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Types Content Marketing: What Are The Content Types in Content Marketing?

types content marketing
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This article is a part of the series, “What is Content Creation?”  which includes:

What is Content Creation?

What are the Content Types?

What is Viral Content?

What is Sales Content?

What is Content for Authority?

What is Content for SEO?

and How To Write Good Content for a Website? 

We recommend checking out the entire series if you’d like to position yourself as a problem-solver for the growing demand of internet users, and make a lucrative income while doing so.  Make sure to take advantage of our FREE OFFERS at the end of the post…


You may be confident that content marketing is necessary, but maybe you don’t like to write,  Maybe you don’t like recording audio, or maybe you don’t like videography.  Is there only one way you SHOULD create content or can you choose alternatives and still have the same capabilities?  Research, statistics, and observation can reveal alot about the types of content marketing available and which ones are relevant for growing the interest of crowds.  Let’s seek the research and noteworthy experts for our answers…

types content marketingWhat We Can Learn From Joni Eareckson Tada about Content Creation

For years, I’ve watched Joni Earekson Tada, a prolific content creator.  She has more obstacles standing in the way of her creating content than most people because she’s paralyzed from the neck down.  Despite her disabilities, she’s found a way to still communicate her message of encouragement to millions of people using her teeth and keen ability to stabilize relationships.  She paints beautiful portraits, runs a weekly radio show, writes books, and speaks all across the world!

Her story shows us that you can create content even without limbs!

There are ways around most obstacles hindering people from adding value thru content creation.  What would happen if more people understood the value they could add to the community by overcoming the barriers between their presuppositions and broken paradigms and the niche audience whose awaiting their solutions to their problems?

Facts About Content Types

1. Content is not only written

2. Content can be in the form of written, audio, video, or products and services

3. Viral content is not the same as sales content

4. Sales content is not the same as brand authority content

5. SEO content and viral content can be different

6. There are four major content intents: sales, viral, SEO, and Brand authority

7. Sometimes content intent can be intermingled, and have an effect that mingles sales volume with virality, SEO, and Brand authority, but sometimes, this is not the case

8. Print is not dead

9. Digital content is growing in followers

types content marketing10. Many people appreciate the convenience and accessiblity of digital content

11. Content DOES NOT have to be created by the visionary

12. Outsourced content can perform well

13. Content does not have to be created by someone with high wages in order to perform well

14. You increase your chances of high performing content by working with high-quality content creators

15. Clear intent needs to be communicated to the content creation team in order for successful content marketing

Content Intent

Although there are times where the content intent and outcomes can intermingle, not all content intent and outcomes will be congruent.  A piece of content can be very lucrative without being “viral”.  Just because a piece of content is tailored for SEO does not mean it will be tailored for sales, it may not be viral, and it may not establish brand authority.  Each content intent has different elements of importance that need to be well planned out.

Sales Content

Sales Content is otherwise called “Sales Copy”, and is the specialty of a Copywriter.  Dan Lok, a professional copywriter defines copywriting as:

Copywriting is using the written word to start, enhance, or extend the relationship with a customer that includes salesmanship or saleswomanship.

Copywriting has psychological elements and focuses on long-term participation and influence in the customer engagement cycle whereas other forms of content creation are focused on the acquisition and the initial spark.

Viral Content

Viral content is created with the intent to be shared and create buzz.  Some marketing firms specialize in creating viral content.  Viral content usually requires similar elements as buzz-worthy entertainment: emotion, cliffhangers, humor, shock, etc.

types content marketingSEO Content

SEO Content is created for the intent of acquiring search engine rankings.  The search engines are a powerful force to drive millions of visitors to a website consistently if used properly.  Unfortunately, every niche or keyword will not drive lots of traffic, so SEO is the study of understanding the demands of the search users, and creating content to suffice the demand of the search users and bots to file the content in databases accurately.

Brand Authority or Credibility Content

Brand authority content is created to establish expertise and trust.  Brand authority content requires trust-building content: testimonials, reviews, providing content to protect users from poor quality competitors, and working solutions.

