What is the Best Mobile Phone For Business? Top 8 Brand Contenders and Their Best Mobile Phones for Business

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what is the best mobile phone for business

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.


Nowadays mobile phones are like a home office on the go!  As entrepreneurs, we can use them to keep track of receipts, to coordinate with customers, to check email, do invoicing, track mileage, and so much more.  As an Entrepreneur, when you’re buying a phone, it’s important that you don’t get stuck on the trends or glam, but that you also ask, “What is the best mobile phone for business?”  This article will help you choose a phone that will function well to meet your business needs.


what is the best mobile phone for businessMy Story


When I was starting my business, I had not crossed over to the “smart phone” side.  I was leery of needing to spend so much money on a phone.  I also thought, “If I buy it and like it, then I’ll want smart phones forever”.  Now looking back, I can laugh because I can see how getting a great phone was such a great investment in my business.


I’m a work from home mom, and often times, I work around my kids’ schedules.  Since, my husband bought me my Samsung S7 Edge, I’ve been much more productive in my business because I can complete business tasks while my kids are at recreational outtings or in places where my home office, laptop, or even my tablet just are not convenient.


Since, I’ve had such great success with increasing my productivity by getting a good phone, I wrote this article to advise you on the best mobile phones for business in 2018.  This listing is not merely opinions of my own, this listing is a compilation of reviews by tech professionals from all across the world along with customer reviews from top sites like Amazon and Best Buy who are retailers of majority phone on this list.  I’ve tallied up the votes from many reviewers for top business phones, and wrote this article to give you the results of my research.


What is the Best Mobile Phone for Business?


While, the tech reviews and customer reviews can be very helpful, when you’re choosing the best mobile phones for business, you want to think about your individual use and preferences as well.  You want to answer questions like:


  • Will you be using the phone in ruggedized environments?
  • What business uses would you like to satisfy with the phone?
  • How important are features like battery life?
  • Will you be sticking to a particular cell phone carrier or will you choose a unlocked phone where you can transfer between multiple carriers as you choose?


There’s absolutely no one-size fits all with mobile phones, however, the ones we’ll talk about are popular choices, and have served millions of people very well.


Android Vs. Apple

What is the Best Mobile Phone For BusinessMost people have heard the Android vs. Apple debate.  Some people are adamant about the Apple experience. They say it surpasses Android, while many people are just as gung-ho about Androids.  It all comes down to features and compatibility.


Will you want a phone that can only be used along with Apple apps?  Do the Apple integrations offer all that you need, or will you want to branch out with phones that also have great features but more compatibility.


Many may disagree with my summary of the argument, but that’s my take on it.  For me, I’ve always had Android Smart phones, and they’ve worked amazingly for my business use.  I can’t imagine losing the integrations I currently have, so I’ve never considered making the leap into the IPhone.  Also, I’m a big fan of buying the phone up front unlocked, and choosing the service provider that serves my needs best.  Unlocked Iphones have always been ridiculously priced in my opinion.  To each is his own.


Even with my opinion on the Android versus Apple debate, I can’t fail to recognize that the two smart phone processing systems definitely offer a plethora of great features.  Both, offer the top-of-the-line experiences, so most tech reviews recommend you choose between Apple or Android as top picks.


Apple Smartphones for Business


When it comes to using Apple for business, I don’t think a single person would tell you you’re out of your mind.  They offer great features that you can leverage for major productivity on the road or in the office.  Especially if you have multiple Apple devices, you’ll find adding the phone to integrate with the others to be a great experience.


Apple’s always been known for their quality, features, and ease of use, but typically, they’re in the higher price echelon for electronic devices.  If you’re looking to buy an Apple smartphone, be prepared to pay $600-$1000 for the phone separate from the monthly service cost.


Many people believe the higher cost in exchange for the IPhone quality is more than worth it, and if you find you’re dissatisfied, Apple and Amazon offer money-back guarantees, and insurance options.  Apple is constantly creating a newer, more updated version of their phone: sometimes to the advantage of their consumers, and sometimes the modifications disappoint their consumers.  They can’t satisfy everyone.  The two newest options for the Apple Phones in 2018 are:



Both offer great camera quality, the patented Apple apps (Facetime, Itunes, and others).  Both are lightweight, and both offer great call quality.  Customers rated the Iphones on an average of 4 stars on Amazon (the various models differ).  You can check them out at Amazon for more detailed specs.


Apple Iphone 7 (International Version)



Apple Iphone 8 (International Version)



Samsung Smart Phones for Business


Samsung is usually lauded as Apple’s #1 competitor.  They typically offer more integrations than Apple devices, but for those that prefer the Apple computers and other electronics, the Samsung Smartphones will not integrate as seamlessly as the IPhone would.


In contrast, Samsung has their own suite of electronics like the Smart TVs and full home theaters.  The Samsung phones integrate with the other Samsung devices for use as remotes, they can connect via bluetooth to play content thru speakers, and there are many more diverse features.


