best value or most.  However, I think Wealthy Affiliate hosting will not work for:


  • People who speak no english.  I haven’t seen options suitable to navigate a severe language barrier
  • People who have little or no computer access
  • People who are sensory disabled (without proper tools).  A person who does not have appropriate computer tools to function online and is sensory disabled may find navigating any web host (including Wealthy Affiliate) to be a challenge.
  • People who have over 500K+ monthly website visitors (I haven’t seen a plan for sites with this level of traffic)
  • If you’re looking for a hands-off place to simply store your files online


Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate is by no means hands off.  They are a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs who are making things happen online.  You’ll be expected to share your goals, you’ll be given challenges and prompts to improve your business results, and you’ll get notified about trainings, support, and questions in the community.


Aside from those five groups of people, I think most others will find that the Wealthy Affiliate combination of web hosting, web training, community support, and the keyword research tools are more than sufficient to make money online.  Realistically speaking, making a full time income from your online business is completely possible with the tools presented at Wealthy Affiliate.


Success Stories From Customers Winning Online


Unlike other blog hosting companies, Wealthy Affiliate has a social media type of platform.  You can engage with the other customers/members.  Typically, in the blog hosting industry, you are isolated from the other customers.  There could be many more disgruntled people who have gone unspoken with other hosting companies.  Here’s a sample of what the success forum looks like in Wealthy Affiliate:


best blog hosting service


New internet entrepreneurs are making sales and learning new things!  Some of these people had no products or services that they offered prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate.  Some focus solely on affiliate marketing to generate sales.  Can you imagine the results you could get if you have a business, you add skills like affiliate marketing, and you generate good traffic to your business online?  The sky would be the limit for you!


With Wealthy Affiliate, you can ask questions publicly or in private messages.  You’ll find tens of thousands (maybe millions) of excited internet entrepreneurs who’ve used Wealthy Affiliate hosting.  Here are a few startup business customer success stories to prove that :



While you (like many of my other readers) may offer products and services (as I do), some people find promoting the Wealthy Affiliate service to be an added bonus.  It’s a 40% per sale recurring revenue opportunity.  I personally have many friends who are entrepreneurs and they’re not excited about their web hosting providers.  I know people who are hosting with Bluehost, Siteground, and others, and they are still not productive in their online businesses because of technical delays, and so on.


Wealthy Affiliate solves the problems many people looking into taking their businesses online are having.  I find it a privilege to have found a legitimate service I’m ecstatic about that offers great referral benefits.  It’s a win-win!


Wealthy Affiliate pays a referral commission to customers when they share the blog hosting service with others.  The affiliate marketing opportunity presented with Wealthy Affiliate is common.  Most hosting companies offer affiliate commissions for introducing others to their services.  Many other hosting companies have amazing referral programs!  I’ve read blog income reports (like the one below) where bloggers make upwards of $40,000 per month solely from referral commissions with hosting providers (like Bluehost)!


best blog hosting serviceReferral programs increase the reviews of products and services, but they don’t create a better customer service experience.  I could just as easily encourage Bluehost since they have been known to pay handsomely in referral commissions, but I can’t bring myself to encourage a poor customer experience.  I experienced the disappointment of following online advice directing to Bluehost, while experiencing months where I wasn’t productive in my online business because I couldn’t navigate the solution to my technical problem.


Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial option, which is an unparalleled option when comparing hosting companies.  Other blog hosting companies require payment first.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you can set up a free website in seconds here:



It will be a website that says youwebdomain.siterubix.com, but setting up a free website can give you the opportunity to explore the ease, to evaluate whether tech support is as I’ve described, and to begin the internet marketing certification to evaluate the value for yourself.


An Added Bonus with Onboarding


As an added bonus, I personally offer my help to each of my referrals (free or paid).  I sincerely want your online efforts to work.


After your website is setup, you can always delete it if you decide you want a paid domain (which you can purchase in the Wealthy Affiliate member’s area), or you can ask the Wealthy Affiliate support team to migrate the content from your free domain onto a paid domain (as I’ve done).  I highly suggest buying a paid domain for optimal marketing results, however, I want you to evaluate the product without the risk, and decide, “is Wealthy Affiliate truly the best blog hosting service?”.  I’ve compared and I believe so!


By the way, I’d love to meet you and walk you thru successful online business.  As soon as you set up your Wealthy Affiliate account HERE, you’ll hear from me inside.


P.S. – Don’t worry about setting up the account separately if you’ve used the “create website” function above.  You’ll hear from me all the same.


Now, it’s your turn…


Have you tried a blog hosting service you love?  What service did you try and what did you love about them?



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