SE Ranking Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with Video)

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what is se ranking

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.


what is se ranking review scam legitWhen you’re implementing an internet marketing strategy, you don’t want to do it blindly. With the latest stats showing more than 2.4 million blog posts published everyday and advertisers spending billions on internet ads, it’s obvious the competition online is growing.  As a result, if you’re publishing content without having clear insight about:

  • What’s in demand
  • What has low supply
  • What content is working
  • Why the content is working
  • or, you’re not building new content with the influence of legitimate facts…

…Then, you’ll be operating your internet marketing strategy like a tourist without a GPS–you’d be building a site without clear direction, and it’s likely it won’t work that way.  Tools like SERanking claim to provide website owners with the data they need to make well-informed decisions about their search engine marketing strategies, but do they work?

In this review, we’ll be talking a look at:

  • What SERanking does
  • How it works
  • How it compares to similar tools
  • What value is offered
  • How much it costs
  • and, whether I’d recommend it for Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers

My goal here is to save you the hassle of spending your money and time experimenting with various all-in-one SEO tools.  I’ve done the research and experimentation for you, and I plan to lay it all out here, so you can make a decision about whether SE Ranking or another tool (maybe even a combo) is most suitable for your SEO goals.  If that sounds good to you, let’s get started…

To view this SE Ranking review in video format, check it out here:

What is SE Ranking? Product Overview

seranking review

SE Ranking is a cloud-based SEO tool that offers a compilation of features including:

  • keyword research
  • rank tracking
  • competitor SEO and PPC tracking
  • onsite SEO audits
  • backlink trackers
  • page change tracking
  • white labeling for agencies
  • and, reporting

If you’re in need of a tool that can help you before and after publishing content on your website to inform you about what is in demand and help you evaluate whether you’re published content is working, SERanking positions itself as a solution for that. There are others who also provide similar solutions like Spyfu, SEMRush, Ahrefs, SEO Powersuite, and Moz, but let’s see how SE Ranking weighs in on various features and metrics.

How Does SE Ranking Work?

SERanking integrates with Google Analytics by requesting access from the user.  Once there’s access to your Analytics account, it pulls in your keyword rankings, asks you for additional keywords you may be targeting, and scrapes the ranking data from Google, Google Mobile, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

The data can reflect the US and other countries, so if you’ve been looking for a tool to help give data for international website owners, SE Ranking may be what you’re looking for.  It’s also nice that SE Ranking doesn’t base its metrics solely off of Google, but instead pulls data from each search engine, and displays them separately.

As a result, you can get approximate keyword search volumes from all of the main search platforms, and you can track your rankings in all of the search platforms without having to log onto the individual search consoles.  Added onto being a central location for rank tracking and keyword research, SE Ranking can send notifications to your email, so you’ll know what SEO fixes you may need to make, whether your site rank positioning has fluctuated, which content is going up the ranks faster than others, which is attracting the most backlinks, and more.

Many SEO professionals recommend performing an on-page and off-page website audit to inform you about errors and things that need to be fixed on your site.  Nowadays, the search engine algorithms are very complex, and things like meta tags, meta descriptions, slow page speed or 404 errors can make or break your ability to rank, but how would you know if you have any of these issues?

Especially for site owners who have a decent amount of content on their sites, it becomes too tedious to check website links one by one to verify they’re working, to check individual page speeds, or to manually check your meta tags or descriptions on each page and post–that’s where a tool like SE Ranking can come in handy.

How Do I Get Started with SE Ranking?

SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial where you can try out the software.  Getting started is very simple. The interface is very easy to use and understand (even if you’ve never worked with another SEO tool before).

You enter your information into a screen that looks like this…

se ranking reviewThen, once your inside, a pop-up appears to give you a virtual tour of the site features.  They also have a live chat where you can ask questions.  It’s pretty simple to use.

I recommend when you get inside, you try out the audit feature and try working on your site similar to what many SEO agencies would do: perform an audit, make the recommended adjustments, set up the rank tracker, and build content around what’s in high-demand in the search engines.

