The Blog Village: Customer Reviews, Pros, Cons & Alternatives

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the blog village reviews

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.


Looking for a thorough The Blog Village review? If so, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve spent time on Pinterest or on Youtube, you might have come across some mouth-watering food pins or videos created by Trevor and Jennifer Debth. They run a blog called “Show me the Yummy” that they were able to take from $0 to six figures in less than two years!

While the food or recipe niche is very competitive, they were able to outpace many others and attract thousands of visitors to their recipes. Now, they’ve created The Blog Village to help others create successful blogs as well.

If you’re here, it’s likely, you’ve come across the Blog Village and you want to know if it’s a good way to spend your time or money. In this The Blog Village review, I will tell you:

  • More about What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is The Blog Village? An Overview

the blog village review

When you choose blogging as your career path, it can leave you without feeling a sense of belonging that others feel when they pursue a more traditional route. Blogging is fairly new, so it’s not a mainstream career where you can easily find someone to ask about your post structure, your meta tags, or your keyword ideas–that’s where a community like The Blog Village can fit in. In addition to giving you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people, the Blog Village provides training and SaaS tools so you can easily learn and watch your business grow!

Here’s a video that explains The Blog Village:

Their Blog Income Reports

It might help you to note that the founders of the Blog Village were very successful in their primary venture, “Show me the Yummy”. They post their blog income reports to encourage others considering the blogging career field. Here’s a breakdown of the most recent blog income reports they have on their site:

the blog village review

As you can see, they are credible instructors that don’t simply tell you what you’re capable of, but also show you the success they’ve been able to acquire by applying their strategies.

How Does The Blog Village Work?

The Blog Village has several components to help bloggers build their businesses: Courses, Community, and SaaS.

The Blog Village Courses

The Blog Village was inspired by Trevor and Jennifer’s food blog. In order to run their food blog, they needed high-quality food images, high-quality video, good written content, brand collaborations, media kits, and good ways to monitor their social reach and income. As a result, they’ve created courses that teach you how to do the same. Some of the courses they include are:

  • Courses on WordPress
  • Essential Plugins
  • Google Analytics
  • Photography
  • Lightroom
  • Social media
  • Search Console
  • Ads
  • Shooting Video
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Working with Brands
  • and, a Media Kit Mini Site

The Community

The Blog Village also has a community component. While their method works, you might run into other entrepreneurs (even bloggers) who are doing completely different methods for monetizing their blogs and have completely different aspirations. The Blog Village community offers you a group of people who are targeting similar blogging goals, so you can rub shoulders with different ideas, get feedback, and have accountability.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) Tools

Added onto the courses and community, The Blog Village offers SaaS tools to help you on your blogging journey.  Their tools include:

Their Analytics Dashboard – If you’re looking to work with brands as an influencer, hiring companies like to see that you have a sizeable audience on social networks. The Analytics dashboard can help you pay attention to all of your social channels at once. This will ensure that you can correlate your actions with your results, and hone in on activities that move the needle closer to your goals.

the blog village reviewThe Auto Image Tool – Since Social media marketing will be a major factor in The Blog Village growth strategy, it’s important for you to be able to make high quality images and efficiently resize them for the various platforms. Using other tools can make the producess of resizing blog images really painstaking! The Blog Village created the Auto Image tool to simplify the process of creating different images and sizes for all of your social media plaforms.the blog village review

How Do I Get Started with The Blog Village?

To get started with the blog village, you would:

1. Visit their website

2. Pick which plan you’d like: they offer starter, basic, pro, and plus packages

3. and Checkout

Once you’ve processed your payment, you’ll have access to the courses consistent to your chosen plan.

Who is The Blog Village For?

  • The blog village is for those bloggers looking to become influencers and work with brands
  • Those who want to learn to start a blog from scratch
  • Those who want to take their blogs and add additional income from working with brands and ads
  • Those who want to add traffic channels thru Social Media and Video Marketing

The Blog Village Tools & Training

The Blog Village offers over 300 HD Video Training Modules and written content to support that.

The Blog Village Support

Customer support at The Blog Village varies based on the level of membership you committed to. Email, live chat, the community forums, and knowledge base support is available.

What Does The Blog Village Do Well

  • The Blog Village has amazing video and image quality
  • Their SaaS tools provide very helpful data for those bloggers who are focused on becoming influencers
  • They have credible instructors who have been successful online
  • The instructors are very transparent about what’s working and what’s not working for them
  • The instructors are engaged in the training and in the community

What Doesn’t The Blog Village Do Well

  • The strategy doesn’t seem as viable for startup sites pursuing a strategy aside from influencer marketing, video marketing, or ads
  • There’s not alot of third party reviews on the program

The Blog Village Review Roundup

Here, I’ve compiled the good and bad reviews on The Blog Village from their alumni. Here’s what I found…

Third Party Reviews

Unfortunately, there were very few reviews, good or bad, about The Blog Village. When I typed into the search bar, these are the results I saw…

the blog village reviewsAlmost nothing! There was one mention of a student attending The Blog Village (which I’ll enclose below). While they are legitimate people and have an established authority blog, The Blog Village doesn’t have the same established feel as Show me the Yummy.

