What is Fizzle.Co About? A Review

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what is fizzle.co about

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.


what is fizzle.co aboutThere are loads of training programs out there that promise to teach you how to run an online business, but very few of them provide the necessary tools, support, and training.  This review was written in effort to help entrepreneurs make a good decision on which training program to choose when you want to learn how to market your businesses or ideas online, and make money.


This Fizzle.co review post will be an honest review I’ve compiled as a Business Consultant whose reviewed several different business models, business opportunities, and internet marketing training options.  Hopefully this helps you to make your decision…


Fizzle Review | What is Fizzle.co About?



Fizzle.co is a community of online entrepreneurs founded by Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves.  They offer courses, weekly articles, a podcast, small business guides and community.  They have many courses done by online entrepreneurs with great reputations like Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas, so it immediately bumps up the trust level of people who are familiar with them.


Currently, Fizzle is priced at 1 month free, and $39/mo for the monthly plan.  If you choose to go with the annual plan, the price would be $349/yr or a savings of $120.  To access the 30 day free trial, you have to enter your card information and there’s automatic billing after 30 days.


Why I’m Cautious of Giving Credit Card Details For a Free Trial


In a previous review on Skillshare, they had a similar arrangement where you give you card information beforehand and automated billing is triggered after the trial.  They had VERY reputable instructors like Barbara Corcoran, Young Guru, Simon Sinek, and Gary Vaynerchuk, so similar to Fizzle, people would assume they would have been trustworthy.


With Skillshare, I was not able to stop them from charging me for almost 6 months, and I began requesting cancellation during the 30-day free trial!  They did not respond to any of my support emails or cancel subscription requests, and I had to report the situation to the fraud department at my bank.


I understand business owners do the automated billing after the trial to recoup their money, however, many companies out there are not honest (especially in the make money online or start an online business space), therefore, entering card information for a trial is typically a red flag to me.  With my #1 recommended Internet marketing training, there’s such high retention because of the product quality, they offer a lifetime free membership with no credit card information required.


Despite my hesistance, I was doing this 3rd party review for you (my readers), so I pushed forward.


Founders and Executive Team

what is fizzle.co about

Nowadays with online business, people are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be experts.  The Fizzle executive leadership is not like that.  They are experienced in business and online.


Corbett Barr is also the founder of Fizzle and Palapa.  Chase Reeves is founder of Fizzle and Bagworks.  Together, they bring experience, creativity, and humor to help entrepreneurs persevere in growing an online business.


Here’s an interview by Corbett Barr on Fizzle.co that gives some background:



Fizzle Review | Fizzle Products


what is fizzle.co about

Fizzle offers one simple product with no upsells: their membership.  The focus of their membership is training, support, and accountability.  Often times, when starting a business (online or offline), there’s not alot of support.  There’s hours you may spend fumbling thru information to make sound decisions to move your business forward, and you can spend years in trial and error before really honing in on a system that works for you.


The Fizzle Community is supposed to help expedite the process towards business success for you by surrounding you with other entrepreneurs who are pursuing a clear path with clear goals.  Because the paths are laid out for you, Fizzle can help you cut thru alot of unnecessary time wasted incubating an idea.


Added onto clear paths, the Fizzle community with its mastermind components and forums is supposed to help hold you accountable to your goals and growth.  Similar to how time can be wasted attempting to find the right information, time can be wasted on mentality issues like the fear of rejection and fear of failure, and being in a community can help overcome common dream inhibitors like that.


My Experience with Fizzle

When you join Fizzle, there’s very high quality video, clear navigation, and a lot of content to help you out.  Here’s the welcome you get when you first sign up…

what is fizzle.co about

It’s animated so it flashes another image, and makes it look like their moving.  Cool, huh?


They have progress bars at the bottom of each module, and a “Next Step” button, that directs you chronologically to where you’re supposed to go.  The navigation is nice because it ensures you don’t get lost wondering what’s next.


There’s alot of personality in Fizzle.  The owners seem like comedians, they make you laugh in each video, and you can tell their intent is to liven you up, encourage you, and push you along the way.  Every entrepreneur needs support and a push like what Fizzle is offering.


Really Nice Features: Fizzle Friday, Forums, and 3 Methods of Accountability

Fizzle Friday is a really nice feature of Fizzle.  It’s a live call where members are able to join in weekly and ask questions about their businesses.


Added onto the Fizzle Fridays, the forums enable you to network with other entrepreneurs.  Internet marketing training programs with a highly engaged community component are very helpful because in addition to getting training, you can make friends, have accountability partners, and encourage one another along the way.


Fizzle Review | The Affiliate Program


what is fizzle.co about

Fizzle.co has an affiliate program where you earn 10% off of your Fizzle membership for life with each new referral.  After the first 9 referrals, you earn a free 1-on-1 coaching session with one of the Fizzle team members and free membership for life.  As an added bonus, Fizzle offers 20% off for life with the first Fizzle membership.


