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What is a Niche Website? What it is and How To Make One

what is a niche website
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There’s quite a bit of buzz in online marketing about these niche websites that make nice “side incomes”.  Some of these websites are making hundreds per month and others are making hundreds of thousands per month by sharing information about fairly narrow topics that entertain hobbyists or passions.

If you’ve seen case studies on niche websites, the income can be quite appealing.  Added onto the income, many people treat niche sites like real estate where you they almost set them up, then provide minimal upkeep to them, and you’re probably wondering how you can learn to build one.

I get it.  It’s pretty cool.

In this article, I want to discuss with you what a niche website is, how to make one, and how you can generate an income with them.  Let’s dive right in…

what is a niche websiteWhat is a Niche?

First, it’s important to know what a niche is.  The term “niche” has more than one usage.

1. A niche can refer to a shallow recess like a hole in a wall or a cranny in a house

2. A niche can refer to a comfortable position in the work force or in life

3. Or, a niche can refer to a specific and well defined segment of a larger market


Some Niche Examples

Commonly, people confuse niches with larger markets, so I want to give you some examples of larger markets in comparison to a niche market.

A large market is Health, but a niche market could be people looking for hair loss prevention, people diagnosed with osteoporosis, or people who want to switch to the paleo diet.

Another large market is Entrepreneurship, but a niche market could be Life coaches, Freelancers, people who want to grow an enterprise, or people who want to remain solopreneurs.

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is one where you would identify a niche market (ideally one that is underserved) and create a website that services that market.

How To Get Started with a Niche Website

For those who want to build a niche website, there are a few steps everyone should take.  In total, the process is going to go:

what is a niche website

(Source: Wealthy Affiliate)

How To Choose a Profitable Interest

Although many people are saying “Follow your passion”, if you really want to make money online, you have to connect a passion of yours with a passion in the marketplace.  To find out if your interest has alot of demand in the marketplace, you want to do market research.

One prominent place for people to find content online is in the search engines.  Amazingly, there are tools that will reveal how often people are searching for specific solutions or content.  My favorite tool to use for keyword research is Jaaxy.  You want to leverage the data found in Jaaxy to identify the demand in the market.  Let me give an example…

1. Brainstorm

Let’s first brainstorm on several interests we may have and jot them down.  For the example, I’ll say we choose:

  • Adopting Children
  • Foster Care
  • Caring for Orphans

2. Check for Demand

After brainstorming I’d go to Jaaxy to evaluate the demand.  When I type in “adopted children” into Jaaxy, these are the results:

what is a niche website

Let me break down the results…

In the “AVG” column, it tells you how many times people search for that particular keyword

“Traffic” tells you approximately how much traffic you can expect to get if you rank for the keyword

“QSR” tells you how many people are competing for the keyword

“KQI” tells you Jaaxy’s recommendation on whether you have a good shot of ranking or not

Based on the Jaaxy results,  we can see that there are lots of searches for solutions related to adopting children: some low competition and some high competition.  I’d say this niche is a green flag for demand.

3. Decide How You’ll Monetize

When you read niche site case studies, you’ll see that many of the niche sites out now are monetizing thru affiliate marketing and ad revenue.  Some sites start out as a small niche site and become niche authorities.  You’d have to decide how you want to do it.

Some monetization options are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ad revenue
  • Site membership
  • Dropshipping
  • E-commerce
  • Consulting
  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • and, there are more…

How to Build a Niche Website

After you’ve chosen a profitable interest, the next step is to build the site.  In the online space, it’s like real estate.  You have to buy your land (your domain name and hosting), then build your house on it (theme, plugins, and content).  I use Siterubix to buy domains and hosting because they make setting up a website very easy.  In fact, website setup only take 5 minutes. You can view the setup here…

How To Attract Visitors To a Niche Website

After you’ve chosen a profitable interest and built the website, it’s all about getting traffic to the site, improving the conversion rates of those visiting the site, and depositing the revenue into an account somewhere. You attract visitors by creating content and sharing it with people who would want to see it: on search engines, social media, in bookmarking sites, and thru backlinks from other blogs.

With time and hard work (adding content, networking, infusing SEO, etc.), your site will continue to grow in traffic and conversions, which is the joys people are talking about in the niche site world.

Final Words answering “What is a Niche Site?”

The goal of this article was to answer the question, “What is a niche website?”.   Right now, since the internet still has many holes that are not filled with content, it’s an ideal time for people to make great incomes from niche sites.  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

If you like the concept of building a niche site, and you’d like to begin the journey of exploring an interest you have, and building it into a niche site, check out Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended internet marketing training platform!  You will get two free websites, ten free training lessons towards an Internet Marketing Certification, access to a huge online community where many niche site success stories have come from. Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review and demo here.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have you created a niche website?  What was your experience like?  What advice would you give someone whose considering whether or not they should create a niche website?

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