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When Was the Internet Invented and Why it Matters to You

when was internet invented
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If you ever wondered “When was the internet invented?”, then you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll be discussing why and how the internet was invented along with actionable takeaways for you.

This is the beginning of the series “The History of the Internet”.  I think this series can be extremely inspirational to you.  The internet has completely changed the last few decades of humankind, but didn’t start that way. 

As the internet is growing in influence, people want to know where the phenomenon came from.  You can read the entire series by going HERE.  Please read to the bottom and get all the AMAZING FREE STUFF at the end!


when was internet inventedHave You Ever Thought About The Details?

When you clicked on this article, whether from social media, search engines, or directly from an email or URL, your computer sent a signal to a database that served to you the access to the files from this article “When was Internet Invented” at How To Entrepreneur.

The speed of the internet nowadays is cause for most people to take the monstrous effort and minute undertakings that happen with every click of our mouse for granted, but studying the history can really make us appreciate it much more.

How it all Started…

The internet really started on the back of advancing computer technology.  When you read about the history of computing, you’ll find that all the way back to 2700 B.C., there was a desire to calculate mathematical equations in a simple way.

From the desire to calculate equations sparked a 4000-year babystep adventure that led from one person to another, one decade to another, and one advancement to another–all to make computation easier.  Finally, in the 1960’s major advancements arose with electronic computing hardware, and research and calculations could be performed on an electric computation device.

The 1960s Computation Problems

In comparison to today, the computers were extremely slow, heavy, bulky, and toilsome, but at the time, it was trendy and the “talk-of-the-town”.

Though advancing technology appeared probable, the best computers still took months to compute complicated physics problems like those required to make an atomic bomb.  Then, physicist, Richard Feinman created a solution to speed up the slow computation issue.

He decided to have multiple computers, and while one computer calculated a portion of one problem, the other computers could calculate another part of the problem.  This allowed them to speed up the calculations, but still took months to complete complicated calculations.

In the late 1960s, Universities were trying to allow more people to use computers and input calculations and research.  They used separate computer terminals connected to a database thru clunky cords.  This allowed for shared files and shared research.  The problem was that there was a growing number of computer users and there was no way to share research from one database to another until a new idea was presented to the government agency ARPA by Joseph Licklider.

when was internet inventedThe Inception of ARPANET

Licklider suggested that ARPA fund the research and development of a computation network that would connect engineers, researchers, and goverment agencies throughout the country.  In 1969, only a few key networks were included in this advancement–a small group of universities and government agencies.

They called the network ARPANET.  The small network has culminated into the monstrous information resource center we refer to today as the internet.

It started as a very small research communications network that connected UCLA, Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah.  Despite its small beginnings, researchers started uploading content onto the network and creating modifications that still shapes everything we do online

What the Invention of Internet Says About Small Beginnings

1. The internet was not an idea that started out as a worldwide resource center

2. A small advancement was compiled onto another small advancement

3. Many people gave up along the way because they were discouraged by obstacles

4. Many people who could have participated said “no”.

5. Not one person is credited with the invention of the internet–several people are credited with advancements

6. Early adopters had the greatest struggle to grow the internet by small advancements into what it is today thru content creation

A Playlist on “When Was the Internet Invented?”

I’ve created this playlist to help even further to give more milestones and depth.  There are some very good documentaries here and also short clips.  You can skip, scroll thru, and watch what interest you most.

How Is the History of the Internet Relevant to You?

There are several things that can be gained from studying the history of the internet, but here’s a few:

when was internet invented1. A Desire for Instant Gratification can Kill World-Changing Advancements

Like rolling dice, playing the lottery, or the chance to win money at a casino, many people want to dabble in opportunities for the chance at instant gratification.  Business (online or offline) is hard work.

Even as valuable as the internet is, it took time and effort for it to grow to scale as we see it today, and there’s still loads of potential.

Many people contributed to the internet, but even in today’s day-in-age, they get started and stop.  They want to see instant success and when they don’t they think it doesn’t work.  After one day of effort, they are asking, “Where are my results?”.

It took 50 years for the internet to get to where it is today.  The internet has been used to make money since 2008–only 10 years!  There’s still alot of skepticism even though there’s valid proof that business can work online.

Whether your business is online or not, stick with it!  Even if your idea is unrelated to business, stick with it!

You can’t be shortsighted with destiny.  If you have an idea, a dream or something you feel destined to do, you have to commit to it, and see it thru.

In my article, The Mission-Essential Mindset Hacks for Making a Business Plan that Works, I talked about how the business plan is a piece of paper that’s not sufficient to create a business that works.  There are amazing business plans that never come to life.  Don’t be shortsighted. Take your business or idea and commit to making it work: thru good and bad.

when was internet invented2. Small Beginnings can Change the World if You let Them

Like planting a seed, the farmers don’t usually know in advance the size of the full grown crop.  Similarly, you can start your business with a small and foggy idea, but the full grown venture become something unexpected.