Common Positive Feedback

There were no positive third party reviews of the membership, however, there were reviews of the Workshops on their website. Common positive reviews said:

  • I learned so much about video
  • I was doing video before, but this workshop was a gamechanger
  • The workshop was very informative

Common Negative Feedback

There were no negative reviews or constructive feedbacks of The Blog Village. Negative reviews help the product developers to improve and they help potential buyers to understand the limitations of the product or service. If you’ve tried The Blog Village and you have feedback that would be helpful for them to improve, or you see limitations that could lead someone else to be disappointed, please leave that in the comments section below.

Most Helpful Positive The Blog Village Review

“In December 2016, I joined The Blog Village. They have over 300 courses on blogging including video, video editing and photography. I’m also taking their food video digital course in 2016.”

Simply Stacie,

The Blog Village Price

The Blog Village has four program plans that break down like this…

the blog village price

My Final Opinion of The Blog Village

Overall, the Blog Village is a legitimate course that teaches a significant stage of blog growth for those looking to get into influencer marketing, food blogging, video, or photography. They have courses that can really help those who want to branch out into creating an authority brand.

While it appears they have some great tools and courses, there are no third party reviews or student success stories to look at, so it’s hard to say if you’ll experience problems like slow customer support, rude staff, or billing issues (to name a few). While I don’t suspect you’ll have any problems at the Blog Village (especially since the product developers are so established), I want you to be aware of the possibilities before you take the risk. If you think the Blog Village might be a good fit to help you learn what you’d like to build your brand, check out their programs on their website.

Top Alternatives

If you’re a little reluctant about signing up for The Blog Village or you want to examine alternatives, there are other options out there. I only recommend courses that:

  • Have lots of third party reviews
  • Have credible instructors
  • Have student success stories
  • Have a monopoly of customer satisfaction
  • Offer great training
  • and, Give great customer support

My #1 recommended training, Wealthy Affiliate, checks all of those boxes.

What’s Included With Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate vs. The Blog Village

Here’s a breakdown on how Wealthy Affiliate is different than The Blog Village:

  • Wealthy Affiliate does not currently offer courses on Video or Photography
  • Wealthy Affiliate primarily teaches Affiliate marketing for monetization, and when looking at the income reports of the Blog Village founders, their strength is in making sponsorship income, media kits, and collaborating with brands
  • Affiliate marketing can form into a more passive income stream than brand sponsorships, so it’s a good income stream to master as a component of your blog revenue
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a highly engaged social media-style community of 1.4 million+
  • The Blog Village is fairly new and growing, whereas, Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 15 years

Other Alternatives I Recommend

Income School – If you’re more interested in learning how to build a niche site from scratch, Income School may be something you might want to check out. They offer a 60-step process for setting up a website and making it profitable. They also have photography classes, an exclusive member podcast and vlog, and a highly engaged community. Check out the website or read my full Income School Review here.

Dare to Conquer – If you want to learn how to build traffic and conversions in an online business, Dare to Conquer has a consistently growing library of courses that can help with that. Similar to my other recommendations, DTC offers a community in Slack, lots of courses that are continously being updated, and ongoing challenges to help you reach the next step with your blog. Check out the website or read my full Dare to Conquer review here.

VERDICT: Not Recommended (Without More Third Party Reviews)


Try My #1 Recommendation for Free!

The Blog Village






User Friendly







  • Credible instructors
  • Affordable pricing
  • 300 HD videos included -- You can learn blogging, photography, and other rarely taught blogging topics
  • There's a community for support
  • Software for image editting and to track social media growth is included


  • No third party reviews
  • Not much social media presence
  • High risk since you can't see the experiences of others
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4 thoughts on “The Blog Village: Customer Reviews, Pros, Cons & Alternatives”

  1. Tiffany Domena

    The Blog Village actually sounds pretty good. I went and checked out their website and it seems pretty legit. I like the way they provide detailed information on each of the member options they have. It seems clear to me that the Yearly option is the best choice.

    I am not thrilled about needing to watch 300 videos to get all the training. That sounds like overkill to me.

    They don’t have social media or email tools as far as I could tell.

    I do like the fact they have how to make video training. That is a big deal nowadays.

    I think I will stick with the best affiliate training and community on Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for a detailed and informative review of this product.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      The Blog Village definitely has some great perks and advantages by the looks of things. They don’t have social media automation tools, but their analytics dashboard and auto image tool was made to help make social media marketing easier. You’re right about the importance of video training–that’s definitely a good advantage they have over other comparable courses. I can’t tell if those courses get too focused on food photography since that’s their niche. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  2. Tiffany Domena

    Thank you for sharing your review of Wealthy Affiliate and the blog village. Both has amazing features. I am a member of the wealthy affiliate community and I have to say that I have never been part of a real helpful group of people like this before. At WA, you can ask any question get answered within minutes, You can host all of your websites or blogs on the SiteRubix hosting platform that is super fast. I can say when you choose blogging as your career path to success, Blog Village will really help, giving you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people, I also learnt that Blog Village provides helpful training and SaaS tools so bloggers can easily learn and watch their business grow. Yes, is amazing. I think it also worth testing as the membership fee is affordable.Great article..

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Thanks Topazdude! I think both sound like great courses. I would be more enthusiastic about the Blog Village courses if there were more third-party reviews. It’s good to have good aesthetics and a fancy product, but I kept asking myself, “Is is working for the members?”, “Are they seeing success in their businesses as a result?”, and since I wasn’t able to see any proof of that, I have to stay neutral on this product. I don’t want to recommend anything that hasn’t been tested. 

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. You confirm why I recommend them as #1.

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