If you think you may be doing presentations in places where you may want to integrate with other electronic devices, you may find Samsung to have more advantages than the IPhone.  While many high-end places use Apple devices, the majority still use electronics that integrate more commonly with the Samsung and Android devices.


My Samsung Experience


I’ve personally used a Samsung S7 Edge since it came out in 2017.  I was hesitant because I didn’t want to attach myself to a phone, but it’s been one of the best investments in my business.  As an entrepreneur, I can’t say enough how important seamless communication is with your teammates, vendors, and customers.  The Samsung S7 Edge has enabled me to fulfill all of my business functions, and I haven’t found myself disappointed in any of the features I typically desire: battery life, memory, camera quality, video call quality, or others.  It’s literally my office on the go, and I plan to “use it till the wheels fall off!”.


The two newest Samsung Models are:



Samsung Galaxy S8



Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge




Two key features that Samsung users love is the battery life and quick recharge times: two vital components for mobile productivity.  Their average rating on Amazon is a whopping 4 stars–about equal to the IPhone rating.  The prices are between $500-$600, so they are a great value with a palatable price in comparison to the IPhone.  You can get further specifications and information on them by looking at Amazon.


Blackberry Smart Phones for Business Use


Blackberry was one of the most widely used phones for business at one point.  They have superior security features that many businesses appreciated, so they would buy Blackberry phones for key staff positions.  Now, it’s less common to hear the hype about Blackberry phones.


At one point, I had a Blackberry phone, and it has a lot of features I really enjoyed.  The keyboard and the speaker phone call quality were my two favorite features, but those were the “old days”, and now, they have many more features users enjoy.  Among the new features, many users are excited that the new Blackberry DTEK50 is an Android device.


With Blackberry adopting the Android processors, it adds the functionality of Android with the security of Blackberry, which excites many.  In addition to that device, Blackberry has a few other models that are contenders in discussions about the best smart phones for business use.  Those include:



Blackberry Key One



Blackberry Classic



Blackberry DTEK50



All of these phones have nice features that could make it easy for you to perform office functions while on the road.  You can check out more specifications on the Blackberry devices over at Amazon.


Google Phones for Business Use?


Google is most known for their amazing search engine technology.  I can’t tell you how many times per day I use Google as a trusted advisor.  Now, they are expanding from search engines into wider range electronics and engineering.  They are doing a plethora of things ranging from drive-less cars to mobile phones.


The funny thing is while they are completely going “all over the place” with niche, their phones are still widely accepted as one of the best mobile phones for business.  Most people don’t bring Google phones up in conversations of Apple versus Samsung, however, for the more researched individuals, they still respect it as a viable alternative.


The Google Pixel


The most popular Google cell phone is the Google Pixel.  They are comparably priced to the Samsung phones (sometimes up to $100 cheaper), but they have the invested knowledge and key features as thought important by Google–one of the most successful tech companies in the world.



Check out the Google Pixel on Amazon for more specifications and detailed customer reviews.


Sony Smart Phones for Business Use


Sony has been a longstanding legend for electronics.  I can remember tape players they’ve made and other old school devices that get me laughing just thinking about them.  Right now, they’re making millions (maybe even billions) from devices like the Playstation or their high-quality televisions, but how do they stand up in the face of fierce competition in the mobile phone industry?


Sony is trending in the cell phone category too!


Many tech reviewers mention Sony as one of the best cell phones for  business use.  They are mildly priced, have reasonable warranties, and there are lots of videos online you can watch to give details about features, uses, and so on.  Even if you don’t want to call their tech support, you still can make good use of your phone.


One popular recommendation when looking for Sony mobile phones for business use is the Sony XZ Premium.


Sony XZ Premium

LG Smartphones for Business Use


For as long as I can remember, LG has had a good reputation for cell phones.  Unfortunately, I can never remember a time where they were lauded as “the best mobile phones for business use”.  They offer many great features, and they’ve always been a great value brand, but never a #1 like Apple or Samsung.  Regardless, they are definitely worth mentioning because they always pack a punch for a reasonable price.


They offer great camera quality, good call quality, and lots of integrations as they are integrated with Android.  Ive had more than one LG and they were always budget friendly but still offered key features that can increase productivity. Now, that I’ve become an avid Samsung users, I can look back and say the two things I like better about the Samsung than the LG phones above all are the charge time and battery life.




One of the latest and most trending LG phones for business use is the LG G6.  Other customers mention the LG G6 pros to be the dual SIM card, good camera quality and good call quality, however, there are complaints about battery life and that the phone is short lived.  You can check out more specifications on Amazon and see the customer reviews for yourself.



Motorola Mobile Phones for Business Use


It seems that as soon as the cell phone was invented, Motorola was one of the first ones to compete for the market demand.  I remember my dad had one of the models that came in something like a purse. LOLOLOL.  Users once had to unzip them, and there was a cord that attached them into the satchel (I guess you can call it).


