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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal [2019 EDITION] $0.82 Per Day Business!

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal
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If you’re considering whether to start a business or try affiliate marketing on black Friday, I’ll be telling you about my experience growing my business with the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal, and telling you why you should consider it yourself.

Last year, I took the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal for the first time. I’ll be honest, I was quite skeptical about how much I’d get back from my investment, but the program had already proven itself to me because following the training and using the tools earned me over $100 in my first month there!

Despite the fact I’d earned $100 in my first month (January 2019), I wasn’t at a full-time income, and my family had a lot going on. It was going to be my daughter’s first memorable Christmas and I had an 11-year-old with a lot of expectations also, so I wondered should I spend money investing in my business, or should I put it away for the holidays.

I’d guess you’ve faced decisions like that. You might be facing one now. Besides, it’s a lot of Black Friday Deals out there!

How to Make $0.82/Day Multiply into Thousands (or Even Millions)

How many Black Friday deals do you know that can take a dollar and turn it into hundreds, thousands, or even millions?

I get asked all the time:

  • How much can you make from a business?
  • How much can you make from affiliate marketing?
  • Can anyone do affiliate marketing?
  • What’s Wealthy Affiliate all about?
  • and, the list goes on…

Starting a business is an investment that can multiply your money, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars! Affiliate marketing is one way to monetize a business (whether it’s a local business or an online business of a different type). Unlike other investments (like stocks, bonds, or savings accounts), or business types (like lawn care, MLMs, or other local businesses), with Wealthy Affiliates’ Black Friday offer, you can run a business for $0.82/day, make your own schedule, have location freedom, and get full control of your income.

Top affiliate marketers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and you can get started for $0.82/day.

With the internet growing like it has been, more and more people are using it to make decisions and to buy things. Big and small business are picking up on this growth trend online, and they’re looking to work with people like you (as affiliates) to help them expand their presence online.

A Stay-at-Home Mom of 2 Makes $2k+/Month after Investing 0.82/Day

So, you’re probably wondering…

What happened when I took the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Offer, so let me tell you.

My name is Tiffany Domena. Last year at this time, I was a stay-at-home mom without much childcare arrangements, and I wasn’t fulfilled. I loved being accessible for my kids but I wasn’t satisfied professionally. I had been freelancing to make money from home while I was building my affiliate income, but it was difficult for me to juggle client deadlines along with the unpredictable demands of motherhood.

In fact, in October 2019, we were just discharged from the hospital so I had a hard time offering my freelance services (considering the circumstances) and I was nervous about growing medical bills as well! It was tough.

I had been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 11 months and my income was growing there, but I had a lot of legitimate distractions that took time away from me working on my business. On top of the distractions, I was experimenting a lot when I should have simply followed the training verbatim, so as a result, I was growing slower than I could have, but growing nonetheless.

Despite all of the obstacles and setbacks I’ve had, I was able to:

  • Have hope that my skills could take me from where I was to where I want to be
  • Network with 1000s of people who boosted my confidence, helped stabilize my hope, and fueled my productivity
  • Build a business with support
  • Get my questions answered quickly
  • Create nearly 200 Youtube videos
  • Write more than 400,000 words of content
  • Get lots of Google and Youtube rankings
  • Attract over 100,000 readers (including 7-figure earners who later interviewed with me!)
  • and make a steady $1000+/ per month since June

It’s been quite a ride and I’m enjoying myself on the journey. Now, I’ve been working on my affiliate business for 21 months and it’s growing just like a baby would. Hahaha

A Baby vs. My Business: The Growth Phase Similarities

I remember when my kids were born. It’s so exciting because I can remember the hopes and dreams of what we’ll be able to do together and what’ they’ll become. I was excited to hold them for the first time, snuggle with them, share the excitement with family and friends, and take pictures! Now, my baby is 3 years old and my oldest is 12-years old.

They go from newborn > toddler > early childhood > late childhood > pre-teen > teenager > adults (and there’s lots of stages there also)

I’ve watched the growth of my kids and I can tell you, each stage has it’s different things you learn.

Business growth has almost identical stages regardless of which one you start.

In my opinion, the part that’s requires lots of patience in parenting is the crying and dependence all the time. Sometimes, as a parent, you want to predict what they’ll want, when they’ll want things, and you want to automate things, but there’s alot of work to raising little ones. In the beginning, you’re still learning, so it’s difficult to predict (especially if you don’t have the support of a community and someone whose been where you are).

The “Baby Business” and What to Expect

I’ve seen this same growth curve in my business. In the beginning, it was very dependent. I had to build my website, create my content, learn my audience, do lots of research, and engage with people. When it’s a “baby business”, it’s exciting because you know it can give you:

  • Lifestyle freedom
  • Flexibility
  • and Professional Fulfillment

But, you don’t really realize everything it takes, so you can shoot blindly at times. You have to help lots of people to get where you want to go. Helping people can be unpredictable at times and requires lots of personal evolution, but you can do this!

It starts out like an infant and grows into a more and more mature entity over time. I’m seeing my “business baby” grow from where it was to now, and I’m confident you will to–I’ll be able to help you with that as your coach at Wealthy Affiliate!

The Importance of Community: The #1 Tactic to Avoid Failure

The business failure rate is astronomically high. According to the Small Business Administration, 80% of businesses fail. I’d venture to say one big reason for that is because entrepreneurs try to go at it alone.

As a young parent, you don’t always know what to do when your baby cries! Sometimes, it can be tough learning their communication style and it can make you want to pull your hair out. Hahaha.

You might check the diaper, try feeding them, check their temperature, try entertaining them, and still be unclear about what they want. I can get overwhelming.

How to Weather Business Obstacles

Similarly, when you start a new business, you might be confused about what to do to start getting the money rolling in, how to build the website, how to pick products or services to sell, what to do about naysayers, how to get help, what to buy vs. what not to buy, and so on. For years, I tried to troubleshoot my business without the right advisors. I would watch Google and Youtube, try what people were saying, and bump my head quite a bit when the advice was outdated or just incorrect.

In contrast, when you have good advisors (community and mentors), they help you troubleshoot issues you might have–whether the issue is in parenting or business. Once I took the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal, it provided the tools and community support I needed to grow.

I made a commitment and the platform delivered. I knew I’d invested more money than I wanted to waste, and I committed to prioritizing the tasks I was given, setting aside the money required, and networking so I’d overcome any obstacle that came my way.

What’s Included with the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal?

Without the Black Friday deal, Wealthy Affiliate is $49/mo or $359/yr, which is still very reasonable considering what you get, but it’s a mega deal on black friday at $299. You’ll get everything premium Wealthy Affiliate members get (plus my bonus training only for annual members) for one full year!

Where do I go to Get the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal?

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal has been a great decision for me. I spent $299 and got $1000s per month back! If you’re interested in investing in something that will multiply your money in 2020 and beyond, start a business at Wealthy Affiliate! You’ll have a supportive community, my support, and even the owners will help you out! Learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal here.

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