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What is a Bird Mechanic? [A Review] + $$ You Can Make EXPOSED!

what is a bird mechanic
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bird mechanic reviewA few months back, I was walking my daughter in the stroller on our way to the park in our subdivision, and I noticed something I hadn’t ever seen before.  There was probably at least 50 scooters at the park and a lady (who is one of my neighborhood residents) was fixing these scooters.

I instantly wondered:

“Why does she have so many scooters?”

“What is she doing to all these scooters?”

and, “How did she get into this?”

Rather than spy on her, I decided to be direct and go over to ask my questions.  My brief interview with her told me:

  • She was a Bird Mechanic and what that is
  • How she gets her work
  • How she got into it
  • How she gets paid doing it
  • and whether it’s a legit and recommended profession

In this post, I’ll share with you the findings from my interview with her, and I’ll also blend it with research I’ve compiled after the interview, so you’ll know:

  • What is a Bird Mechanic
  • Whether it’s a stable workflow
  • Pros and cons of the work
  • How much money you can expect to make
  • I’ll compile a summary of the other reviews I’ve found
  • and, give you my opinion of being a Bird Mechanic

If that sounds good to you, let’s get started…

What is a Bird Mechanic? Product Overview

Bird is a West Coast startup that’s taken the scooter-sharing craze by storm.  In many areas, there were no scooters, then, almost magically, scooters appeared at nearly every street corner.

People have mixed feelings about the scooters.  Some people think it’s the coolest thing because it’s cheap, it minimizes congestion, you don’t have to deal with traffic, and you get around faster than walking. Others are annoyed by it, but that’s likely when there’s change.

Regardless of the mixed opinions, Bird has almost completed a funding round that will value their business at $1billion!  As a result, we will see an upward trend of scooter use across America.

With the rise in scooter-sharing and scooter use, someone has to stand up and help us keep them working, right?  That’s where the Bird mechanic comes in.

When scooter users arrive to their destinations, they can leave the dockless scooters wherever they’ve arrived.  The user doesn’t have to worry about any maintenance of the scooter, whether it’s charged or not, whether the tire is flat, or anything else. Instead, Bird uses an app to notify those independent contractors who are hired to be Bird Mechanics, and they come to pick up the Birds and perform the maintenance.

To bring this full circle, my neighbor who was fixing the Bird scooters at the neighborhood park has an app she uses.  It tells her where the Birds are located when they need maintenance, and the type of maintenance they need. She takes her truck, rides around to pick up all of the Birds, and brings them to a location where she can service them. Typically, she’ll service them at her house, but on the day I was walking, she had decided to try something new.

How Does Bird Mechanic Work?

The process is pretty simple, and it all starts with the Bird mobile app. Birds work by QR code. When a user wants to use a Bird, they unlock it by scanning the QR code to ride it.

Bird mechanics have a similar version of the Bird Mobile app as the users. When they are collecting a Bird to fix, they go to the app and “capture” the Bird.

The Bird Mobile app shows all of the Birds on a map. Users can use the app to identify a Bird nearby them. Bird Mechanics have a map, but the map also has a color coordinated key, so they’ll know what type of maintenance, and how much the maintenance is worth (based on the difficulty of the repair).

Here’s a video that explains how the Bird Mechanic position works a little better:

How Do You Make Money as a Bird Mechanic?

To make money as a Bird Mechanic, you have to watch the Bird app and repair the apps listed there that need repairs.  In exchange for repairing the birds or taking them to a repair facility, you get paid.

How Much Can you Make with Bird Mechanic?

As of this writing, mechanics earn $15 for completed repairs, $10 for bringing the Birds marked for collection to the local facility, and $5 for transporting any Birds you capture but can’t repair.  If your city is seeing alot of Bird usage, there may be a pretty good workload for Bird mechanics.

In cities where Birds are commonly used, it’s possible for mechanics to expect more than $100 per day.  With the growth of Bird, more people are expected to be using them, so there will be a greater demand for Bird Mechanics.

How Do I Get Started as a Bird Mechanic?

To get started as a Bird Mechanic, you’d complete the signup form HERE.

what is a bird mechanic

It asks for basic information, then you have to watch some videos of Bird repairs.  There are lesson sections and quizzes you have to take before being a Bird Mechanic.  Once you’ve completed the lessons and quizzes, you’ll be sent a mechanic’s kit with things like tires, tubes, etc.  You may need to purchase additional tools to repair the scooters.  After your mechanic account is activated, you can begin repairing Bird scooters.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Growing industry with increasing demand for work

PRO #2: Reasonable pay

PRO #3: Flexible schedule

The Bad:

CON #1: Requires a way to transport the Birds that need repair

CON #2: There are some glitches in the app that causes a Bird to reflect that it needs repair, but doesn’t accurately show it on the map

CON#3: Fixing Birds may not provide a consistent income

Whose Best as a Bird Mechanic?

Becoming a Bird Mechanic is best for:

  • College students or those who want to make extra cash on the side
  • People who are handy and who might want to supplement other repair work
  • People who want work on a flexible schedule and wouldn’t mind learning to repair scooters

Bird Mechanic Tools & Training

Bird Mechanics have training modules and quizzes that are created by Bird. They also have tutorials that give guidance on how to do nearly all of the repairs the scooters may need.

When and How do Bird Mechanics Get Paid?

Bird mechanic payments are processed at the end of each business day.  Payments are paid thru direct deposit, so it takes approimately 1-3 days to be paid.

Bird Mechanic Support

Currently, Bird offers tutorials, the app, phone, and email support if you have a problem.  They also have the Bird drop off locations where you can take the scooter if you’re not able to repair it.

what is a bird mechanic

Bird Mechanic Review Playlist/Roundup

I know video is helpful to get a visual of how being a Bird Mechanic works. Here’s a video playlist I’ve compiled on what it’s like to be a Bird Mechanic:

Bird Mechanic Price

To signup as a Bird Mechanic, it’s absolutely free.  The tools you might require to repair the birds may cost you, but there’s no signup, recurring fees, or other costs associated with being a Bird Mechanic.

My Final Opinion of Bird Mechanic

After looking at the opportunity to become a Bird Mechanic, I think it’s definitely an exciting opportunity to be an independent contractor and start your own business.  I’m a big proponent of multiple streams of income since there will be ebbs and flows where they’ll need more or less mechanics as Bird grows.  As a result, I’d suggest that if you really like opportunities like what Bird offers mechanics, you might also equally like to start your own repair business offering the service to Bird and others in your community.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, check out my FREE 10 Step Guide for Starting a Business and Growing an Enterprise.  It can help you start with the concept of a scooter repair company and give you guidance to grow it into a sustainable business. CHECK IT OUT NOW.

VERDICT: Recommend


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Bird Mechanic




Opportunity for Good Pay


Opportunity to help people


Good Training Available


Proof of Concept Available



  • Growing industry and demand for work
  • Reasonable pay
  • Flexible schedule


  • May not be reliable or consistent
  • Some glitches in the app
  • Requires transportation for Birds

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