It’s funny to reflect back, and remember how far technology has come.


Some cars had motorola phones built into them at one point.  Motorola was at the top of the market in the mobile phone industry.  While I don’t think it would be hard to argue that they no longer have the largest market share in the mobile phone industry, it would be much harder to argue that they don’t hold a valid place for consideration as a good phone for business use.


One of their newest models widely recognized as a good phone for business use is:



Motorola Moto G5



Microsoft Smart Phone for Business Use


I’d be remiss not to mention the other longstanding tech giant whose been presenting great cell phone alternatives for quite some time now: Microsoft.  Their phones integrate seamlessly with their cloud suite–making a Microsoft phone a nice alternative if you feel comfortable with the normal look and feel that is typical of Microsoft technology.


Their phones are well known for ease of use and consistent dynamic features that are typical of their brand.  A popular mobile phone that is lauded by tech reviewers as “a great mobile phone for business use” is the Microsoft Lumia.


Microsoft Lumia 950



Top Things to Do Once You’ve Chosen the Best Mobile Phone For Business Use

Your phone is an investment in your business.  The last thing you want is to buy materials and equipment more often than necessary because you don’t care for them well.  When you’re purchasing your phone, consider buying accessories that will protect the longevity of your investment.  For phones that have complaints of battery life, consider extra batteries (if the option is available) and mobile chargers.


I ALWAYS recommend entrepreneurs to purchase phone covers.


Remember, all of the things you plan to use your phone for.  It can be a very hectic work stoppage if your phone is not performing, buy a phone case to give that extra assurance so when you drop your phone (because it happens to the best of us), it has a greater chance to withstand the fall.  Here are some phone cases from Amazon:



Final Words on What is the Best Mobile Phone for Business Use?


Hopefully, this article gives you plenty to consider when you’re looking for what is the best mobile phone for business use in your individual situation.  Choosing the best mobile phone for business will effect your mobile productivity, so choose carefully, and wisely.  If you have questions or concerns about anything in this article, please leave your questions below, and I’d love to help you out!


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  • Finally, if you’d like customized advice on your business, I offer business consulting services.  You can schedule a consultation HERE, and I’d be glad to meet you and interact.


Now, it’s Your Turn…

Do you use any of these phones for business?  What’s your experience with using your phone on-the-go?  Do you have a phone you think others should consider?  Leave your comments, questions, or concerns in the comment section below.


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9 thoughts on “What is the Best Mobile Phone For Business? Top 8 Brand Contenders and Their Best Mobile Phones for Business”

  1. Tiffany Denise

    I’d have to say I fell into the same boat as you when deciding whether to get a smart phone or not. Now I wonder how I ever did without one!

    When it comes to Apple vs. Android, I started out with android because of all of the options it offered and ability to customize things more, but Apple had face-time and for that reason only I switched to Apple and haven’t changed back.

    I’ve been satisfied thus far using Apple smart phones, and can say there is some benefit to keeping things simple rather than unlimited options to customize like Android offers.

    Very informative information, thanks!

    1. Tiffany Denise

      Apple does have great products. I have an Apple computer so I can”t discount them by any means. I really love my Samsung for now. It’s quite a powerhouse. It’s always interesting to hear some people cross one way or the other (going from Apple to Andriod or going from Android to Apple) and I think there both such great products that you wouldnt be too disappointed either way. They’re both great phones for business. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tiffany Denise

    I liked reading your article, I just went through this very thing. I had a Galaxy note 4. Was my favorite phone of all time until I dropped it. Never even cracked the screen but completely broke the inside of the screen. Couldn’t see anything but purple. I opted for the Iphone8. I actually loved it and after figuring it out. I found it was very easy to use. Then my wife broke here phone and she wanted the Galaxy 8+. I must say after seeing her 8+ and comparing the 2. I traded in the Iphone for the Galaxy. Mostly because of the VR head set. I love my Galaxy 8+. Thank you for listening. Great info!!

    1. Tiffany Denise

      I’ve heard others say the Galaxy 8+ is a great phone. Im hanging onto my Galaxy 7 until the wheels fall off. Lolol. Thanks for sharing so others can decide on a good phone for their businesses!

  3. Tiffany Denise

    Hi, I really enjoyed your article, Tiffany. With regards to working in “ruggedized” environments, I’ve got 3 young kids whom, if I’m not chauffeuring around, I’m chasing around. I think that could count as a perpetual “ruggedized environment. 🙂 I haven’t dropped my phone yet, but I’ll be looking into some good strong cases for my Samsung…love Android!

    All the best,


    1. Tiffany Denise

      You’re right Norman. Ive had computers swamped with water and buttons plucked off from having little ones. I would say choosing a phone for ruggedized environments would include childrearing. Lolol. Thanks for adding that!

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