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Thrive Apprentice Review [2020]: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

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Thrive Apprentice Review Summary

Thrive Apprentice is one of the most cost-effective options for creating online courses to use as lead magnets on your website. They have a great user experience and if you want to use them for premium course sales, they also have integrations that enable that.

Overall Rating
Best Used For: Those who want to give away free courses as lead magnets.

What Thrive Apprentice Does Well

  • It’s very easy to use
  • Cost effective (no subscription necessary)
  • No transactions fees
  • Full control of your web properties
  • Great user interface


Recommend Improvements

  • Improve shopping cart functionality
  • Make a way to drip content
  • Improve membership functionality



User reviews suggest there are some glitches with the integrations that cause some customers to have access to the membership area when there not supposed to.

Ease of Use


The software is very easy to use. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll find Thrive Architect quite simple.



Thrive offers some of the best pricing in the market for LMS software.



Support is offered by adding a thread onto a member forum. No live chat or phone support.

Price: From $67

If you’re looking for a thorough Thrive Apprentice review, you’re in the right place.

Packaging your knowledge into digital courses is a great way to build trust with potential customers, add a stream of income to your business, or even train employees or contractors within your organization. It’s important to choose the right software to deliver your online course to ensure your goals are achieved.

In this Thrive Apprentice review, we’ll be looking at Thrive Themes’ learning management solution to see whether it’s the right solution for you. I will tell you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is Thrive Apprentice? An Overview

Thrive Apprentice Screenshot

Thrive Apprentice is a WordPress add-on included in the Thrive Themes plugin suite. This plugin serves as a learning management system, and enables you to create digital courses.

Thrive Apprentice can be purchased individually or bought with the membership that includes:

How Does Thrive Apprentice Work?

Thrive Apprentice Features

Thrive Themes main focus has always been to help online entrepreneurs to optimize their websites for conversions. Their plugins primarily serve for that purpose. As a result, Thrive Apprentice is primarily a plugin that helps people to give away free courses. It doesn’t have the capabilities to protect content or to become a shopping cart without 3rd party integrations.

Lead Magnet Courses

Thrive Apprentice lays out your content very nicely in a “course-like” manner. The user experience for you (the course creator) and your users is optimal. You can sequentially give information to your website visitors, and use the course to build trust, authority, and context proceeding the sale.

Premium Course Options

If you like the UI of Thrive Apprentice, you may want to use it to sell your premium courses as well. Many people have chosen to use Thrive for lead magnet courses and premium courses, but if you decide to do this, you’d need a 3rd party integration.

Thrive Architect and Sendowl Integration

Sendowl Integration

One integration that works very well with Thrive Apprentice is the Sendowl integration. With Thrive Apprentice and Sendowl, you can have the online course UI, the shopping cart, and affiliate management. Thrive has a full tutorial to show you how to integrate Thrive Apprentice with Sendowl. You can see the full Thrive Apprentice and Sendowl integration tutorial here.

Membership Plugin Integration

If you’d like to sell your course as a membership so you can drip feed content, create a “community” area, and more, you would need to consider integrating Thrive Apprentice with a third-party membership plugin like Wishlist member, Membermouse, or another alternative.

How Do I Get Started with Thrive Apprentice?

To get started with Thrive Apprentice, you’d visit the Thrive Themes website, decide whether you want a single site license, a 5-license pack, a 15-license pack, or the Thrive Themes membership.

Who is Thrive Apprentice For?

Thrive Apprentice is for:

  • Those who want to offer free courses as lead magnets, but want low overhead while doing so
  • Those who want to offer premium courses and want low overhead with that also
  • Those who prefer to self-host their online course business rather than hosting them elsewhere

Thrive Apprentice Tools & Training

Thrive Themes offers training thru their Thrive University. You can get lots of great training on conversion optimization and improving the results on your website. In addition to the training on conversion optimization, you’ll also get tutorials on how to set up and use Thrive Apprentice.

Thrive Apprentice Support

Thrive Themes offers support thru a forum. If you have questions or concerns about the plugin, you’d add a thread to the forum that would serve as a support ticket, and they’ll get back to you.

What Does Thrive Apprentice Do Well

  • They’ve created a very cost effective LMS solution
  • The user interface is very nice
  • You can customize your membership area with your color palette

What Doesn’t Thrive Apprentice Do Well

  • They don’t include content protection in their software
  • They don’t include a shopping cart
  • You’d still need to pay for video hosting, upgrade your hosting plan, and buy 3rd party integration to get full LMS functionality

Thrive Apprentice Review Roundup

It helps to know what others using the software have to say, so I’ve compiled the good and bad for you to take a look.

Common Positive Feedback

When reading and watching Thrive Apprentice reviews, these are some common positive things you’ll hear about the software…

  • Thrive Apprentice is easy to use and very nice-looking
  • Easy drag and drop UI
  • They don’t take a percentage of course sales
  • There are no transaction fees
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s likely the most affordable WordPress LMS on the market

Common Negative Feedback

  • There’s no way to protect content without 3rd party integrations
  • There’s no way to drip content
  • There’s no shopping cart without 3rd party integrations
  • There’s no gamification or ability to give certificates
  • Once you have lots of courses, you have to upgrade your hosting which is a hidden cost most people don’t talk about
  • You have to get video hosting whereas many alternatives include hosting in their plans

Most Helpful Positive Thrive Apprentice Review

Thrive Apprentice is an amazing new course plugin Thrive Themes, that has everything you need to go from 0 to 1 with your online course! If you’re tired of Expensive Course Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare that cost a ton and takes a cut out of all your customers; Thrive Apprentice is a godsend!

Jeremy Noronha, Jeremynoronha.com

Most Helpful Negative Thrive Apprentice Review

I thought these points were very valid to show limitations with the Apprentice software, so I paraphrased them from John at Incomemesh.com. He said:

  • There’s a limitation on the access control function…
  • There are some scenarios where a user could request a refund, and you grant it, but they will still have access to the content because of glitches in the integrations
  • There’s no member dashboard where you can see your order history, etc.
  • There’s limited sales funnel flow
  • You don’t have alot of design freedom

Thrive Apprentice Price

Thrive Apprentice Pricing

A single site license for Thrive Apprentice is $67, a 5-site license is $97, and a 15-site license is $127.

My Final Opinion of Thrive Apprentice

Overall, I think Thrive Apprentice is a very good learning management solution if you’re looking for low overhead costs. It would work especially well for offering free courses. It’s very simple and easy to use, however, if you’re looking for more advanced features like video hosting, affiliate management, the ability to drip content, and more, then you should check out other alternatives.

VERDICT: Recommended


Try Thrive Apprentice for Yourself

Get Started with Thrive Apprentice

Start creating online courses with very low overhead costs.

Popular Thrive Apprentice Alternatives


Create unlimited courses, digital products, memberships, and bundles with Podia. Manage affiliates and host unlimited videos.


One of the most popular online course platforms. Create unlimited courses, and get the support of a tight-knit community.


Host your courses on WordPress. Add lots of functionality and gamification to your website.

Thrive Apprentice | WordPress Learning Management Plugin






Ease of Use





  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Great user interface
  • No transaction fees
  • Full ownership of your intellectual property


  • No built-in content protection options
  • No built-in shopping cart options
  • 3rd party integrations required for shopping cart or membership capabilities
  • No member dashboard area with order history

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