Fizzle Review | A Video Playlist


In this video playlist, you can hear various others review Fizzle.co, learn from their experiences, and evaluate whether Fizzle.co could be helpful for you.  You can scroll thru the videos, skip ones you’re not interested in, or watch them all.  Check it out!



Fizzle Review | Pros vs. Cons


Fizzle.co definitely has alot of great content and perks, but there’s also drawbacks.  Here’s my summary of both…



  • Great, informative content
  • High quality videos
  • Instructors with great reputations
  • An engaged community
  • Well rounded on business building rather than on content marketing or a single monetization strategy
  • Great networking opportunity
  • Live events
  • Great forums and courses
  • Ways to get support and questions answered
  • Discounts on other services
  • No upsells
  • No inflating the difficulty of starting or running a business (Examples: “You can start a business in your sleep?”, etc.)


  • There’s competitors that offer more value (training, internet marketing tools, and support) for the price – Like our #1 recommendation
  • No additional tools aside from training
  • Credit card information needed for the trial


Fizzle Review | Conclusion


Overall, professional development and networking are very valuable to any business.  Many entrepreneurs I know are engaged in multiple networking opportunities (like the Chamber of Commerce, professional associations, training groups, SCORE, and others), so Fizzle.co could be a valuable way to spend the money you’ve allocated to professional development.


If you have the budget for one single training that gives you live direction, support, and all the tools you need to grow a successful business online (or even take an offline business online), then I’d still recommend Wealthy Affiliate as #1.  Here’s a little chart to show you why…



Like Fizzle, Wealthy Affiliate offers live training every Friday and they’ve been doing this (in addition to offering many other highly acclaimed services) for 13 years!  You get access to the 13 year archive with premium membership!  Added onto the training and tools at Wealthy Affiliate, the community of 1.5M+ entrepreneurs is amazing, highly engaged, and very tight-knit.


When the time comes that you have more of a budget and you’re getting traction in your business following the training from Wealthy Affiliate, then I’d recommend looking into Fizzle or the Billionaire Blog Club for additional training.


The Verdict: Good Online Business Training or Not?


If you would like to learn internet marketing to start or scale your business, check out my #1 recommendation, CLICK HERE AND CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT!


Internet marketing skills can carry with you into your business or professional like in multiple ways.   When you create your account, you’ll get two free websites, ten free training lessons, and access to a community of 1 million+ entrepreneurs (many who are making major things happen online!).  CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW!


If you’re looking for a done-for-you solution to have an internet marketing strategy implemented while you focus on building your business, CHECK OUT OUR SERVICES.


Now, it’s Your Turn…


Have you tried out Fizzle.co?  What are your thoughts?  Will you try it out?  Why or why not?

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8 thoughts on “What is Fizzle.Co About? A Review”

  1. Tiffany Domena

    When it comes to wealthy affiliate there is no comparison. To be able to start a business no money down, the training, the tools and the community that backs you. Wealthy affiliate has the best training online when it comes to starting an online business.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Hello Norman! Of all the training programs I’ve looked at since Wealthy Affiliate, Fizzle.co is definitely one of the best. Wealthy Affiliate is just very difficult to compete with. For that reason, I recommend them as the #1 and others after that. At some point, I think it’s good to explore and develop further professionally, and other programs like Fizzle could help with that. However, Wealthy Affiliate covers so much ground.

  2. Tiffany Domena

    I actually think that Fizzle is not so bad, from your review. But for the affiliate program, instead of getting money OFF of the subscription fee, I would have preferred to actually get COMMISSIONS. There is a little bit of an incentive because I would be saving on my subscription but in my opinion, it just is not a BIG incentive.

    However, I do like how there are NO upsells, except the ONLY paid membership. What they offer within seems worth it too.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Hi Reyhana! I really like the Fizzle.co program. They have some good courses over there and they seem to be continually looking for ways to add more value to their members which is nice. I agree that the affiliate program could be better and more incentivizing, however, I think their reason is probably because they want affiliates who really enjoy their program.

  3. Tiffany Domena

    Nice post fizzle sounds good I especially like the idea of 10% off for life each member you sign that’s brilliant thank you for the insight

    1. Tiffany Domena

      I like Fizzle. They have some great training there and if you really like the training, the 10% for life can be a really nice perk.

  4. Tiffany Domena

    I couldn’t help but notice that you mention the Wealthy Affiliate in this Fizzle review. I have been looking into both (wealthy affiliate and fizzle) over the last fortnight and I’ve been struggling to make a real choice.

    You point out that Fizzle doesn’t really offer you any sort of tools to get started with – surely this is a big plus point for Wealthy Affiliate?

    Also, which one costs the most, if paying on a monthly basis?

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Hi Chris! Wealthy Affiliate costs more. If you’re on the monthly plan, it’s $49 per month. If you’re on the annual plan, it’s $359/year. For Fizzle, the monthly plan is $30/month and the annual plan is $349. They’re nearly the same price for the annual plans. They both offer something free. Wealthy Affiliate has a no risk free lifetime account for you to see if its a good fit. Fizzle has a 30 day free trial and you do have to give your credit card info. If youre on the fence, tey the freebies.

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