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The Money on Demand Mastery Review: [Scam Alert] See Why…

money on demand mastery review scam legit
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money on demand mastery review scam legitMost people I know love the concept of the ATM.  You can insert your credit or debit card and take out the money you want on-demand.  The only flaws are:


  •  There’s a withdrawal limit
  • and, the balance has to be in your account in order to take money out


The Money on Demand Mastery claims to solve the problems of the ATM by teaching you to “practically print money on-demand”.  Could this be true?  Is it possible to be taught how to get money whenever you want it?  Can it be easy to decide you want money and quickly access it in an ethical way? Or, could this author be making false claims and attempting to get you to spend your hard-earned dollars on them?


Well….you’re no dumby because you’re here doing your research.  I’m guessing you want to know whether this is a scam or a legit way to earn money, and I look forward to resolving that concern for you.


All the details will be enclosed in this review.  I personally bought the product and I’ll be showing you over-the shoulder what you get, telling you whether it lives up to the hype, and offering you my recommendation in hopes to help you make a good decision of how to use your finite resources: time and money.


Let’s get started…


What is The Money On-Demand Mastery? Product Overview


money on demand mastery review

The Money on Demand Mastery is a training course that claims to teach you how to print money on demand using secret marketing methods that earned the founder, Andy Okogbenin $5245 in his first month in online marketing.


The Immediate Red Flags


Immediately when landing on the website, I saw so many red flags that sent my scam radar going crazy!


money on demand mastery

After reviewing the two pages and videos before buying anything, there were some major red flags.


The Sales Page Red Flags


After reviewing several business opportunities, I’ve noticed a common trend with scams or deceptive advertising.  These are some of the patterns that were common between The Money on Demand Mastery and other scams.


The Claims:


They all typically make inflated claims.  Some will deliver to a certain extent, but they claim to deliver more, faster, and they underperform.  Here’s some claims that were made in The Money on Demand Mastery:


  • You can basically print money on demand with this system
  • The program made the founder over $5245 in his first month online
  • He gets money on demand anytime he chooses


The Sales Tactics:


Beyond the inflated claims, most scams and deceptive advertisers use manipulative tactics to sell.  Here’s how they were used in The Money on Demand Mastery:


  • During the first few minutes of the sales video, the author uses manipulation techniques to get your agreement.

Examples: Do you need money in your bank account right now?

Do you want to live life on your own terms?

If I showed you how to get loads of instant cash on your own terms, how beautiful would life be?


The technique he’s using to get your agreement is called future tense.  Basically, with future tense, the goal is to get you to use your imagination to envision yourself with a different reality.  Then, they pair the product or service as a solution, and get you to believe the product can give you that reality.  The future tense technique isn’t harmful if it’s used properly.  If the video presents the claim and doesn’t enable the viewer to obtain the event they’ve visualized, then it’s outright deceptive advertising, and is unethical.


Aside from future tense, the author is using the technique of scarcity.  With scarcity, they make you believe they only have a limited amount of a product or you only have a limited time to buy the product.  The technique of using scarcity in sales verbiage works really well because well-intentioned people have a conviction and an internal compass that wants to believe:


  • People wouldn’t outright lie
  • People have empathy for others
  • and, possibly an inner hope that this one opportunity could take you out of the current dissatisfaction you’re in


Some examples of how this tactic was used on the sales page were “only 10 copies available”, “click right now while you can”, “the price goes up with every purchase”, “this page is coming down soon”, “this offer isn’t going to last long”.  The naive person would believe their scarcity tactics and pay the money to avoid “missing out”.


Ethical vs. Unethical Sales Tactics


In an interview with former FBI Negotiator, Chris Voss, he described how techniques like probing, scarcity, and future tense were used to negotiate with criminals to get hostages released.  These persuasion techniques are extremely powerful, but in cases like The Money on Demand Mastery course, the techniques are being misused.