The internet started as a solution to a small problem, then as they solved problem after problem with it, more uses were found.  It was a small beginning that now impacts half of the world’s population!

If you start solving a problem around you, you may not have the full scope of the demand for your solution.  With persistence and continual action, more and more people can give feedback that scales the scope of what you original intended into something much greater.

3. You have to be stubborn and stick with your idea even when the going is tough

Sometimes, people will tell you your idea or business is a “lost cause”, but you have to be tough.  You have to believe that what is seen physically is not what is can be.  You have to discern when you need to stick it out even when things get tough.

4. Perseverance Pays Off

Despite the people who have given up on the internet, there are still many people who have picked up the idea and taken it to new heights: content creators, developers, designers, investors, inventors, and others.  The persistence and collaborative effort has led to the internet being the largest resource center in the world.

In your business, remember to put one foot in front of the other.  Give your best every day and it will positively impact others, which in turn can make a very comfortable living for you.

when was internet invented5. Don’t Underestimate How Many People You Can Help By Being A Problem-Solver

The internet was a solution.  Originally, it was a way to access research for an inner circle group.  Today, it’s a way for half of the world to access information.

When you start, you see a much smaller perspective than what the business can become.  Don’t underestimate how many people you can help by spotting a problem and creating a solution for it!

6. The Internet is Still a “New Way” to Make Money with Opportunities for you

For regular internet users, it seems like the make money online opportunity may be maxed out, but it’s far from reaching it’s maximum potential.  The statistics still show untapped countries.  There are still countries where personal computers are uncommon.

Guess who will teach those untapped countries how to use the internet, how to start businesses online, and answer questions for the growing population of internet users?  It’s the people who position themselves as content creators now.

Even though routine internet users may feel they always see a video, a book, or some new “make money online” opportunity popping up, there is still so much opportunity for growth online.  In the grand scope, the internet is still a “new” way to make money with alot of scams and skepticism surrounding the real opportunity.

7. In the Late 90’s or Early 2000’s was when People Began Making Money Online, so There’s Still Lots of Room to Grow

Google and Yahoo lived off of investors’ money until they created business models that made money.  At the time, they were very fearful about being some of the firsts to make money online. They didn’t know how it would go over, but there leap into the market of making money online has paved the way for many others to do it.

It’s only been 20 years since people began making money online.  This article The Provocative History of Professional Blogging goes back to 2000 to demonstrate the first generation of people who made money online.  Look where the early adopters are now?

when was internet inventedThe people who were constant and stuck with it have made very good careers!

Many countries have not been able to capitalize on the making money online experience because they don’t have the same accessbility to making money online as in the UN countries.

If you’re considering the opportunity of trailblazing with an online business, there’s still lots of room for you.  There’s a huge demand, but a smaller supply, so now is a good time to get into online business.

8. Don’t fear trying new business models

Currently, many people make money online thru membership sites, affiliate marketing, products, services, advertising, and using the website to establish credibility.  These are not the only ways to make money online. New ways can be created.  Don’t fear trying something new. Google was the first to charge for keywords, and the model worked!

9. Don’t be like the skeptics if working online is something you want to do….Go For It!

Since the opportunity to start a business online is something new–our parents may not have had the opportunity, their parents didn’t have the opportunity, and so on–there is still alot of skepticism.  Many people are requiring lots of validation before the “believe” it’s possible.  If starting an online business is something you want to do, do it!

when was internet invented10. Focus on one baby step at a time.

It’s okay to be a “big thinker”, but be a foced action taker.  Focus on one blog post at a time, one business connection at a time, and one milestone at a time. Put your best effort towards accomplishing the babystep, then move to the next.  FOCUS!

Even though the internet turned into a monstrous solution,it only became that way thru continual and consecutive advancements.

Final Words answering “When Was Internet Invented?”

The goal of this article was to answer the question, “When was internet invented”, and to show you how to leverage the youth of the internet to the advantage of your business. If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesistate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

If you are ready to begin (or advance) leveraging the internet to get your idea or business to solve problems for more people, I’d love to help you out!  You can CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT HERE.  No credit card required, ever.

You’ll get two FREE websites, 10 FREE training lessons on how to set the websites up and get started in your online business, access to millions of entrepreneurs who are leveraging the internet (some are seeing major successes!), and I’ll be available to answer any questions you may have.  CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT HERE, and I’ll meet you there.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have you studied when was internet invented?  Have other insights stuck out to you?  Leave your comments, questions, and feedback below.


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