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Themify Review: The Right WordPress Themes & Plugins for You?

themify review
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If you’re looking for a thorough Themify Review, you’re in the right place.

When you decide you want a website, there are many other things to think about: hosting, branding (if you don’t have it already), and what themes or website builders you’ll use. There are quite a few themes and website builders to use, so trying to search for the perfect one could be years if you’re not careful. I want to save some of your precious time and money by helping you evaluate whether or not this is an option you should invest in.

In this Themify review, I will give you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

To watch this full review in video, check it out here:

If you decide at any point you want to skip the remainder of the review and try Themify out for yourself, you can CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

What is Themify? An Overview

themify review

Starting in 2010, Themify is a company that helps website owners design and customize their websites. They’ve created over 40 themes and more than a dozen plugins that give site owners endless options to customize their WordPress websites with a drag and drop. Themify has four main offers: their drag and drop builder, their WordPress themes, their plugins, and their master and lifetime plans. Let me explain…

Themify Builder

The Themify Builder is their most popular plugin. Traditionally, WordPress is editted from the back, which means you don’t edit in real time. Instead, you make changes on the back of the site, save them, then elect to see the frontend. With Themify’s Builder plugin, you can add animations and all types of customizations to WordPress on the frontend of the site.

Themify WordPress Themes

Added to the Themify Builder, they have several themes (some free and some paid). The Themify WordPress themes are designed for various types of businesses. They have a selection of:

  • Magazine-style themes
  • Service-business themes
  • E-commerce themes
  • and more!

Themify WordPress Plugins

The plugins enable you to customize even further. They have plugins that give added animation ability, that gives more customizing post type options, plugins to insert galleries, and many more. In all, they have approximately 12 plugins.

Themify Master and Lifetime Builder Plans

You can buy each theme and plugin individually, or you can buy the Master or Lifetime plans. With the Master plan, you’d get unlimited downloads and support for all of the themes and plugins for one year. Whereas, for the lifetime plan, you’d get unlimited downloads of the themes and support for a lifetime! Both, the Master and the lifetime plans are much more economical than buying the themes or plugins individually.

Themify Review | How Does Themify Work?

When you build a WordPress website, the theme is what effects the design and display. When it’s time to upload a theme onto your website, you can INSTALL A THEMIFY THEME. Their most popular and customizable theme is the Ultra theme.

How Do I Get Started with Themify?

To get started, you would:

1. Visit the Website


2. Purchase the Themify Products you’d like

Purchase the Themify Theme and Plugins you’d like, or Sign up for the Master Plan

3. Follow a tutorial to customize the theme

This tutorial is very helpful for customizing the Themify Ultra theme:

Who is Themify For?

Themify is quite a complex suite with alot of features, so I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is short on time or who wants something simple-to-use. Instead, I’d recommend Themify to those who are:

  • Patient with technology
  • Those who don’t mind figuring out how the tools work
  • Those who don’t mind the learning curve you’d need in order to operate your website with Themify
  • Those who want lots of customization options, but don’t know how to code

Themify Tools & Training

When you’ve purchased the Themes or Plugins and you install them, you’ll see that Themify has several tutorials to help you learn how to use the tools.

Themify Support

Themify offers email, a forum, and a knowledge base for support.

themify review

What Does Themify Do Well

  • Themify offers Themes and Plugins that are very customizable
  • They make it where you can have features on your website that were only available to programmers
  • They continuously update their products
  • They are very affordable

What Doesn’t Themify Do Well

  • Their themes are the simplest to use or work with

Themify Review Roundup

Common Positive Feedback

  • Very nice looking themes
  • You can create an expensive looking site for a low cost
  • You don’t have to hire developers for major design customizations

Common Negative Feedback

  • Themify is for advanced users
  • Lots of bugs
  • Some of the flashy animations makes the themes harder to operate
  • Updates mess up the theme

Most Helpful Positive Themify Review

I use Themify as a theme to create the websites I build. It’s a very nice theme and it’s pretty easy to use.
The theme has alot of options, I do have the Master club and might even upgrade to lifetime.
I had an issue with the theme and they gave a fix in about 3 hours.

They have a forum, and not a stupid ticket system or weird forum like xTheme has, and you pay a fee once and can use the themes forever. The price is for support and upgrades. They provide good updates (my fix got included in a update 2 hours later) and support is fine.

I recommend this theme over DIVI. Tried out DIVI, not a fan of it.

Thomas, FitsmallBusiness Reviewer

Most Helpful Negative Themify Review

What does the company do well?
Themes used to be pretty good – providing a framework to build one.What does the company not do well?
They seem to keep releasing updates that break themes – this is happening regularly. Users are then left with a mess to have to sort out. Of course, this means you site is screwed while you waste more time trying to fix it.

Themify usually try to blame plugins, irrespective that the only thing changed is an update to the broken theme. This is a problem across the board. Fix some issue another surfaces. My mobile sites are regularly broken by updates.

What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
I’ve used them for a few years. As they have grown more successful – the less reliable they have become. Buyer beware.

Mike, FitSmallBusiness Reviewer

Themify Price

There are several individual plugins and themes that are priced, but the best deal is on the Master Plan or Lifetime plan. You can get the Master plan with all 42 of the themes and plugins for $89! If you get the Lifetime plan, you’ll get all of the Themify products for life for $249. themify review

My Final Opinion of Themify

Overall, I think Themify is a good option if you’re looking for a very customizable theme. They offer lots of options you can use and have very nice sites as a result. You can GET STARTED WITH THEMIFY HERE.

Top Alternatives

StudioPress – Studiopress themes are known for their pagespeed and clean look. They don’t offer the customization flexibility of a page builder, but there will be less bugs as a result. CHECK OUT STUDIOPRESS THEMES HERE.

Thrive Themes – Thrive Themes has a website builder similar to Themify, but they have different customization options built for sales and conversions. CHECK OUT THRIVE THEMES HERE or check out my full Thrive Themes review here.

VERDICT: Recommend


Themify WP Themes and Plugins






User Friendly







  • Lots of customization options
  • Affordable Price
  • High ratio of customer satisfaction
  • Available tutorials to help you learn how to operate the tools


  • There's a learning curve to use the tools
  • Customer reviews suggest new WordPress users may find Themify challenging
  • Some users complained that updates modify previously saved settings

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