In unethical sales:


  • The salesman doesn’t give you enough information to make an informed decision
  • The salesman uses color, volume, lying, and manipulation tactics (scarcity, future tense, etc.) to skate around giving enough information
  • They appeal to the naive person who is hopeful, desperate, and willing to try practically whatever to get a different result


I Bought The Money On-Demand Mastery Anyway! | I Did That Because…


Despite the red flags, I decided to purchase the product so I could write this review.  I know there will be someone out there whose:


  • Miserable on their job
  • A Stay-home mom who wants to make money
  • A person who desires a career change or retirement
  • or someone else who wants to try something new


They will stumble across this product and consider the claims.  The product sales page may infuse hope and I wanted to make sure this product would live up to all it claims (even though I was COMPLETELY SKEPTICAL).


In order to potentially protect one of my readers (and hopefully more), I decided to invest the $37 dollars, buy this product, and give you a very thorough review.  Here’s the proof…


money on demand mastery review scam legit

What Happened After I Bought Money On-Demand Mastery?


After I bought Money on Demand Mastery, I had trouble getting my receipt with the information to download the course.  I had to contact Warrior Plus support. I contacted them once at 2:42 PM and was told to send over my receipt.  I sent my receipt probably around 4 PM and had not heard anything else.  I decided to reach out another time to get access to the course at 5 PM, and was told to send over my receipt AGAIN.


At 12 PM the following day, I was sent the reciept with the information to access the course. My scam alert was still ringing loud.  I clicked the link to access the course and this is the screen I saw…


money on demand mastery reviewSo, in order to get the course, I have to disclose my Facebook login details?  If nothing else in this process made my Scam alerts go off, this definitely did!  According to USAToday, one of the main ways hackers are performing identity theft is by sending malicious links thru social media or slipping viruses onto your computer.  By clicking “proceed to messenger”, you or I cannot ensure the privacy of our data, which is a BIG RED FLAG!


Added to it all, many of the common identity theft scams are of Nigerian origin, and Andy, the product creator is Nigerian.  I hate to stereotype, but based on the false advertising claims, the sales tactics, and the process to access your course, it’s likely, this course could lead to some of the very common Nigerian scams.


After seeing this, I decided not to go any further into the course, and instead, to request a refund.  I’ll have to post an update about the process for me getting my refund: if I have problems or not. I’ll update this post to let you know.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: There is a 30-day refund policy by Warrior Plus, but they require you to dispute with the seller first, then place a ticket with them, and if they don’t get thru to the seller, then you have to report fraud thru your bank.

The Bad:

CON #1: Complicated refund policy 

CON #2: Upsells

CON#3: Deceptive Advertising – Product doesn’t live up to the hype

CON#4: You have to sign in to Facebook Messenger to recieve the course

CON#5: The course could likely lead to other viruses, malware, and scams (that are commonly of Nigerian origin)


Who is The Money On-Demand Mastery For?


Absolutely NO ONE!

I would not recommend any course by Andy Okogbenin, Get it Fast Media, Socialyn, or any other brand names associated with him.  It sounds like a serious scam and possibly a segway into fraud and identity theft.  I’d avoid all of his courses:


Cash Arsenal

Money on Demand Mastery

6 Figure Email Marketing Mastery

and any others…

The Money On-Demand Mastery Price


Andy Okogbenin is selling two simulaneous offers and will try to funnel you to both: The Money on Demand Mastery and The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal.  Each front end offer costs $37.  Once you’ve accepted the frontend offer, you’ll be presented with backend offer of The Six Figure Email Marketing Couse.  In total, the “Cash Domination Vault” Funnel they put you thru is supposed to get you to spend $171, but your original perception is that you’ll get your problems solved for $37.


Added to the course offers, who knows what additional scams could be underneath the courses, but their process definitely appears to be a segway into identity theft.


Closing Comments for this Money On-Demand Mastery Review


The Money on Demand Mastery is one of the worse courses I’ve seen teaching how to make money online: from the claims to the product access.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this course.  If you’d like to learn to make money online, consider my #1 recommended make money online training! There’s 1 million other members.  Lots of great reviews and success stories. It proven and ethical. You won’t have to go thru suspicious processes, release privacy data, or worry about being unethically exploited.


They are very transparent and upfront, and won’t make deceptive claims about how much you can make with the least amount of time.  Instead, they teach you how to serve people online, and make a long term sustainable income doing that.  CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT. No credit card details are required.


VERDICT: Not Recommended


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