The Keyword Research

When you’re considering whether you should create a piece of content, but you’re unsure whether search users would be looking for it, you can use the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool.  You can get keyword suggestions from the search engines or from SE Ranking’s internal database, however, each search engine suggestion query costs $0.001 (a fraction of one cent).  Most keyword suggestion tools don’t charge for individual searches, instead, they lump that into the price.  With SE Ranking starting at $39/monthly, adding less than one cent for keyword suggestion queries still isn’t bad.

what is se ranking review scam legit

When using the keyword tool to search something like “What is SE Ranking?”, this is what I got…

what is se rankingIt wasn’t able to pull the data I was requesting. With many new keyword suggestion tools, they have many limits of what queries you can get information for.  If it doesn’t have the data you need to properly inform your content marketing strategy, it defeats the purpose of a keyword suggestion tool. I haven’t used the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool much because I stick with my #1 recommended keyword suggestion tool (that’s included in my hosting plan).

The Rank Tracker

Alternatively, you can track up to ten sites on the $39/plan and that limit increases as you upgrade!  As a result, features like rank tracking can be very nice.

The free way to do rank tracking is to log onto your Google Search Console or Bing Search Console to see where you stand in the rankings. With a tool like SE Ranking, you can log onto one central location and see your progress in multiple search engines.  The results look like this..

what is se rankingAs you can see, it pulls the keywords that are currently ranked, shows what positions you’re in, and tallies the data to tell you how many pages you have in the top 1, how many are in the top 3, and so on.  If you want more detail about which search engine is offering which rank, or how a specific keyword is changing in the search results, you’d just add that keyword and search engine into your reporting, and you’ll be able to see it on a fairly similar interface to the one above.

The rank tracking feature is one of my favorite features of SE Ranking.  I think it’s one of the easiest rank trackers to use when comparing to other all-in-one SEO tools. Others may require more to import the keywords or the interface is very complex, but SE Ranking is very simple and the notifications via email are also very easy to use and understand.

The Competitor’s Analysis

For competitor analysis feature, SE Ranking offers some great data sets on-demand. For each keyword you’re targeting, it offers a breakdown like this…

what is se rankingIt tells you:

  • the top competitors for the keyword
  • the Alexa score
  • The Moz Domain Authority
  • and how many backlinks they have

No one truly knows the Google Algorithm, so the competitor analysis tools try to pull back the veil as much as possible and give you a glimpse of the data they think matters towards rankings.  While it’s valuable data that can explain some components of the algorithms, I prefer the competitor analysis interface of Spyfu.  I think SE Ranking’s competitive analysis offers alot of great data, and if you want to exclusively use one tool, the competitive analysis tool they have could support that.

The Audit

My favorite part of SE Ranking is the audit tool–it’s pretty amazing!  It will crawl the pages of your website, then give you in-depth feedback about what’s going well and what isn’t.  Some details it will highlight for you includes:

  • how many 404 errors you have
  • how many meta tags are missing
  • how many titles are too long
  • how many URLs are too long
  • Pages with low word count
  • Pages with no H1 tags, no H2 tags, no H3 tags, etc.

It’s a powerhouse!  Here’s what the audit report looks like:

what is se ranking review scam legitIt helps you track the improvements in your domain authority, Alexa scores, and a plethora of other metrics. Collectively, when you’re flagging green in SE Ranking, you’re sure to have some great rankings.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: The website audit is very helpful with keeping attention on metrics that influence site ranking

PRO #2: The competitive analysis tool helps you analyze your competition and outrank them

PRO #3: The userface is easy to use 

PRO #4: The tool is the most cost-effective all-in-one SEO tool on the market

The Bad:

CON #1: Some keyword data isn’t available

CON #2: Some competitor data is inaccurate

CON #3: Some of the on-page audit information is either inaccurate or unnecessary to prioritize 

Who is SE Ranking For?

SE Ranking is perfect for:

  • Online entrepreneurs and those who use the internet as a primary means for attracting prospects and patrons
  • Digital agencies who need a streamlined way to monitor client sites and provide them data
  • Those who are starting an online business and want to be very careful their using SEO best practices

SE Ranking Support

SE Ranking offers live chat support and email support that you can access from their website. If you have questions or problems with the software, you can send them a message.

what is se ranking review scam legit

What Are Common Complaints About SE Ranking?

It Gave Me Inaccurate Data

In SE Ranking, there are various pieces of data that it compiles, and it pulls the data from external sources. When it comes to metrics like site ranking, it can appear “inaccurate” because of how search engines work.  Search engines serve the user the most relevant result relative to their location, interests, and the keywords they used in the query. As a result, each search user can type the same keywords and get a different search order, therefore, SEO tools like SE Ranking should not be taken as the golden standard. Instead, SEO tools should be consulted with a grain of salt.