Content Type

In addition to various content intents, there are also different content types.  While digital content is taking a huge chunk of the hype and attention nowadays, print and tradition product and service delivery can also count as content types as well.

Print Media

Magazines, newspapers, postal mail, and other forms of print media still provide sales for companies, however, they require much higher budgets than their digital counterparts.  While small businesses may use print business cards and other forms of content, the growing trend is on creating digital content.

Print Books

There are still readers who prefer a book in their hands, however, the number is definitely declining.  Booksellers debate about how the trend of lower paperback sales will play out in the long term.  Some say print books will become instinct, while others disagree.  In the meantime, print books are still a viable route to create content for some.


Creating products that solve a problem is an evergreen way to give content authority, credibility, and to build valuable relationships.  Most people wouldn’t consider the actual product to be called, “content”, rather they would say content is simply the verbiage used to sell the product, the interaction between the customer and the company, and the tutorials or material that illustrate the user experience.

types content marketingServices

Similar to products, services are the basis for content marketing.  Content marketing is simply the compilation of relationship-building techniques required to create and stabilize relationships without being physically present.  Product and service delivery are the part of the customer engagement process where the promises made in the content marketing are delivered.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be a great way to build authority, create viral buzz, write content that sells, or to build SEO for search engine traffic.  Effective blog posts are created to solve a problem, the better the solution and immediate need of the solution, the better the blog post performs.


Video is a growing medium many consumers choose for taking in content.  Whether they want to learn something, they want to be entertained, or they have a problem to be solved, videos are a go-to resource in billions of households worldwide.


Infographics are those bookmark-looking images that provide visual-storytelling value.  They can tell about trends, statistics, facts, checklists, or other compelling data.  Infographics have been known to go viral when they have lots of information.  There is a specific skill set required to make infographics.  Not every graphic designer can create infographics, so they are typically a high cost than normal blog images or photographs.

Visual images and Photographs

With Pinterest claiming the title as one of the fastest growing social media sites, we can see the value of creating visual content.  Buzzsumo said having at least one image increases the chances of your content being shared.  Visual images are important to most content types (if not all).

types content marketingPodcasts

Vehicle manufacturers are creating new cars with the capabilities to stream podcasts in addition to traditional radio.  Smartphones, watches, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, desktops, and other modern technologies are being created with the ability to stream podcast audio, and it’s growing!  Podcasts are a very good way to communicate with customers on-the-go.


Radio is the “old school” way of listening to audio on the go.  Even though podcasting is growing, radio is still a valid source of customer interaction when used properly.  Radio has been a longstanding platform where high-income listeners take in content, so advertisers know they can rely on the radio to bring high quality leads whether by creating radio ads, getting interviewed, or being the host themselves.


PR can include press releases, podcast interviews, blog tours, book signings, getting social influencers on board, television interviews, or so on.  PR is a longstanding form of content for brand authority and credibility, however, PR is very difficult to calculate in relation to sales.


While Youtube, blogs, and digital media are attracting billions of users attention, television is still a powerful source of high-quality traffic, therefore, it’s still a viable way to create content.  Television typically requires a platform, media kit, or other open doors to become an option, but once all the requirements are achieved, you can be a re-occurring guest.

Content Distribution

With so many content types and content intents, you may be wondering “How do you share this content?”

Nowadays, content is commonly distributed using:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • The content creation platform
  • Live Networking
  • or, Search engines

A Playlist on Types Content Marketing

This playlist explains further types content marketing.  Check it out for great information on content types:

Final Words on Types Content Marketing

The goal of this article was to show you types of content marketing. If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesistate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

If you’d like to learn more about content marketing, and leverage it in your business  I’d love to invite you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate where I can walk alongside you as you learn to leverage content curation to create a massively successful online business.  You can CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT HERE, and I’ll meet you there.

One word of encouragement from me to you…If people can create content while paralyzed, without limbs, and with so many other disabilities and restraints…YOU CAN TOO!

Now, it’s Your Turn…

What content types have you created?  Do you diversify your content marketing strategy to include all types?  Why or why not?  Leave your answers, comments, and questions below.

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