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Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 Review: Easy Way to $100/Day?

unstoppable commission 2.0 review
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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

unstoppable commission blueprint 2.0 reviewMost people know someone who is a hard worker. They work from sun up until sundown, and when you see them, you wonder, “Does anyone have to work THAT hard to earn a living?”.  Then, on the other side, there’s people saying, “You can earn $100 or more per day with little to no work”.  Which one is true?

Is it possible to earn alot of money with little to no time invested?  If it is, will this lead to a more fulfilling life?

I ran across a product called Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 that claims it can help newbie users to make more than $100 per day online with:

  • No paid advertising
  • No SEO
  • Little to no time invested
  • With little money invested
  • You can earn starting this week
  • and, the strategy is sold for only $19!

If it really works, most people would agree it’s a great deal, but does it work? In this review, I’ll be dissecting the sales page for you, telling you my take on whether the “secret” works, and my recommendation on who this product is good for. If that sounds good to you, let’s get started…

What is Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0? Product Overview

unstoppable commission 2.0 review

Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 is a training program that claims to teach newbie internet marketers how to begin making money online quickly and effortlessly.  It was created by Nathan Rousseau and launches on 28 December thru JVZoo, an affiliate marketing platform.

How Does Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 Work?

Unstoppable Commission Blueprint says you won’t need any funnel software, no lead pages, or no email list.  He says he has case studies to prove that once newbies were aware of a “secret” traffic site, they were able to instantly earn lots of money in little time.

While I didn’t purchase this product, I want to warn you about buying things that use manipulative sales tactics. Rather than the product creator offering sufficient information for the buyer to make an informed buying decision, Nathan Rousseau has used Unity, terms like “secret”, and Social Proof to entice the buyer to buy.

If you were purchasing a computer or a new cell phone, would you be okay with the companies withholding important spec information?  Is it okay to say the megapixels of the camera is a “secret”?

Business opportunities should be no different. You buy into a business opportunity after making an informed decision based on the facts presented to you.

Every business needs to deliver value, so simply knowing a traffic source, won’t enable you to earn lots of money.  Think about the main streets in your city. If you know the main streets are busy, does that enable you to make money?  If Nathan’s program is only disclosing traffic sources, it’s likely it won’t be sufficient information for you to make good money.

In addition to the knowledge about a good traffic source, you’ll also need to know:

  • How to create a valuable product or service
  • How to convert the traffic into buyers (sales pitches, copywriting, customer life cycles, etc.)
  • and, How to give the customer a good experience

Check out my 10-Step Guide for a full and comprehensive list of what you need to run a successful business online.

How Do You Make Money with Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0?

You can make money with the Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 by promoting the product to others or thru affiliate marketing. The affiliates of Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 earn 50% commission for each sell of the product, therefore, they can earn $9.50 per sale.

In my previous post called What is Affiliate Marketing and Does it Work?, I disclosed exactly how I’ve earned money thru affiliate marketing, and the process several other people I know earn a living from it. All of the most successful affiliate marketers I know will tell you affiliate marketing isn’t something you can simply post onto a high-traffic website and expect to earn commissions.  Any training that gives you false expectations is likely to cause you to fail simply because you’d expect an outcome that’s not possible.

For affiliate marketing to work, you typically need:

  • Great training
  • High quality products and services to promote
  • Ways to generate traffic
  • Ways to convert traffic into sales
  • and a community to support you and answer your questions along the way

While affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money, there are many people who teach methods that don’t work, which leads to a high failure rate. Rather than spend time experimenting about whether Nathan will reveal a “secret” or not, you should check out training programs that are very transparent with you and offer all the tools and support you need to succeed.  My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training is very transparent, it’s been proven by thousands of verifiable success stories, there are 1.4 million members, and you can try it out for free (without a credit card).

How Much Can you Make with Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0?

With affiliate marketing, the outcomes are endless. You can earn a commission from promoting products and services to people who need them.

While affiliate marketing is a viable way to make money, the Unstoppable Commission Blueprint suggests that you’re taught about a traffic source rather than being taught the process to begin with affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, there are 4 phases most successful affiliates go thru: picking an interest, building a website, growing traffic, and earning revenue.  Growing traffic is only one component of a successful affiliate business, and one website will not build a successful business.

In my FREE 10-step guide for starting or growing a business, I talk about how EVERY business needs to have a diverse marketing strategy, and affiliate businesses are included. One high traffic website should not be the source for the business success, and if it is, it’s a really fragile structure.  Instead, you want to build multiple streams of income in the business and multiple streams of traffic.

If you correctly grow multiple streams of traffic, it can make the potential of your affiliate business unsurmountable.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: The training encourages affiliate marketing

The Bad:

CON #1: The training may not give sufficient instruction to be successful in affiliate marketing

CON #2: The sales funnel doesn’t offer sufficient information for buyers to make an informed decision

CON#3: Persuasion tactics are used to sell rather than giving details about what the buyer will be purchasing

Who is Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 For?

I would not recommend Unstoppably Commission Blueprint to anyone, however, there are some people who have “Shiny object syndrome” and who don’t mind losing money and time for the chance that something like Unstoppable Blueprint will work.

Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 Support

The Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 team offers email support and a refund guarantee.  There are many scam programs that will say they offer a refund, but do not, so proceed with caution.

What Are Common Complaints or Positive Feedback About Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0?

Since the product hasn’t officially launched yet, Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 does not have complaints or positive feedback.  As a result, I scoured the internet in search for more information about Nathan Rousseau, and I wasn’t able to find anything. In the search results, the name Nathan Rousseau brings up a college sociology professor, but this product creator was nowhere to be found.

Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 Price

The price for Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0 is $19.00.  The price is very reasonable if it does what it says it will do, however, based on the sales page, it’s very unclear if it will live up to what it promises.  In fact, it’s very unlikely it will live up to what it promises because a real sustainable business has to offer value and build trust. Even if you have a high traffic “secret”, you’ll still need to offer the people value and build enough trust with them that they’ll buy from you.

My Final Opinion of Unstoppable Commission Blueprint 2.0

I would not recommend you spend your money or time on Unstoppable Commission Blueprint. Instead, if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing to earn money online, I recommend you check out this FREE TRAINING and follow the process that’s worked for thousands of affiliate marketers for the last 14 years.

VERDICT: Not Recommend


Unstoppable Commission 2.0




Opportunity for Good Pay


Opportunity to help people


Good Training Available


Proof of Concept Available



  • Unclear Advertising
  • Not enough information to make an informed buying decision

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