Aside from rank tracking and keyword research, I’ve also found errors in the site audit tool. There were flags for duplicate titles, but it was referencing pages where more than one page are in the same category or pages like the blog page where theirs the same title with numerical pagination to navigate the different pages. Some audit results will present “problems” or “errors” that you can’t change.

What Are Common Positive Feedback About SE Ranking?

SE Ranking Helps me Rank my Clients

Many agencies use SE Ranking to manage the changes that need to be made on client sites. With manual auditing, it can be much less efficient. When you have a tool like SE Ranking, it can provide direction for your SEO projects internally and with clients.

SE Ranking Helps me Communicate Better with Clients

Many local businesses don’t understand SEO and what needs to be done. When you offer SEO as a service, it can be difficult to sell the service without explaining what the client is paying for. Some agencies find that having a thorough audit (like what’s provided by SE Ranking) helps build credibility and helps to explain what needs to be done.

I have more direction with SE Ranking

The metrics to watch out for to rank online are becoming increasingly challenging. It went from 500 words of text to much longer forms, and more details are now required. All of the SEO metrics can be alot to remember when you’re regularly implementing a content marketing strategy, and SE Ranking can help give direction.

SE Ranking Video Tour

Here’s a video that walks you thru SE Ranking and its features:

SE Ranking Price

Most all-in-one SEO tools like SEMRush, AHRefs, or Moz cost $99/month.  SEO already is growing in difficulty and time for effectiveness.  When you add in the price of creating content (even if you do it yourself), and the price of the SEO tools, you can find yourself investing hundreds of dollars (or more if you have an agency)!  With the lowest price plan, the cost of SE Ranking is much more palatable than all other all-in-one SEO tools on the market–it’s $37/mo!  The price of SE Ranking is very reasonable in comparison to what’s on the market.

My Final Opinion of SE Ranking

SE Ranking is the highest value for the money when it comes to SEO tools on the market today. It provides alot of useful data and rivals with the $99/mo or other more expensive software downloads. If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that can help with keyword research, rank tracking, on and off-page SEO audits, and more, then you should definitely TRY THE 14-DAY FREE TRIAL!

SE Ranking Alternatives

If you’re still in the market for SEO and search engine marketing tools to rank in the search engines and get more sales, these are my top recommended options (click on any of the links to be taken to my full review):

VERDICT: Recommend


SE Ranking: All-in-One SEO Tool


Budget Friendly


Ease of Use


Good Suite of Tools


Accurate Data



  • Very helpful audit tool
  • Competitive analysis tool helps outrank competition
  • Easy to use interface
  • Most cost-effective SEO tool on the market


  • Some inaccurate data
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8 thoughts on “SE Ranking Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives (with Video)”

  1. Tiffany Denise

    Wowzas!   It has been some time that I have encountered such a well delineated and detailed and insightful post.  Being an online entrepreneur can be overwhelming once you delve in and any and all solid information and knowledge proves to yield empowering results – your post has done exactly that for me.  I am a visual thinker and your inserts of screenshots with the process are hugely appreciated as it lends itself to a better understanding – at least for me anyway!  Thank you for this useful content and a very Happy New Year to you!

  2. Tiffany Denise

    It doesnt get much more important than getting into the search engines.  You can write a million articles but if they dont make it to the search engines then it was a huge waste of time.

    There are a lot of good tools out there but there are also a lot that are a waste of money. Its nice to see a fairly decent review for a change.  I like the fact that there is a free trial.  Its always nice to try before buying.

    Thank you for a great article


  3. Tiffany Denise

    Hi! I have been reading about these tools. I recently was researching about SEMrush. And now my attention has been called to SE Ranking and I have come to your post! I really like the fact it has this 14-days free trial. So, after reading your review, it seems to be a no-brainier to give it a try. Thank you very much!

    1. Tiffany Denise

      That’s how I started with SE Ranking. Once you try the free trial, you can see if the data is important to you, and stay or not. I love when there’s a free trial because it really takes away the risk.

  4. Tiffany Denise

    Great review.

    SE Ranking, with its intuitive and simple to use system, really is a great option, particularly for beginners. Yes, it does offer a great number of features which will prove to be immensely helpful for you but what is even more attractive about it is its pricing plans. Where other tools cost you a fortune, SE Ranking helps you get the job done (in an even better way) at a far lower price than many and thus it becomes affordable for one and all.

    Many thanks.

    1. Tiffany Denise

      Hello Caelan! I agree that SE Ranking is a very powerful tool especially considering the price. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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